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Bears pursuing tampering charge vs. 49ers today

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The Bears may be going quietly but they are not going without a fight.

While the organization has said nothing publicly about its claims the San Francisco 49ers were guilty of tampering with linebacker Lance Briggs during the 2007 season, the team’s brass is in New York for a meeting with the NFL this morning. President Ted Phillips, general manager Jerry Angelo and contract negotiator Cliff Stein are believed to be meeting with the league on the issue.

The Bears and Niners discussed a deal involving Briggs before the trade deadline in October. It never materialized, but the Bears have claimed San Francisco engaged in contract talks with Briggs and his agent Drew Rosenhaus without their permission. No contract could be done at the time for Briggs, however, because he was bound by the restrictions of the franchise tag he was playing under in 2007. Once the deadline passed for him to sign a multi-year contract in July, he could play for the $7.206 million franchise tag amount and nothing else for the season whether he was traded or not.

The Bears must have believed the alleged discussions between Rosenhaus and the Niners were to lay the groundwork for a deal in free agency. San Francisco didn’t give Briggs so much as a sniff when the market opened back on Feb. 29. The Bears got Briggs to return to them at their price—$36 million over six seasons—as a market for him never materialized.

``There's nothing to it,’’ Niners general manager Scot McCloughan said of the charges when free agency opened on a conference call with Bay Area reporters. ``We have no response because there's nothing to respond to.

``I think it's maneuvering by an organization trying to find the best way to keep their guy. It’s something [the Bears] put out and we have no comment.’’

What’s interesting here is the Bears stand nothing to gain with today’s meeting. If found guilty, San Francisco could be penalized a draft pick. This much is promised—it is certainly going to make for interesting dealings between the two teams moving forward.

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So, rather than preparing for the draft, or, God forbid, hosting even a third-tier free agent, the Bears are in New York trying to get a 7th round draft pick lifted from the 49ers. Great use of time. And the only thing the Bears can get out of it....oh yeah, ticking off the agent that represents half the roster. Brilliant!

Nothing to gain? Wouldn't the Bears be awarded the pick as the Colts were given Miami's pick in 1969 after they signed Shula and were charged with tampering?

who cares...we got him anyway

It seems to me tha JA and company could find better things to do with thier time than pursue this non issue. Briggs signed, end of story. Move on to The gapping hole that is our O line.

What is the point of this? Why spend all your time and energy on something like this, with nothing to gain! This is like going down a dead end road at 100 MPH, no point! Maybe we should spend our time and energy on trying to build a better football team? Not trying to prove how much organizational power we have.

Their QB and RB are gonna get killed because we have no OL and they're worried about another team tampering with a FA they resigned anyway? How about IMPROVING!!!!!!!!!! a last place team.

The Bears filed the charges when Briggs was still a free agent, likely to try and scare off the 49ers from going after him. It worked. Now, they are obligated to show up for the hearing. For you saying "they could find better things to do with their time" ... it's too late for that.

SilkyD is 100% correct!Once they had filed the complaint the Bears are obligated to show up.
As far as S.F. 49ers loosing a pick it might be a 7th it might be a 5th.We wont know until it is all said and done.

If they do loose a draft pick that means that every team in the NFL will move up a spot.Moving up a spot could play out to the Bears advantage.Im sure that the Bears already have players targeted in the Draft.I dont think that going to N.Y. will hurt the draft process.Also it looks like the Bears are comfortable with the players they have now and waiting to see if Hester and Anderson will come to terms on a new contract.Untill then I dont see the Bears signing a big name Free Agent.

The way the Offseason is going for the Bears it seems that they will go into the Draft with the Players they have now.
Draft and then plug in Free Agents and needs after the draft.

In a case like this its always good to file tampering charges if it existed.
The NFL might decide to punish them and compensate the Bears.
I don`t care about Rosenhaus feelings.

Who cares what the Bears do like it will make a difference, they sucked last year, Angelo has sucked most his career, they have sucked in free agency, most of there players are injury prone and suck, and you poor guys get to deal with them sucking this year. Teams that are better than the bears in the North. Vikes, Lions and Pac. What a jobber squad, luckiest team to ever go to a Super Bowl. All Bear fans are doing is hoping there entire team changes in the off season, all you guys need is an all new oline a starting RB instead of that cripple no heart Benson, A QB that doesn't suck something you all have not had in decades, a all new WR unit, you all signed butterfinger Booker back and Lloyd, hahahahahahah and what even funnier you all think they are going to be good. Oh and your defense the vaunted Bears defense, hahahaha, how many yards did Peterson get on your bears? Briggs is so good than nobody wanted him and he had to crawl back to the Bears a team he said he would never play for again, Hunter, ha I can't believe they let him start, and Flyin Brian the best player on your team has a bad back and neck. Oh Tommie Harris is breaking down as we speak, and you don't even have a second DT, who Dusty? Ha lets se if he makes it 2 games this year, oh and your Safties, hahahahah Mike cry baby Brown, and Adam Archuleta, oh thats rich, oh man do they suck. Maybe Rex will carry the team??? Hhahahahahaha, or Orton, what do you chicago fans call him Neck Beard the Pirate. Your own fans don't even like him. Hey does that C on the side of there head represent Chicago or Chumps?

I can not believe there are people on this board who think there Super Bowl contenders. You should probably improve the team past 7-9. Oh and wait till Angelo doesn't sign Hester, that will be the best. You would think a guy who has played like him would have got a new contract, but oh no that would cost money.

I hope the Lions Grab Mendenhall after the Bears, that way the legendary Bears will be the only team in the North without a legit Running Back. The legendary bears running game. Enis, Salaam, The Ultra Back, A Train, Benson(biggest joke ever), Wolfe(second biggest joke ever). The only thing more embarassing than my spelling is the chicago bears QB's the last 20 years.

What a town, the Cubs have sucked for a century and are the biggest chokers ever, you had the best basketball team ever and your owner broke it up two years to early and now you have this team full of lazy quiters, nobody goes to Hawks games and with good reason, the only team to do anything great for the town in 10 years, the White Sox are hated in there own town and have no fans, adn the Bears who manage to make it to the Big game once ever 20 years before falling back to the gutter where they belong, even the Browns are better than ther Bears, even the Texans are better than the Bears, thats pathetic. A town that cheers loosers and boos winners, what a place. Heck even college sports most Chicago fans don't pull for the Illini, the pull for Notre Dame, and they suck too, so I guess it makes sense. Oh man I am gonna come here everyday all season long to laugh at the Bears and point out how bad they are. Oh man i can't believe they hired Angelo, the guy got fired in Tampa, in Tampa hahahah, best thing that ever happened to the Bears. Guy wouldn't no offense if he was on the Pats. Now he is going to draft offense for the bears, yeah ok, hahahah. Oh man this is rich, you all should read your comments on this board. Hey maybe if all the fans grow a mustache and gain a lot of weight, you can all get together and say DA BEARS, DITKA, DA BEARS. That will make it all better. DITKA, DITAK, GOT FIRED, DITKA, DA BEARS, ARE BAD. Best off season ever for the Bears I cannot wait. 3-13 if there lucky.

That C on the Helmet should stand for clowns.

BearOne, you're confused . . . and more ways than one.

First, proof read before you post. Your post gave me a headache with all your misspelled words, run-on sentences, and grammatical errors. "most of there players": There = a place, as in "put it over there". Their = indicates possession of more than one person.

Second, how can you name yourself "BearOne" when all you do is bash Chicago teams? I think you're a closet Pack Fan in denial.

How Many yard did L.T. have. How many yards did L.J. have.When this Defence was intact they were stopping the run.Peterson for the Vikings did a wonderful job this year.He seems to be the real deal.There wasnt much film on this guy.Also the Defence was limping for most of the year and thats when teams started running all over them.

Why are you even a Chicago fan Creighton??Cant hide under anonymous.We all know, or as you would put it "no" your rant and raves.You and Mariotti would get along well.Probably to well.

Luckiest team to make it to the SuperBowl.I dont think so.They had one of the best Defence in the NFL.They had the 2nd best record in the NFL.Chargers had a 14-2 record.The Offence wasnt as bad as probably what you think.The Bears had a top ten running game.Rex threw 25 TDs, I "no" know he also had 23 ints.Yeah luckiest team ever.One year wonders.NOT!

Cant you respect anybody that likes another team other then "Illini".

Put your name up Creighton.Any of us that has a brain "no" knows its you.

Anonymous you spent all that time and space rambling on about absolutely nothing. If you don't like what you see then go somewhere else you (c for chump), your ramblings and sorry spelling are becoming tiresome and annoying, that's why you do it to annoy real fans. Your the type of wipe to talk in a theatre while the movie is on, you think you are witty you are witless you (c for clown). Why don't you crawl back under the rock you came from, you are not a fan but a IDIOT.

DJSSR I know we dont agree on everything.I do agree with your above statment.

I just cant understand a fan that is such a negitive Nancy.Why be a fan, is all that they do is B!tch about the team.I wonder if they(negitive Nancys) have ever been a team player.My past experince with negitive fans have been the ones that were bench warmers.
I have been a bench warmer in Football and in Basketball.I only played one year in Football.I was a Freshman.I played 3 years in Basketball,Grades 6th-8th.
Baseball I was always a starter.played 13 years.4 year in H.S. Started as a Picther.
I have always been about UNITY.I knew my importance(wasnt much) in football and basketball.I and all the other 2nd and 3rd teamers were getting the 1st teamers PREPED for the upcoming game.

I just wish that the Fans can have a little UNITY.Dont have to agree with what everyone has to say.Just be possitive.Be a glass half full not completly empty.

negitive? It's NEGATIVE. There is an A in NEGATIVE. NEGATIVE.

trapabear: You evidently don`t know how to read a post. At the end of the post is the bloggers name.

My post was Mar. 17th 08.
3 sentences.

Re-check you will find that the person under me wrote the post you are alluding to.

I can carry on but that one is not me....Sorry.

My post: In a case like this its always good to file tampering charges if they exist.

The NFL might decide to punish them and compensate the Bears.

I don`t care about Rosenhaus feelings.

OK trapper?

Brando I am glad to see Anonymous has a attorney because it's none of your business unless you are also Anonymous. But since you mention it I was reading your blog as the violins were playing and you speak with forked tongue. You went after Creighton and you just blow off your poor spelling and your failure to complete one thought before you go to another and you question peoples loyalty after you called for a boycott, so your credibility is nil. Your pedigre has absolutely nothing to do with your fan loyalty. I lived through a 1-13 season 4-12 season and a Super Bowl winner and loser, I have been on all ends I AM A FAN STILL, yes I complain, yes I play mock draft and discuss needs, and somtimes ridicule some wild ideas thats what it is about so stop trippin.

LMAO..... This was Amazing!!!What ur front office should have done was send some front office slacker and the rest of them hit up some pro days, get ready for another 1st round bum. Thank U "Bear Fans" U Made my day.. Good Luck with Rex and ur Pro Bowl back Benson.. LOL!!!

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