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Bears look at receiver Colvin with story worth learning

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If the Bears wind up with Cameron Colvin, he’ll have one heck of a life story to tell when he gets to Halas Hall.

It is one long on character, perseverance and heartache.

A blue-chip recruit for Oregon, the wide receiver never panned out in four seasons for the Ducks and has endured a life full of tragedies off the field and struggles on it. His best friend and fellow Ducks recruit Terrance Kelly was shot dead two days before they were to report as freshmen. Both of his parents died by his sophomore year in high school. His college career was marred by missed opportunities and injuries, worst of all a broken right ankle suffered in October in a game against Washington State.

But Colvin is determined to make the climb to the NFL even though he wasn’t invited to the combine last month. The Bears were one of a handful of teams present for the second Oregon pro day last Thursday, which was more or less a makeup date. Colvin was one of the Ducks who worked out for Bears scout Marty Barrett and representatives from Miami and Minnesota.

``The Bears scout probably put me through the most drills,’’ Colvin told the Sun-Times Monday afternoon. ``He asked me to work as a slot receiver a lot. He seemed interested.’’

Four years ago, Colvin arrived at Oregon as one of the country’s most decorated receivers. named him the second-best receiver in the nation following his senior season at De La Salle High in Concord, Calif. Right behind LSU’s Early Doucet. Right ahead of current pros Calvin Johnson (Lions) and Dwayne Jarrett (Panthers). named him one of four five-star receivers in 2004.

While Doucet is one of the top-ranked receivers in this draft class, there is a chance Colvin will not hear his name called on selection weekend. But he knows he’ll get a chance somewhere, at least as a free agent. You don’t go from can’t miss stud to off the map entirely unless character is a major issue. Character is one of Colvin’s selling points. But his 40-yard dash last week was bad. There’s no other way to put it. He ran between 4.7 and 4.8, although in the fall (pre-injury) he was timed near 4.4. He did fare better in the three-cone drill, finishing in 6.9 seconds.

Colvin knows plenty about the Bears. Ducks cornerback Jairus Byrd is the son of Bears’ assistant defensive backs coach Gil Byrd. One of Colvin’s best friends is Don Johnson Jr., son of former defensive line coach Don Johnson.

He will have one more opportunity to impress April 3. That’s when Ducks quarterback Dennis Dixon will throw for the first time for pro scouts coming off his knee injury. A good crowd is expected. Colvin will be running routes anxious to prove he’s another step closer five months removed from surgery for an injury Oregon coach Mike Bellotti originally said might require up to eight months rehab time.

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That really is tragic. He's certainly been through a lot. I think Hester lost both parents as well when he was younger.

This kid could be a steal as a 6th or 7th rounder hes 6'2 or 6'3 and 210 lbs. when the kids get back to a 4'3 time in the 40 he will be a heck of a match up problem for little corners

as a Duck, the only problem with Colvin is that he cannot take a hit. I wanted a lot out of this guy and he has all the tools except the ability to take a hit. in the NFL the hits are harder.

Poor kid, I hope he gets drafted and does well, the only reason he wasn't invited to the combine was his ankle. I think he should not be running or training on it right now, but hey I hope it has healed strong and has a big comback. Whats interesting is this is a mild version of what happened to Benson who actually needed a plate inserted into his ankle, so imagine how long it will take him to recover. I feel bad for him but just the same I hope the Bears don't draft him. The report up there is also wrong by the way, Colvin was never rated a 5 star prospect, he was rated 2 1/2 stars, Calvin Johnson was the WR rated with 5 stars and 4.3 times. Colvin is athletic but his entire carrer has been injury riddled. We have enough injury problems on the Bears, let someone else take the risk and I hope someone does, the kid needs a break. But he will never be as fast as he once was with that ankle. I know he wants to get drafted but he should not be running on that ankle and his times show that.

Lets see Benson was A 4.55 40 guy when he entered the combine and that was the fastest I ever saw him run, oh if you want a good laugh look at picks of Benson when he was in Texas and at him from last year, you will notice he has let himself go sense coming to the Bears. Well anyway he slowed down a bit sense he got with the Bears, probably 4.6-4.7 at best and then he got hurt like this kid but even worse. That kid was a 4.4 runner who is now running 4.8. Benson is probably going to be running in the 5.1, 5.2 range. Well he also has a plate in his leg which will make him even slower so, 5.3-5.4 maybe.

Benson at the Combine 221 Mendenhall weight 225
40 time 4.55 4.41 HIGH 4.5 Low 4.37
20 yard shuttle 4.33 4.18
Vertical Jump 33 33 1/2
225 Bench Press 18 26
Broad Jump 9-8 9-9
3-cone drill 7.18 Did not participate.

Just thought I should point that out and this

Chris Williams OT 6.6 315 Jake Long 6.7 313
40 TIME 5.13 5.22
Vertical Jump 25 27 1/2
225 Bench Press 21 37 reps

21 reps man Mendenhall is almost 100 pounds lighter and benched more, 21 was worst among the top OT's. 37 reps now that is power I want on my line, trade up or take Mendenhall and get Collins or Baker in the 2nd round can also look to get D Brown in the 4th or third and Schuening in the 5th or 4th. I say skip the QB this year the class isn't that great but look for a WR or DT in the third with the extra pick.

Honestly though at this point I will take any player as long as they are good.

Creighton I beg to differ I like Johnson from SanDiego, Booty from USC, Dixon Oregon and Ainge from Tennesee as projects the first two might suprise you keep that thought in mind look them up and see, I have seen Ainge could be interesting As is Booty the others are projects. Late round value picks Hester(FB) Kirk Barton (T) Ohio State, Will Arnold (G) LSU, Chauncey Washington (RB) USC, Tony Temple (RB) Missouri, Micheal Oher (T) Ole Miss. think about it.

creighton, get your facts straight. see the link

DC Duck: Check your facts. Colvin was a five star recruit (Rivals) who picked Oregon over USC and Michigan on ESPN. At the time he was considered a major get for the staff.

Look here:

By all accounts the kid is a hard worker and great person who has caught some bad breaks. I hope he bounces back in a big way in the NFL.

DJ, I am a little confused I never said I didn't like those players I never even talked about them. My post was about Colvin and then I did some basic comparisons with Benson and Mendenhall and Long and Williams. I like a lot of players in this draft, I just have not listed them all. My point is usually there are a lot of good players to be had in this draft and how you pick them and when does not matter as much as just getting good players at needed positions.

Chas1869, check your own facts. That report you have on Colvin is from when he was in highschool. When your done checking that go up to the top of the page and click on the blue letters in the blog that say " named him one of four five star wide recievers. Once you click on that a list they are speaking of in the blog will appear scroll down and you will see Colvin is listed with 2 1/2 stars there is a brief bio that speaks of his injury history. Next time I suggest you not just read the blog but the articles there based on that are posted within the blogg. Also read the article that talks about his injury history.

I never said a bad word about the kid, he is a good athlete with a injury history. That is why he gets 2 1/2 stars. I cannot believe you brought his Highschool profile up and told me to check my facts. Last I checked he has been in college for some time now.

Waterfowl04 the person to whom you are refuring too is Creighton.The bloggers name is posted below.
DJSSR Booty would be a nice pick.If he falls to the 3rd round it would be interesting to see what the Bears are going to do.
If this Colvin guy isnt drafted it wouldnt hurt to bring him in.Heck even a 7th round pick.Put him on the practice squad let him recover for a full year and see what he can do in 09.
You know you have to have a little pitty for Creighton.He trys so hard to get his blogs right.Trys hard to make his point.One thing he never does is take the time to get it facts straight.Makes things sound worse then they are.I mean come on 5.1 5.2 40 time for Benson?Im 5ft 11in 210 lbs.Im a little out of shape, but I know I can run a 5.1 40 time.Benson is in much better shape than me.Think about it Creighton that would mean that Benson will be out ran by his own linemen.Creighton do you base your day around 4:20, or is it 4:20 all day for ya?

Is high School one word?High School.Did you Creightron go to "highschool? You must have if you "spent 12 years in the cops." Or was that "Corp"Hell you dont even know what you have blogged fron one to another.Then you claimed that you were in the "military".If you were in the cops or corp or military maybe we would believe you if you could get it right the first time.Maybe we would believe you if you posted the right stats.Maybe we would believe you if you just told the TRUTH.I know you told the truth before.Its not hard Just Do It.

PLEASSSSE do NOT draft Flacco. He is having a decent run, but I have seen him play against weak competition and look very bad at times. For Bear Fans of age, think Larry Rakestraw!

Anonymous march 26 6:08am was posted by Brando

You apparently didn't read the title of the linked article about Colvin. It is titled "What happened to all the 5-stars?" It is a list of 5-star high school prospects and how their college careers would be rated. Colvin WAS a 5-star rated player coming out of high school, injuries contributed to his COLLEGE CAREER being rated 2.5 stars.

He is a great kid. I hope he comes back healthy, gets a shot somewhere, and makes the most of his great ability.

Wow some people need to go back to elementary school to learn how to read. In the article

"Four years ago, Colvin arrived at Oregon as one of the country’s most decorated receivers. named him the second-best receiver in the nation following his senior season at De La Salle High in Concord, named him one of four five-star receivers in 2004."

Now you need to learn how to READ. See that FOUR YEARS AGO, not what he has done in the past four years, but what he did 4+ years ago.

DuckD I think the argument is from you saying "Colvin was never rated a 5 star prospect, he was rated 2 1/2 stars." Your choice of using never I think is what has people correcting you. As in fact he WAS once a five star prospect.

I got the pleasure to watch Colvin in HS and see his athletic abilities. I think he had a problem going for the big play everytime that caused him to have ball security problems. As a slot, I think he'd recognize his role as a possession receiver and not always go for big YAC. I see him as a real sleeper pick and hopefully gets an opportunity somewhere.

I was saying that he was a 5 star prospect before college. He was a major disappointment due to the fact that he wasn't that outstanding, not like J Stew.

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