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Bears control rights to DT Kennedy

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Jimmy Kennedy stands in a class by himself.

The veteran defensive tackle is the only player in the league who has more than four years service and has rights that can be controlled by his former team.

The Bears have the right of first refusal to match any contract Kennedy signs with one of the 31 other clubs. It was a clause the Bears had written into the contract when they signed Kennedy Dec. 11. The former first-round draft pick of the St. Louis Rams had been on the street since being cut at the beginning of September by the Denver Broncos. Bears coach Lovie Smith was the defensive coordinator of the Rams when they chose Kennedy, and he reported to the Bears at 6-4, 320 pounds, in much better shape than he was in St. Louis.

With the interior of the line decimated by injuries, Kennedy appeared in the final three games and performed relatively well. It’s not known if Kennedy is in the Bears’ plans moving forward, but he could be in a situation where they bring him back for the minimum-salary benefit.

The Bears will not receive compensation should another club sign Kennedy and they decline to match the contract. The rules for engagement for the contract are similar to what happens with restricted free agents, meaning the Bears would have a week to determine if they want to match a deal.

These uncommon clauses get put into deals sometimes when players do not want to sign more than one-year contracts. Kennedy had been available because he had refused a two-year contract with Buffalo, among other teams.

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I really thought it was major move last season when Mr. Angelo found both Jimmie Kennedy, and Matt Toeaina just sitting waiting for someone to claim them. In the 3 games that they played, the Bears defense played like gang busters, and we ended up on a high note, which was very good heading into this season. I am not sure what the Bears will do, but if they wanted to keep both Kennedy and Toeaina, then Idonije would have to go, so this one will play itself out in camp, if it makes it that far.

Any team that re-signs Grossman - Orton and does not realize that they have a major QB issue. Is run by morons.

This team will continue to struggle until they can Lovie and Jerry A. He has made a mess of this football team and has no judge of talent. The lose of Barrien not a big one as they don't have any one who can get the ball to him.

No run game - Benson a bust
No pass game - NO QB - Grossman must have naked pics of some one.
Aging defense -

Fire Jerry he sticks

Watching Toeaina last year was a pleasure.I cant tell you if it was fresh legs or what but this guy(Toeaina) was getting through the line with a fierce Bull Rush.This guy plays mean.I think he would be good in the rotation, maybe the 4th guy.

Anyone who watched the final few games last year saw in Jimmy Kennedy a guy who didn't look quite up to par as far as playing speed. He could potentially be a rotational guy for us but he must show in camp that he's going to regain a step or two, which would be nice since Jimmy would be our biggest DT. But I think Garay, Adams and Tuinea have shown that they can be part of a solid rotation with Harris and Dvoracek and make plays behind the line of scrimmage. For Jimmy Kennedy he is going to have to show that same ability to make plays against the run in a rotatioal situation.

dear anonymous... you could atleast make up a name. "jerry has made a mess of this team". I believe the Bears were in the Super Bowl 2 years ago for the first time in 21 years. But if you consider getting to the Super Bowl a mess, then i don't know what to tell ya. Its a trend that teams who lose the Super Bowl miss the playoffs the next year. Its sad, but true. Go Bears!

Anonymous will you get lost why don't you get on someone elses blog? Your are like a itch in a private place that won't go away. Well bright boy you cannot fix a team with some holes by spending large amounts on free agents you moron. You draft them and sign some FA's to create competition. I hope Kennedy comes into his own would be that run stuffer in the middle and collapse the pocket, no defense is good if the QB can step up The cover2 doesn't work if there is no pressure and the safeties have to spend too much time in run support.

Here's a wild one. Convert Urlacher to strong safety, a position he played in college. He can lose thirty pounds which would be better for his back. If he still has the wheels he'd be a perennial all pro. He still can't get off a block so freeing him up to be a terrorist would be fun to watch.

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