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Bears check in on South Carolina St. prospects; Currie surfaces

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We’re still waiting for information to trickle out of Baton Rouge, La., concerning LSU’s pro day, but there’s more to report.

Bears Southeast scout Mark Sadowski was at the South Carolina State pro day on Tuesday. The Bears were one of three teams there along with Kansas City and New Orleans. Former Bears wide receiver Airese Currie, who has been hampered since his senior year at Clemson with foot problems, also showed up in hopes of generating interest. Currie was released last May 7 and the Bears are not expected to give him another shot.

On display at Dawson Stadium were quarterback turned wide receiver Cleve McCoy and offensive lineman James Lee. McCoy, 6-1, 225 pounds, ran a 4.55-second, 40-yard dash, a good number for his size. He did some work as a slot receiver.

Lee, projected by most as a guard, started out at Georgia before transferring. He attended the Bulldogs’ pro day last week and did well for himself. Lee is 6-4, 305 pounds, and ran a 5.07-second 40-yard dash. He did 25 reps on the bench press at 225 pounds and is a potential late-round selection. The Orangeburg (S.C.) Times and Democrat reported Lee, the MEAC offensive lineman of the year as a senior, could have a visit in the works with the Chiefs.

Currie ran consecutive 40’s in 4.38 seconds but the fifth-round pick from 2005 didn’t sound optimistic. He worked out for Buffalo and Denver after being released last spring but has not caught on. He’s hopeful to be in camp with someone this summer.

*** Tulane running back Matt Forte is scheduled to have dinner with Southwest area scout Chris Ballard tonight. Ballard is at the LSU pro day. Forte will meet with Lovie Smith and running backs coach Tim Spencer next week. He also has a visit with the San Diego Chargers set up.

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I am still trying to make sense of the drafting of Airese Currie.The 5 round pick on him was a waiste.Might just be the worst 2nd day pick in Angelo's drafting history.The guy is fast but I never seen anything that would warrent a 5th round pick on Currie.He might have been a Undrafted Free Agent otherwise.

brando- its easy to say that now.

I didnt like him coming into the NFL and still dont like him now.Hes a track star with very little NFL abilitys.

Coming out of high school Herschel Walker was thought of as a track star with limited football ability. Just saying.

unfortunately, jerry and the bears love their "projects."
Brad, can you give an example of a successful "project" of Jerry Angelo? and, what are the chances we keep that little RB garrett wolfe for 08-09? do you think he'd truly catch on anywhere else?
thanks. go bears.

Every time I read something that you post Brando it makes me question America's school system and wonder how a worthless, idiot, bum, such as yourself can afford to have a computer and pay the ten dollars a month for dial-up internet.

You're an uneducated moron and need to stop posting such non-sense. Speed is so important in the pro game that a fifth round pick on a guy as fast as Currie is an excellent selection, and no where near the "Worst second day pick in Angelo's history."

Southside Steve,

y b hatin? . . . Brando makes excellent points. Angelo has done quite well on Day 2 of the draft, and a 5th pick on a track-guy was a waste. While speed is somewhat important, I think it's WAY OVERBLOWN in the NFL.

If you disagree, answer this: Who would you rather have at safety . . . Danieal Manning (who the coaches say is FASTER then Devin Hester) or Mike Brown (he of 4.65 speed)?

I could go on and on with the speed vs. actual football player examples, but I digress. We need guys that can actually play, not just run fast.

Steve that's mean Brando had me going for a while too but it's his thing like a signature the words are mis-spelled he has a point once in a full moon ease up. Currie was a reach just too high he was hurt during Clemson season Jerry thought he made a coup getting a guy with that much speed turns out he was not a football player and he was released. This year the only way JA can screw this up is to get too smart for his own good making reaches like, well Currie. As you see from Brad the statement I made in Feb. there is OL everywhere, if you try enough you get at least two that will make it same thing with backs. Has anyone heard anything about Tony Temple from Missouri? I know the tight end/H-back is on the board, what about the little QB? If anyone has info blog it please.

Dear Southside Steve,

Thankyou for your kindest of words, However the information you have given me seems to be incorrect.True I can not spell.However I do have a High School Diploma.The computer is built out of old spare computer parts so I didnt pay a thing.Wouldnt that make me just a litte smart, I didnt have to buy one.I dont have dial up its Comcast triple play!Lovie Smith enlighton me and gave me the wisdumb:)All jokes to the side.Everbody has theire own opionin I can respect that.I dont think you were joking but ahhh well.
I would like make sense out of my non-sense.On Offense is it not true that speed to a WR means nothing unless he has the ball in his hands?Im sorry if I had not made my point clear enough.I will make sure to make my point more detailed next time.I hope I didnt offend you in any way.

Sincerly a Bears fan,

P.S.Currie was talked about the next great slot reciever.Jerry wanted to believe in Currie so much he drafted a projected undrafted player in the 5th round because of speed.Another track star drafted by the Bears Willie Gault in 1983 with the 18th pick.Over 3,000 yard in his career but never worked out.

Alright, maybe I was a little hard on Brando but faking it or not, it is pretty funny to read his posts. When it comes to the selection of Currie, the fact of the matter is that in the fifth round drafting a potential game breaker like Currie over the career back-ups that generally make up the fifth round selections is not a bad gamble. Currie didn't work out, but before he was injured he was projected to be drafted much higher, and had he been able to stay healthy he could have been an effective player in this league. You also talk about fifth round picks like teanms expect to draft starters every time. Granted some good players have been taken that late, but countless more aren't even in the league anymore. Angelo shouldn't gamble on such high risk reward players early but in the fifth round, come on. The bottom line is that to draft a player with Currie's speed and potential in such a LATE ROUND is always a good move.

I personally know Airese and he is a very intelligent and warm hearted individual. I wish him the best of luck in his football career.

Having known him since grade school he has always been a great athlete in football, track & field, and basketball. He definitely has the speed but with all the injuries his abilities have faltered. He was awesome through college and I am sure he can do the same in the NFL. We all hope for him to show us the true WR we see in him.

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