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Bears agree to terms with ex-Illini WR Lloyd

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The Bears have agreed to terms with wide receiver Brandon Lloyd on a one-year contract.

Lloyd played for offensive coordinator Ron Turner at Illinois and can provide a speed threat with Bernard Berrian departed.

Check back soon for more details.

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C'mon Biggsy, why don't we try out for the Bears at WR?!?!? They are quickly becoming the worst offense in NFL history.

What's next, a reunion with Rocky Harvey to compete with Benson, and a three WR set of Lloyd, Walter Young and Aaron Moorehead.

NFL Sunday Ticket.... HERE I COME!!!

ciao ciao
The Gridiron Assassin

thanks for taking the hometown discount LLoyd ! get out there and catch a hunard balls !!marty moose marty moose!superbowl here we come ...All jokes aside I'm starting to believe in the moves were making the bears aren't targeting anybody publicly from the draft so we dont get sniped buy other teams. Everyone has to understand that the bears operate like a temp service. If you perform well you get hired on by other teams and get that big money. If you were buried in the depth chart but have potential then we give u a shot. And if u are Mike Brown u still have a job. I must say even though we aren't making splashes we have been compensating existing players and we dont have a mutiny situation like the new york jets. we just need to draft Mendenhall with the first pick then 2 offense line guys and then QB, WR AND ANOTHER safety we should be able to compete. We let other players go to make crazy money we arent killing them.. we were terrible with who we had last year. so hopefully we can get on track and be better next year...go bears

This guy is a burner... looks like Rashied Davis will be going the way of Ayanbadejo and Berrian...i.e. out of town. I wish they'd keep Davis too though. What do they have to lose with a little depth at WR? LETS GET REX SOME OPTIONS!!

Why Not?

As my friend Borat would say..."Thats a Nice!" This could be a good signing, although I would have liked to see Bryant Johnson instead. The good thing is that Lloyd has a ton of upside and hasn't been used much in Washington. Also he has a history with Ron Turner, so maybe he will be able to figure out how to use him.

right on man!
I like this signing. as stated above...the Skins didnt use him that much. so he's been resting/healing from a broken collar bone since about wk.9 of last season.

I think the draft should go like this for us:
(even though there are so many more variables I cant account for)
Rd.1 - RB
Rd.2 - OL
Rd.3 - WR or QB(does anyone else like that guy from Oregon? Dixon or something?
Rd.4 - OL
Rd.5 - WR or QB
Rd.6 - OL or SS/FS

What a deal.They picked up insurence WR.The Bears wanted this guy when he was traded to Washington.Washington traded a 3rd and 4th round pick for this guy.The Bears wouldnt do that.Even though he is not a proven player,the Bears did the smart thing and didnt go after a Free Agents that are wanting big year contracts.

No way would I draft Dixon out of Oregon! Very slow release. Good College QB and that's it. I like the Lloyd move. It is not going to cost us much and besides the WR available whether it be in the draft or Free Agency are nothing to get excited about. Let's bring in some competition and see who comes out ahead.

The thing that like what the Bears are doing is that in Camp there will actually be competition for starting jobs.

To all the people who post, think O-Line, Safety and RB.

Saw him a lot in SF; sometimes plays great and sometimes has aligator arms going over the middle.

If he gets tough he could be good.

Bearable anyway.


Oh Boy! Another winner at WR. Why don't we just try to have Orton of Grossman simply throw the ball to themselves? Lloyd stats are questionable at best, Heaven forbid the team does anything productive.

Great pickup. Booker, lloyd, Hester, Olson, Clark. Bradley must step up. We r fine at receiver. WE need a back. Draft running back, O Line, Safety. At first I was upset, but why overpay. Look at minnesota- shameful

Lloyd is a good signing. Yet again the Bears do the right thing and sign a good receiver without having to pay him more than he is worth. Please can we stop with the RB in the first round. I don't care about the depth at OL, we need the best guy we can get. There are plenty of good backs coming out this year as well. If we have a good line that can block then we can run the ball. A good lineman will have a greater impact than a good back with our current situation. Do some of you forget that Rex and Orton are about as mobile as an oak tree? We will have to pass on occasion and unless Mendenhall(or any other first round back) can stone DE's and LB's then we will be looking at a lot of 2nd or 3rd and 10+.
Oh yeah . . . and NO on Dixon. The guy was benched two seasons ago for Ryan Leaf's brother!!!!! This season he was a one year wonder and he is coming off a torn ACL. Not a great passer and a buck sixty soaking wet doesn't mesh well with the size and speed of defenses in the NFL. Sign him as an undrafted free agent if he is still there and you want to take a chance but we need to use our draft picks better than taking a big risk with Dixon.

Lloyd's future with the Bears is a bit of an enigma. Poor work ethic, bad attitude, all kind of what did we pay for him? Hope it's minimal. I like rolling the dice for the right price. Why are most Bear fans so hung up on Mendehall? Quit being such homers. Just cause the kid played for Illinois dosen't make him the next Walter Payton. He's good, very good, but this draft is deep at running back. Why waste the 14th pick on a skill position when we can trade back and still grab a top notch OL in the 1st and get running back and/or wideout in the 2nd and/or 3rd. Mendenhall's good, but not 14th overall good. Haven't we learned we should hardly ever go 1st round with a RB (Ennis, Salaam, Benson, etc...)?? Let's look O-line (both tackle and guard) first and then let the chips fall where they may.

Hey what happened to the Bears building offense through the Draft? It's a good signing in two ways, if he shuts his pie hole and gets it together he will be a good reciever. If he does not, and continues down his current path it will be a blast to watch him in post game interviews running his mouth.

As for an Offensive draft don't count on it, we will probably grab 2-3 offensive picks and 5-6 deffensive picks. Angelo will probably wait till after the draft to work on the Oline, he will hope he gets another Garza type deal, and maybe he will trade for a OT probably a RT, he will then believe the offense is set. In the draft he will take the best player available at 14. I would love to get Mendenhall at 14 but it won't happen, he is gonna stick by Benson, Round 2 he may go for a QB cause we only have 2 but if Flacco is not there he will go Oline or reciever, after that it will probably be D unless he didn't go offense in the first, then in the third he will go WR or QB or OT. Agelo can draft a stud corner in the 5th round but he has never been good at drafting offense. In fact he is really bad at it. He will continue to try and upgrade the offense via free agency and on the cheap, he is not an offensive GM, his teams have never been offensive oriented and no matter how bad any of his teams have been he rearly goes after offensive players in the draft. He will stick to what he knows and draft D. It's all he knows how to do. If you look at his 20 year GM history you will see he almost never goes offense in the draft, and when he does his players are generaly really bad. Dunn and Alstott are the exception. Look for a saftie or a DT in the first maybe an OT if Clady, Williams or Long are there. As for a RB he thinks Beson and Wolfe are Dunn and Alstott.

Are you guys serious?The bears have over 30 mil in cap room and you people are happy with B.Lloyd?And Marty Booker?OMG boy you bears fans are really gullable!DO NOT DRAFT A RB IN THE FIRST RD!!MAN WHAT GOOD IS A RB WITHOUT AN O-LINE??????Benson proved it last year!Pick one and two should be O-Lineman!!!Jees you guys have no football EXP!We need O-line,DT,RB,Saftey,in that order.Wake up chicago fans you guys are so gullable you let the McKaskeys,Riensdorff and the Tribune step all over you for years!!And what do you do ? Still buy tickets?Go to games? when r u gonna learn?

As one of the masses who clamored for Bryant Johnson, I would have to say I am intrigued by this signing. If he gets his head on straight, Lloyd can be a good receiver. not a #1 by any stretch, but can be a decent 2 or 3. There are no #1 guys out there for the taking. We took a position that had basically zero experience, and added experience with question marks (Booker with bad knees, and Lloyd after 2 non-descript seasons in Washington). Not exactly what I had in mind, but if either of these signings works out, we have the makings of an interesting offense. We will lack the speed of Berrian, but Bradley, Hester and Lloyd are in the same ballpark (Hester probably faster in pads than Bernard). It seems like we have the chance to make the defense cover more than 20 yards downfield, which should leave a lot of holes in coverage to complete passes. If JA accomplishes his goal of extending Harris, Hester, Gould, and Urlacher, the offseason could be a pretty decent success. Then all we really need in the draft is a line to make all of this possible. Chris Williams, Gosder Cherilus, Jeff Otah, Ryan Clady, Tony Hills, Carl Nicks, Brenden Albert, Roy Scheuning, Chilo Rachal...these should be the names on Jerry's mind come late April. If we get 2 names from that list, we will be in much better shape to add the RB, young QB, safety, and possibly another DT without leaving our offense in the same position we were in this year.

Fans must think picking a running back in the 2nd-4th rounds will be a waiste.I dont know.The Bears already have 5 million wraped up in Ced in 08.I would have to say if McFadden is their thats a No Brainer.Insted of giving yourselves false hope cant we just wait untill April and find out what will happen and then you fans can cry.By the way Dave has some good points.

wake up people. do any of these moves make you think our offense is any better than last year? its not. was are offense good last year? no not even close. so why are you all so happy. angelo does nothing and you all praise him for it. this huge hole we are in is his fault. he drafted rex and continues to give him thousands of chances to kill us and rex hasnt missed one opportunity yet. he drafted benson and he is a bust. if he was any good he would have earned his starting spot over thomas jones, instead we gave it to him and traded jones, and jones isnt even that good. so what does that say about benson. the only smart thing he did was only sign rex to a one year deal because there was nothing better out there. then he didn't pay berrain, he isnt worth the money. next year rex and benson should not be on this team and orton is career backup qb, thats his ceiling. he is not a probowler and someone who will win games on his own. nothing we have on offense this year is good enough to get us to the playoffs. if any of you think it is that just proves you no nothing about the NFL.

People complaining about the cap room are forgetting something.

This team needs to sign Tommie Harris, Devin Hester and Robbie Gould -- all Pro-Bowl players -- to long term deals, and possibly renegotiate with Urlacher -- a Pro Bowl player.

Face it. This free-agent class was weak. We signed one of the top ten guys, Briggs -- a Pro Bowler -- for a song.

The only guy who would have certainly helped was Faneca. I wish they would have pushed for him, but life goes on.

After that, I don't know what you guys are crying about.

The amount of money the recievers are getting this season is a joke. You don't overpay mediocrity just because you have need.

The only running back was Turner. I don't think he even wanted to come to the Bears, given their line situation.

There were NO quarterbacks. The best on the market was arguably Grossman.

They need a saftey and DT badly, but the class again was weak. They may have some second-tier options still available though, including Ian Scott if they decided to take another step toward the past.

Quit complaining. I'd rather see the team lock up our own guys who we know can play that spend money on bums taking advantage of a weak marketplace

Sweet, we now have the NFL equivalent of Darius Miles.

i've been reading these comments for awhile, but this is my first post. i've been a Bears fan all my life, but recently i've found that it's easier being a Chicago sports fan when you're outside of Chicago. from afar (Chapel Hill, NC) i've not had the Jay Mariotti-esq negative mindset pounded into my head.

I'm all for the attention and hype of making a big free agent splash (hell, i love it when the Cubs spend a ton of money), but the system is not set up to splurg in the NFL- especially when we can all agree that we need help in a ton of places (o-line, WR, RB, QB, safety...) Angelo knows- as should each of us- that there's no chance in hell we are able to upgrade each of those positions THIS year, with THIS weak free agent market. Thus, Angelo is putting off a serious upgrade at WR (a true number 1) and crossing his fingers w/ Booker and Lloyd as well as the remaining cast from last year. Its crazy to me that some of you are ripping (very Mariottie-esq) Angelo not franchising/re-upping Barrians contract. but jump back to Sept and all i heard about was Barrian giving up on routes early (SD game week one for a Grossman INT in the endzone) or dropping wide open passes (Dal game week 3 dropping a sure TD). why pay THAT guy like a top five guy at his position. Its also crazy that some of you are killing him for essentially getting Booker/Lloyd as affordable stop-gaps until a better option comes along. I read a post knocking Booker for his bad knees and Lloyd for his character (as if ANYONE knew ANYTHING about the guys character until reading this blog to begin with...) while the same guy wanted Javon Walker; whos missed time for injuries each of the last two years AND raised such a stink about his contract that he was shipped out of Green Bay. It seems like some of you will never be satisfied; which is ridiculous. I say Angelo did the job expected of him at WR: he got rid of deadweight in Moose, didnt overspend to keep Barrian, and got two guys that should put up comparable production for cheap.

Plus now there is no question that we can allocate the funds necessary to re-sign the great players that we currently have on our roster in Harris and its not all bad. Next step is addressing the o-line. That may prove to be a bit more difficult...

Well said Steve.Some of these fans play way to much Madden 08.
Im a huge fan of the Madden game.I myself playing that game spend all the money I can.Kinda like the Jets, Raiders, and Vikings.
I know that in real life football that isnt realistic.
Alot of the time in Free Agentcy a team will get rid of a player for a reason, or they would rather not sign him to big money big year contracts.Their has to be a method to the madness in Free Agentcy.I would rather see a team spend the money to their own players that have proved themselfs in the teams system.
The Draft is in April,The Pre season starts in Aug.
Im willing to wait and see what happens in 08.Im not going to think the Bears are going to be bad because they didnt sign some over priced free agent.
In 2001 the Bears went 13-3.Alot of people ranked them last in the North.
In 2001 the Bears didnt have a stable QB.Running backs were so so.
WRs besides Booker was Dez White and some other goofs.The Offencesive line wasnt a sure thing.The Defence wasnt considered a top teir D.
Kinda sounds like 08 season comming up.I dont have 3rd eye.Sounds like some of the "fans" do.In any givin year any givin team in the NFL can make some Noise.Saints made noise last year.N.Y. Giants shock the NFL.Heck it might be Atlanta that makes the noise this year.We wont know until Dec.

Brando in LP, that was Angelos first year as Bears GM, he did not build that team. The Oline was actually good that year, I believe ATrain was our back, better than Benson by the way, Booker was in his Prime and a very good reciever, Mike Brown was healthy and awsome, Blach was destroying people, Colvin was awsome, Phillip Danials played well and had 9 sacks, Holdman was real good, Jim Miller played ok, Tony Parrish was a stud, Robinson was good till he got hurt, Washington and Traykor made it impossible for anyone to run on us. That team actually had tallent and some big name players, also the seconday was decent with Parrish and Brown, R.W. was ok that year and so was Harris, Colvin put a l;ot of pressure on the QB all season. Not a bad team at all. How did we do in 02,03,04, oh yeah we where 4-12, 7-9, 5-11. Well gosh look at that, the last time we went 7-9 just 4 years ago the following year we went 5-11 under Angelo. In fact in his 7 years here we have only 3 winning seasons, and you really cant even count the first season cause he did not put that team together. Oh he did make a big trade for Danniels who turned into a major bust. So really with his team we are 47-49 with 4 loosing seasons and 2 winning seasons. But of course he was way better in Tampa as the Director of player personel, he did the draft there to, and the team only had 10 strait loosing seasons with him and 3 winning seasons and one 8-8 season. Man what was I thinking Angelo is awsome, Think of all the great QB's he has drafted, Krenzel, Rex, Orton, Dilfer, dude it's like a Hall of fame list. Of all his drafted WR did you know that Berrian was his best. Or his Oline picks, not a single pro bowler in those picks. His 3 best offensive picks have been, 2 kickers Gramatica and Gould, a Fullback Alstott, and a running back Dunn, his WR has been Berrian. Those are his best offensive players in 20 years of drafting, he is really bad at drafting Linemen by the way, you can look up his draft picks and you will see. But hey you say 13-3 in 08, I say are you a betting man???

Awesome.Blach was destroyingpeople???Mike Brown wasnt in the play offs got hurt in week 15. Jim Miller wasnt their for the first 4 games.Steroids!Was hurt in the first Quarter of the playoff game vs. the Eagles.Tony Parish.Hmmmmmmm.Why did the Bears not offer him a contract?Ahhhhhhhhhh because he couldnt defend the pass.Parish was a 3-4 system player.Thats why he was good with the 49ers.Seconday hey!Secondary was BAD.They ended up in the 20s that year.22nd if Im right.R.W. was a ver good punt returner!Thats it.Creighton doesnt read and comprehend very well does he.About as good as I can Spell. In 2001 I had mentioned that the Bears didnt have a sure QB RB, were so so,Booker was the only factor in the WR possition,the O-Line had Olin and Big Cat,and the D wanst even considered a top 5.Did I say anything about the upcoming years NO!Philip Daniels played well he had 9 sacks,Jerry A. made a big trade and Daniels was a major BUST.Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.Played better in Washington then he did in Chicago.Played better in Chicago then he did with the Seahawks.He also didnt trade for Daneils.Daneils was a Free Agent..Gould was released by the Pats as a undrafted Free Agent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
And I never said 13-3 in 08.I was making a point that the 2001 team was thought to be a mess,just loke the upcoming season in 09!

Was I wrong for blogging this?? Im just right thats all.

ver=very loke=like

Never heard of him. ZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Dude the Oline for the Bears was, Chris V (pro bowler best guard in football), Todd Perry (pro bowler), Big Cat (pro bowler), Olin(pro bowler) and Blake Brockermyer (The only good year he had with the bears) they where rated the Nuber one oline in NFC that year smart guy. Blach???= Brian Urlacher you ever here of him. Mike Brwon got hurt in week 15. You act like he never saw the field he played in 14 games. Parrish played well that year and the only time he looked bad with the Bears is before the drafted Brown and tried to have him play FS which he is not good at. They wanted to keep Tony but the price was to high. The Bears where ranked #1 against the run, had the best Linebacking corps in the NFC, and a top 10 running game. A Train had a 1000+ yard season. Miller still played well that year even if he didn't start 4 games. Also they had drafted Terrell who everyone thought was going to be a star(that is until he actually played). Relax dude I was not addressing the fact that people didn't think they would do well, I was addressing you questioning the Talent on that team and pointing out that they had a lot of good players which they did. So just chill, man I question anyhting anyone says on this board and they freak out like it's the end of the world. It's just football talk. Switch to decafe. DE-CAFE, DE-CAFE.

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