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UPDATED: Ayanbadejo to Ravens

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Two-time Pro Bowl special teams player Brendon Ayanbadejo has chosen to sign a contract with the Baltimore Ravens. It is a four-year deal worth $4.925 million. The contract is front loaded and will pay him $3.355 million in the first two years.

Ayanbadejo went to the last two Pro Bowls as a member of the Bears after being a first alternate in 2005.

He is the second player to leave via free agency, following wide receiver Bernard Berrian.

Ayanbadejo negotiated with the Bears starting this past weekend, then stated a desire to make a visit to the New York Jets. The Bears, apparently feeling they had extended themselves far enough in contract talks, told him they were no longer interested Monday. The deal he got from the Ravens turns out to be similar to what he turned down from the Bears.

Ayanbadejo met with the Jets Monday and Tuesday before flying to Baltimore without signing a contract presented to him by the Jets. Ayanbadejo arrived at his home in Miami on Wednesday evening and made a decision this morning between the two AFC teams.

The Bears declined to match the Ravens' offer as was expected. Once the team announced on its Web site it was no longer pursuing him Monday, it was a virtual given it would not go back on its word.

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Good decision by the Bears not to match it...time for Jamar Williams to step in and take his role over on special teams...if they draft a running back then "The Real A.P." can go back to doing what he does best and thats make plays on special teams too...Special Teams will be #1 in the league again this year...write it down!

Brendon wanted to come back to the Bears, but they did the right thing by saying good bye to him. This is a good lesson to other players on the team. They only want players that WANT to be here! Even though Ayenbadejo really wanted to be here, his agent Dumb Rosenhaus...oops I mean Drew...messed this one up for him. Oh well, the good news is that we will have a new Jerry's GQ award winner. Who is gonna step up? Maybe Hunter? LOL!

Why did the Bears announce they would not pursue Ayanbadejo, and why did they not match the contract from the Ravens? The past couple of years, our special teams have been strong and he has been a big contributor. The relatively small contract from the Ravens should not have negatively impacted the Bears salary cap. It must have been something other than money.

this guy really wanted to stay in chicago and was not demanding a lot of money...the bears should have kept the heart and soul of their league best special teams

Don't act like he didn't go to a better team. the only way I would have come back to the Bears is if they paid me more!

Another money driven ego.Went to an ego driven team.Good for Ayanbadejo.Him and Ray Lewis can make up some funky pre game dance.

Greg Couch is not the brightest bulb on the tree is he? The call to spend money just to be spending it is just plain DUMB, elevating Berrian to a must sign shows ignorance or just not paying attention, signing Briggs is good he is a system LB that's why he is back. Faneca got overpaid, Woody (hehe) got overpaid being released from a team that quit last year Starks is still out there (why?) Scott is still out there (why?). There are a glut of OL in this years draft with the vets on the line you can use two rookies what about last years (Beekman) who Lovie decieded didn't warrant a chance he used a failed tackle (St. CLair) intead of giving him valuable/evaluable time. So don't be so quick to blame Angelo for everything blame the guys who are supossed to be developing these players and wonder if you have a good draft what will this staff do with it? Remember Columbo what about the recievers Haas and Bradley and Rideau, the others were dropping passes, quitting on routes and not coming back with the QB in trouble. So! Jerry doesn't play the game the players do so why are they getting a pass? why is Lovie getting a pass. Greg get your facts in order you supposed to be a source of information. Not that venom you are speading now.

Wow why are guys dissing Brendon??? He did not ask for much money 5 million over four years is nothing in the NFL, he was Captain of Special teams and a two time Pro Bowler. Guys this isn't High School this is a job to football players, and you get paid at work. He didn't even ask for a lot of money in fact he asked for very little in terms of the NFL. I get letting BB go, I get cutting Moose and I am glad he is gone, but Brendon didn't ask for a lot of money and was a stand out special team player. If all you guys where at work and you did a great job and had earned a raise, how would you feel if your company said no go some place else you either work for us for less money or go someplace else where they pay you what your worth. I think all of you should go into work and take paycuts and tell your bosses you don't want a raise ever again. Cause that is what a lot of you are saying. In fact I think all of you should work for free. I hate to break it too you guys but he deserved his money, I mean there 30 million under the cap and he asked for 1/5 what Briggs got as a starter, he may only be on special teams but Special teams was the only good unit on this team last year and he was the Captain. So let me get this right, the players and fans should be loyal to the bears, but the bears don't have to show loyalty to anyone. Which they don't and I would love for someone to show me how they have been loyal to the fans who pay for there team, Stadium, and we have made olots of people in that Organization very rich. We have gotten 1 super bowl win and 1 loss in the 40 years it has existed. Wow we are the team to beat. 2years ago we where in the Super Bowl, last year 7-9, this off season we have been stinking up the joint. And all I here the bears fans saying is the bears no what there doing and Trust Angelo and we will fix it in the draft and any player who wants money is greedy and all kinds of junk like this. News flash 2 years ago Super bowl, then we had a draft, so according to you guys we should have been back at the Super bowl because we draft so well. Yet we where 7-9, gosh how did that happen, we drafted why no super bowl. Angelo did the draft and went for offense. How come no super bowl, better yet how come we didn't have a winning season. But I am sure in this draft it will be different. Here is a question Tait, Garza, Brown, Miller, Griese, Moose, Thomas Jones and Clark. What do these guys all have in common? Answer they where all free agents brought in by Angelo they also helped us get too a super bowl and they where all on offense. Here is another one, Rex, Benson, BB, Wolf, Bradley, Olsen and Orton. What do these guys have in common, Angelo drafted all of them, you know what else they have in common? They all played on one of the worst offenses in football last year. But hey BB is gone and Rex, and Benson have been first round busts, throw in Bradley and you also got three injury prone guys. Yep Angelo sure is good at drating offense. I really trust him with his offensive picks thats why Tampa let him go, he was too good at drafting offensive talent. I am sure we will be in the Super Bowl next year, and sense Angelo likes being here so much I think he should work for free until we are back in the Super Bowl. After all he does want to be here, even though the when he left Tampa he didn't go to the team that offered him the least amount of money he went to the bears who offered him the most money. But I guess it's ok if he does it, if a player wants money thats different.

I will miss him but him wanting to play defense was a little far-fetched. You don't blossom as a LB once you turn 32 which he will before the season starts. 32 isn't young in the NFL and most likely saying that he wanted to play LB was just posturing on his part to convince someone that he was something more than a special teams ace. He is a superstar on ST and that's it. He's just as old as our linemen who we should've replaced before they broke down. And wanting Tyree money is not likely because Tyree has a few highlights catching passes on offense. The most sobering thing is that he wanted a contract for 4 years and do you really see him playing great after this year? Age is more than just a number when it comes to this contact sport. Give the BEARS a little credit for at least knowing that he wasn't going to beat Hillenmeyer out and that he was kind of one-dimensional with an expiration date. Like I said, I will miss him and I am grateful for all he's done. Good luck to him.

i know all you are just hatin on him!!!...he doesnt want that much money and it is awful management (as usual) to let him go...he is the heart and soul of the best special teams in the nfl...the guy clearly wanted to stay in chicago but had no choice but to leave because of their awful management

It's a shame that another Pro-Bowler is gone. We're looking more and more like the JauronaStedt Bears every day!

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