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Ayanbadejo to choose between Jets, Ravens Thursday

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Special teams ace Brendon Ayanbadejo said via text message that he will choose Thursday between contract offers from the New York Jets and Baltimore Ravens.

He visited the New York Jets starting Monday and went to Baltimore Tuesday to meet with the Ravens. Both teams have offered four-year contracts, believed to be worth about $1.5 million annually.

Ayanbadejo said he will present his final offer to the Bears to see if they are interested in matching it. The Bears announced on their Web site Monday that they were no longer pursuing him. Their last contract offer was for $800,000 less than he is currently looking at. The deals proposed by New York and Baltimore are similar.

Both the Jets and Ravens use the same special teams system that was implemented in Philadelphia by Baltimore head coach John Harbaugh. The Jets special teams coach is Kevin O'Dea, who was an assistant for the Bears the past two seasons.

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Pay the man. His locker presence to the team and especially Special teams is worth it. Why risk upsetting the chemistry of the best special teams unit in NFL when defense and special teams are all we've got going for us now. This man is a credit to the team and the community. The market has set his value. Why raise ticket prices if we can't keep an All Pro like this.

This makes me sick that we won't pay Ayanbadejo. I thought he wanted 4 mil a year and it's only 1.5? Why wouldn't we pay him? All the talk about us being cheap is being proven. This guy is vitally important to our attitude and intensity on special teams. Honestly, he may be my favorite player on the team.

Ayanbadejo puts the "Special" in the Special teams. Pay him and keep him in a Bears uniform. Come on angelo, you're the one who said you want to keep our team in tact!

if this is about $$ and not about ayanbadejo wanting to play lb, then i definitely agree it is once again the cheap mccasket attitude at work...

at least we have 1 good coach in toub. he will be able to find a replacement for this guy!

The guy obviously wants to come back if he's giving the Bears a chance to match. Jeez pay the guy.

I know we all like the guy and he is a good player, however we need some players on the other side of the ball.

Sorry, but I have a hard time justifying 1.5 mil a year for a special teams player that is not a return specialist or a kicker or at least a primary backup for an offensive or defensive position. Brendon played some LB, but I don't think he was considered the number 2 on the depth chart at any position. I believe the Bears have so many other holes to fill this year, the money could be better used elsewhere. There are players to develop that can play special teams. Not trying to take anything away from Brendon and his ability on special teams, but the money could be better used somewhere else. And, we still don't know for sure he is being offered 1.5 mil per year. That is only what is "believed" at this point.

I think it is a big mistake to let the leader of our special teams unit out of town. Idonije is a monster on kick block units, and can break a wedge like nobody's business, but it is Ayanbadejo that sets the tone on coverage and return units. You let him play in short yardage at LB when you take out a safety or CB for an extra LB (which is what he really wants), and pay the guy his $1.5 mil per season. Small price to pay for the leader of the #1 special teams unit in the NFL two years running. Is Jamar Williams ready to take his place? Rod Wilson? Darrell McClover? I wouldn't think so.

The first issue I have with not re-signing Brendan is that the Bears have plenty of $ to do so. After this off-season is over da Bears might be 10 million dollars under the cap. That's more than my team has in Madden. I'm not really sure why their being such tightwads, but according to Angelo you can't just throw $ around, you gotta be a sober spender. Que the audience laugh! Anyways, now that Favre has retired the NFC North becomes that much more winnable. The Bears could probably move right back to the top of the heap. Yet, their not making the correct moves and should want Brendan back considering his two pro bowls and reasonable contract request. On the other hand, now that Briggs is back in the fold we have Jamar Williams and Michael Okwo on special teams full-time and that helps. But please, can we spend some $!

Great fans, Awesome response to another job by JA. If not for what you say outload, if not for the sake of team chemistry, then at the very least ST is really all we have to hold on to! Pay this stud his due and get to the draft. By the way JA, nice save with MB. Go Bear!

Come on presence in the locker room. The guy wants to be the best payed special teams player in the NFL. Has he forgotten about his team mate who probably deserves to be the best paid special teams player in the NFL...Mr Hester! Look what his response was when the Bears pulled there offer. 'Oh no the Bears are still in the mix...'. If he still wants to be a Bear step up and act like one.

Special teams becomes all the more crucial when you take an offense that can't move the ball, and subtract its playmakers.
We are going to need all the field position we can get.
PAY AYANBADEJO his fricken 1.5 mill. He's a fn PROBOWLER . HE'S EARNED IT.

man the bears are cheap! as much money they have and will make this season it's sick they wont pay him i mean 800,000 ? they still have a stadium too pay for . no one should watch them this year or go to soldier field . keep stealin money ..the bears is a bad product and im not buying

Let em walk. Compensatory picks are based on performance and post season awards. He's a probowl special teams player. I say we take the 3rd-5th rd pick we'll get for him walking. We've already got a could core of players who can take his place.


The man is a FREE AGENT. The Bears get Zero if he walks

AngeLOW is a freaking joke! Brendan goes to Baltimore for 4yrs. 4.9 million, that's 1.25mill a year. Heck, if you cut that dead weight Archuleta, you're close to that figure already.

The only way this move is acceptable is if some backup linebacker like Jamar Williams or Rod Wilson can step right in for B.A. and not miss a beat, but I don't see that happening.

Real Bears Fan,

Congratulations on filling me in on that tidbit of info that he's, "a free agent". You're obviously just beginning to grasp this whole "free agent" thing eh. If we lose more free agents than we sign, we will get compensatory picks in the draft between rounds 3 and 7. These picks are untradable. These picks are determined by the league office and based on performance and post season awards.

If you'd like some more info on free agency, I do a nice little crash course including things like: salary cap, brushing your teeth, and how to tie your shoes. You should really look into it.

Knowledge my friend, knowledge.

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