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And then there were 11; Bears awarded three compensatory picks

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The Bears were awarded three compensatory draft picks Monday as the NFL Management Council announced the additional draft picks today at the owners meetings in West Palm Beach, Fla.

Based on the losses of defensive tackles Alfonso Boone and Ian Scott, wide receiver Justin Gage and safety Todd Johnson, and balanced against only the addition of defensive tackle Anthony Adams, the Bears were awarded three additional choices in the seventh round. According to a release by the league, former safety Cameron Worrell was not considered in the equation.

They add the 36th, 40th and 41st picks of the round which are 243, 247 and 248 overall. Conditional draft picks cannot be traded.

That means general manager Jerry Angelo is now armed with 11 draft picks total. The Bears have an extra selection in the third round.

Baltimore and Cincinnati were each awarded the maximum of four compensatory picks. Indianapolis, Philadelphia and Washington got three apiece like the Bears. Washington, Cincinnati, Atlanta and Baltimore got coveted compensatory selections at the end of the third round. The Bears had been hopeful to get a selection in the sixth round, but that didn’t happen.

A breakdown of how the picks were distributed:

Third round -- four picks
Fourth round -- five picks
Fifth round -- one pick
Sixth round -- nine picks
Seventh round -- 13 picks

The equation for the distribution of picks is based on playing time and postseason honors. The Bears had not received a compensatory pick since getting two in 2003. They were used on running back Brock Forsey (sixth round) and guard Bryan Anderson (seventh round). Previously, Angelo drafted tight end Bryan Fletcher with a compensatory pick.

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So we have 11 picks. Hopefully out of this group we can find our LT, starting Running back, and some offensive line depth. I would be ok if all we drafted were a running back and 4 offensive linemen in rounds 1-4 (we have 5 picks in the first 4 rounds), and then pick up a developmental QB in the 5th round. The comp picks are throwaway picks, where we can take shots on guys who we normally would consider street free agents, just to avoid having to bid on them in the open market to come to a tryout. Maybe a small school running back, a physical TE that can block, and a long snapper? Patrick Mannelly is arguably the best in the business, but how long will he be around? We have been extremely lucky he has not missed time due to injury, and we haven't had a bad snap in the entire time he has been here, but that won't last forever.

Now that the Bears know what they are gonna get I wouldnt be surprised to see them pick up one more Free Agent before the draft.Having 3 7th round pick isnt a bad deal.The talent pool in todays draft gos alot further then yesterdays drafts.
I have no idea why the NFL cut the draft down to 7 rounds it would be interesting to find out.Biggs can you fill us in.

From 1939 to 1942 the draft consisted of 22 rounds.
1943-1945 32 rounds.
1946 30 rounds 1947 31 rounds 1948 back to 32 rounds 1949 25 rounds.
1950-1959 30 rounds
1960-1966 20 rounds
1967-1976 17 rounds 1977 11 rounds
1978-1984 12 rounds
1985 & 1986 11 rounds
1987-1992 12 rounds
1993-Today 7 rounds
Since the current day draft of 7 rounds the Bears have drafted 19 players in the 7th round.
Noteable players:
2007-CB Trumane McBride
2000- S Mike Green
1999-FB James Finn
1996 DT Marcus Keyes

Now these are not game breaking play makers, but they have proved to be valuable assets to their teams.

Hey, that`s great, now let`s see how many of these picks can be used to get even better picks than the ones we have, ya know, that whole value points deal, that all the G.M.`s go by. If we have 11 picks worth let`s say 5000 points, then we can trade some of them to acquire 6000 points worth of players, and the draft will be a huge success, right!? This is a BIG draft for this particular team, and if we hit this one just right, we will hopefully get to enjoy a SuperBowl moment with Mr. Urlacher, and Mr. Harris, and Mr.Briggs, and all the other players that we enjoy having on our team, but if we miss on another draft, well..

Looking at the site

In the last 20years as posted by many in recent blogs,The Bears drafting offense has been bad.I do agree it has been suspect.
Crazy as it sounds it looks like Jerry has drafted more offense players since 1987 then anyone else in charge.In those 20 years there have been some quality players.These are players that had or is still having productive years in the NFL.

1987:Jim Harbaugh 1st round
1988:Brad Muster 1st round Wendell Davis 1st round Jim Thorton 4th round
1998:Jerry Fontenot 3rd round
1993:Curtis Conway 1st round Todd Perry 4th round
1996:Bobby Engram 2nd round Cris Villarrial 5th round
1997:Marcus Robinson 4th round
1998:Olin Kreutz 3rd round
1999:Rex Tucker 3rd round Marty Booker 3rd round Jim Finn 7th round
2001:Anthony Thomas 2nd round
2002:Marc Columbo 1st round
2003: Rex Groosman 1st round Bobby Wade:5th round Justin Gage 5th round
2004:Berrian 3rd round

Since 2002 all the players I had posted are still in the NFL and all were productive for their teams in 07.
The odd thing is Bobby Wade, Justin Gage and Berrian have all lead their teams in receptions and receiving yards.Another WR that had lead him team in both catagorys Bobby Engram.
I would have to say the Bears did draft some quality WR throughout the years but have failed to keep them.I would want Wade back anywho.

Just seems that jerry Angelo's offensive drafts

Brando it's an ok post but I am not sure of why you listed those spacific players and left so many other players off. Also why did you skip 05-07 and 90-92, 94-95 also 2000?? and when it comes to the 87 team you have to realize that the offense was already set up on that team. I am just curious because I don't see guys like Neal Anderson listed or even Olsen. I am just not sure what the post is pointing out. All joking aside, there are a lot of players left off your list and the list only covers 12 years as opposed to the 20 you brought up. Also what does the last sentence mean "Just seems that Jerry Angelo's offensive drafts" You also only listed 5 offensive players drafted over a 3 year period 2002 on, I know there was more, cause thats only 5 out of about 23 picks and his history with the bears has him drafting at about 60% defense and 40 percent offense.(just a guess on the total number of draft picks by the way)

11 Picks total is good but we have 4 total in the 7th which I think sucks. I would have liked to have gotten a couple of 5th rounders instead. Might get a few special teamers out of it though. I really don't those extra picks will help us find a LT though.

Hey Kevin Cregeen I think you need to wipe the dust off the glasses! Did you miss the part of the blog that says YOU CAN'T TRADE YOUR CONDITIONAL DRAFT PICKS?!!!!! And I am not too sure how you expect to get an extra 1000 points? You do know other teams have the same draft chart and they are not going to just give up better picks for no reason. Also I am guessing you are a Bears fan and would know that they rarely, if ever, trade up in the draft . . . all that said, I am all for winning the super bowl but I don't think these picks are gonna be the saving grace!

Creighton good questions.Not to be rude or any of that B.S. that we have been through.Thats cool you asked. I respect that alot.

Neil Anderson was drafted in 1986.I wanted to stick to the 20 year bit.

The reason why I had skipped years:1990- 1992,1994,1995,and 2006- 2007
The years up to 1995 there was no noteable offensive players that have had productive seasons in the NFL.
As far as the 2005-2007 the players havent either been productive or havent had the chance to be productive.

Gregg Olson has all the Tools to be one of Chicago's best Tight Ends since Ditka.He did a great job for what he was asked to do.I just think, last year didnt prove to be a solid productive year. Remember Dez Clark has had 2 realy good years, not to mention he leads the NFL in yard per catch in the last 3 years combined.

If you go to the Link there realy hasnt been to many offensive player drafted by the Bears that has suceeded, in return Angelo has been awefull at drafting Offense.I get it Creighton.

This is based on my opinion and my opinion only.I respect anyone that has found a player that I have over looked.I enjoy all post and hope to read more wonderful thoughts on the Chicago Bears.

I would NoT want Wade back!!
Geeze ohh Petes.I need to slow down some times.

"Crazy as it sounds it looks like Jerry has drafted more offense players since 1987 then anyone else in charge.In those 20 years there have been some quality players.These are players that had or is still having productive years in the NFL."

Uh Brando,

Angelo has only been with the Bears since 2001, he was with TB before that.

Yeah I worded that wrong.since 2001 from today Angelo seems have drafted more offensive player then coaches and GMs in the past. sorry.

Thanks for clearing it up Brando.

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