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An eye toward compensatory draft picks

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The Bears currently have eight draft picks and have a decent chance to add another one in the form of a compensatory selection.

The league will award these extra draft picks at the owners meeting in Palm Beach, Fla., March 30 to April 3. Last year, 32 compensatory draft choices were distributed between the third and seventh rounds. While the Bears didn’t gain or lose any major free agents last offseason, their net loss could be enough to tip the scales for them to add a pick. The Management Council has a formula for determining who receives the picks, with a maximum of four going to one organization.

The equation is based on playing time and postseason honors. The Bears have not received a compensatory pick since getting two in 2003. They were used on running back Brock Forsey (sixth round) and guard Bryan Anderson (seventh round).

The gains/losses to consider:

Gain: DT Anthony Adams. With former third-round pick Dusty Dvoracek going down in the opener at San Diego, Adams went from being inactive to receiving steady playing time and then starting until an arm injury knocked him out in December.

Losses: DT Alfonso Boone. Probably would have looked good in a Bears uniform. As it was, flourished as a starter for Kansas City.

WR Justin Gage. Also became a starter with his new team, leading Tennessee with 750 receiving yards.

S Todd Johnson. Served primarily as a reserve in St. Louis.

S Cameron Worrell. Also was in mostly a reserve role with Miami before a torn ACL knocked him out in December.

DT Ian Scott. Didn’t play after a knee injury derailed him during a summer in Philadelphia.

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I disagre wıth your evaluation of Worrell and Johnson. Looking at the stats Worrell was at part-time starters who made a reasonable impact, while Johnson also contributed on D:
Cameron Worrell (Mia) 12G 7GS 56T 1PDef
Todd Johnson (Stl) 16G 1GS 25T

Brock crazy leggs Forsey.That guy was kinda fun to watch.It was great to watch when he had 120 some yards.Was that vs. the Browns?Cant remember.
Justin Gage:The dude wasnt fast, but he did catch the ball.Is Tall.Seen him at the Mall.Tough to bring him down and make him Fall.Never got into a brawl.Watching him was Dull.Tenn. gave him a call.Now the Bears dont have him at ALL!

We should get one Just for Boone, and another for Gage. The other three counter Adams so we don't get one but we don't loose out on one either.

Creighton that was your best blog!Good job.

Adams??? Dont you mean Kennedy???Adams wasnt signed by another team and also I was being a smart @ss.
Once again you need to get your facts right.

Adams was UFA and signed by the Bears last year, and Kennedy was also signed through Free Agency.both drafted by another team.So that means no extra picks.

That Forsey game was against the Cardinals a few years back. I think Gagehad a solid game that week too.

Thank you Dave.Gage was a solid 3rd down WR.He was also good at the sideline jump pass.Lovie is a speed kinda guy.Gage just wasnt a burner.Kinda like when Shoop and Lovie said that Booker wasnt a "fit" in the offence.Well I guess thats the NFL for ya.One teams junk is another teams starter.

Brando what are you talking about??? Adams was signed by the Bears nobody said anything about him going to another team. Issues Brando, Issues.

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