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All-time Bears killer Favre calls it a career

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Yes, Lovie Smith has had Brett Favre's number for a while.

The Bears are 6-2 vs. the Packers since Smith took over as head coach in 2004, including a sweep over the NFC North champion Packers this past season.

But Favre has dominated the Bears in his career with a record of 22-10 against them.

The future Hall of Famer has reportedly decided to retire after 17 seasons.

The story is also reported by ESPN.

Favre had a remarkable run against the Bears. In 1994, Green bay began a 10-game winning streak over the Bears and it was also the beginning of a stretch where the Packers won 18 of 20 in the series.

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That's nice...he'll have more alone time in the Cruiser with John..

Marrioti will write a column on this. He will say something along the lines of how thrilled and relieved Bears fans will be. He will conveniently forget/omit how poorly Brett has done against the Bears in the last few seasons and how Bears fans would in fact like to see him back.

Wow, it feels like Christmas morning when I was a kid. Yes, the Bears have handled him nicely the last few years, but I'm glad to see him go, as most die-hard Bears fan should feel. It is kind of suspect in the timing of this announcement, with Moss re-signing with the Pats. Sour grapes? We'll probably never know, as Favre would never admit it. At any rate, good riddance...yes, he was a great quarterback (can't believe I freely admit that)but all I can say is...WHEW!


Dear Jerry: please act fast or else we will turn this division to Viking. Sign WR Walker and Booker. Also sign guards and draft for need not what you like this year… time is ticking and we can easily get our division back this year but you must act and don’t observe… Thank you

well i have mixed feelings about seeing him finally retire one of the reasons i wanted him to come back was that we give him another ass kicking like we did last season and the past couple of seasons thats probably the only reason but on the flip side im happy to see him go so we can all stop hearing about him and especially towards the end of the season on weather hes going to come back and especially the games that john madden is announcing that was just brutal but ill give him his props he had a long run at qb for the cheeseheads but thats over now so now the NFC North is really up for grabs does anyone scare you from the cheeseheads who now have an unproven qb trying to live up to the ol gun slinger or the minn vi-queens and there unproven qb and i dont even have anything to say about the lay down lions but it definitly makes are division alot more interesting now if only are qb grossman can finally prove something well definitly have a shot if not im all for orton to be are new qb this year...

Goodbye to the most exciting athlete I've ever seen. You will be missed Favre.

Glad to see old Brett gone, sure I've enjoyed some of the get back we've gotten since Lovie's been in town roughing him up a bit, but all of us Bears fans have to admit he was a great player..Still I hate the PACK and am glad to see him go.....especially since we got the last lick in, and it was a good one, a Bears Win....

It was a great run for Favre.I have all the respect for that dude.Even though I hated seeing him bash the Bears in the 90s and some of the 2000 years.He did have some easy wins against the Bears over the years, but realy never hurt their chance to be in the playoffs.Thats how bad the Bears were since Farve has been playing for the Pack.
The game I most remember, Walter Payton had just passed away, The Bears are playing in Green Bay.The Game is tied, Dick Juron was the coach.The Pack are inside the 10,4th down and ready to set up for a game winning field goal.The snap is good,The hold is good,the kick look to be high enough,but Bryan Robinson (B-Rob) jumps(6-3 300 lbs) what looks to be a full 12 inches and BLOCKS the field goal.
After the game I remember Brett saying, Walter always was a prakster, I know B-Rob cant jump that high, Heck I can jump that high.I bet Walter is Laughing right now.
Thanks Brett.I hated to see you on the same Field as the Bears, But have all the RESPECT for what you have done over the 17 years.
Cant hate a guy who just loves to play the game.

Bears fans all over the country are rejoicing...

And somewhere, John Madden sits alone in the dark, weeping...

Its about time. One less circus act to tolerate.

All I can say is that he was one of the few that played for the love of the game and he was certainly a roughneck worker who could take a hit and WANT to keep going. At least the guy went out with a respectable season and as far as the Packers offense hopefully we can still keep up the record of defeating them even with their new and upcoming Q, which in my view wont have the HEART Favre had. But to be honest, I would have though Favre would have played until he was either comatosed on the field or carried off by the police for not quitting. Good luck to the guy! GO BEARS!!!!

I guess this means Michael Strahan will also be retiring since he won't have anyone to give him the single season sack record again. To this day, my friend and I still call giving up in any contest "Favre-ing" the game.

I hope all those Packers Fan get the same problem we had for years,and that's finding that #1 QB. Rogers is still a rookie after all those years of sitting, but he did have a good tuitor, but he's not the same as Farve. I will not be going to the Packers going away party. I hope the Packers get the 1st pick in the draft in 09. Go Bears.

Question for all Bear fans,,,, Who ranks 4th all time in touchdown passes at Soldier field???

1st = Erik Kramer 38
2nd = Jim McMahon 37
3rh = Jim Harbaugh 28

And 4th is none other than Brett Favre with 25!

Go Pack, Aaron Rodgers will do fine.

Look quick, Bears fans...that's what a real quarterback looks like.

What does Brett Favre retiring mean to me...........

Brett Favre retiring means no watching ESPN or NFL Network for a week as it'll be 24/7 Favre. Good thing John Madden doesn't have his own network!

I too hope they feel the effect of instability at QB position.

hate the Packers (always will)
hate Farve (because he pretty much killed us until Lovie came)
begrudgingly respect Farve (because he is/was one of the best)
LOVE to see him go (even though "the game" will miss him)


Glad to see his last pass was an interception that kept him out of the Superbowl. I'm surprised he didn't wait longer so we could have yet another miserable spring of "Brett's retiring, Brett's coming back, Brett's retiring, no wait...". Good riddance, you won't be missed. Bye.

Just for the Favre haters, remember he is better than anyone that ever played for the Bears except Sweetness.
If you don't believe it, compare Favre's stats to any Bear. #4 retires on the 4th.

I will miss's been fun beating him like a drum the last few years. That's the only reason.

Favre was one of the best even as a Bears fan I have to admit it. The NFL and there desires to put Vince Young and Michael D??k on the same level are crazy. Any of those clowns can not even hold Favre's jock. As much as I wanted to see the Bears knock his block off, he would escape and make something out of nothing. If you can not admire this trait then you know absolutely nothing about Sports.

We don't agree on much BBB but I agree with you on this wholeheartedly.

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