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Where does Bazuin stand after Brown extension?

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It’s interesting to consider what the extension of Alex Brown and commitment of $5 million up front to him means for fellow defensive end Dan Bazuin.

The second-round draft pick never got going last season as an ankle injury in rookie minicamp eventually led to him being placed on injured reserve and then surgery. Bazuin is fully recovered, but he was supposed to be the man to replace Brown. Remember, general manager Jerry Angelo was working to trade Brown heading into the draft last April and there looked to be a deal with Seattle.

Now, the team has what it considers three starters in Brown, Adewale Ogunleye and Mark Anderson. And Bazuin. And don’t forget Israel Idonije, who made valuable contributions on defense late in the season as injuries piled up.

Brown made it clearly known that a three-man rotation made the amount of snaps each person received at least uncomfortable. Imagine a four-man rotation. That’s what Bazuin has to hope he can create, but can you envision a scenario where the club dresses five ends on game day?

Bazuin is a bright young guy who is a hard worker. His task just got more difficult whether he realizes it yet or not.

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Second Round Bazuin is another Angelo & Sleepy Smith Mistake!

Didn't these two upper management trainees realize that they didn't need a fifth DE or a minature RB on the 2nd & 3rd rounds?

Will Angelo resign the frightened and fragile Gimp Grossman! This pocket panicked QB is sure to get hurt and have brain cramps again! Let Grossman go!

Get ready to wait another 20 years for a shot at the Super Bowl!
Angelo and Sleepy Smith are the one's with big brain cramps!

Waste of a pick! The Bears can not have another draft like they had last year. They need to draft people who can produce right away.

Just think, the Bears could have drafted Steve Smith, WR, USC instead of trading down in the second. That probably would have helped our receiving corps A LOT.


This is purely a wasted pick on Bazuin. Why not get an offensive tackle where we were at last year. Tony Ugoh seemed to be pretty good and we could have had him had we not traded down. The guy the Chargers took at that spot Weddle looks like a really good safety. Whoops way to go Jerry!

I don't know what to make of this. I like Brown and think he should be the starter. Anderson is more of a situational pass rusher, not a starter. Rivera realized that, Thought-Challenged Babich and Sleepy Smith (I love that, btw) did not. Which explains the big difference in Anderson's performance from season 1 to season 2. It would make sense to have Brown under contract for trade purposes, but the upfront money makes no sense, then. Bazuin could be set up to be traded now, but is not good bait, since NO ONE HAS SEEN HIM PLAY! Classic team mismanagement. Time to clean house, starting with Philips, Angelo, Smith, Babich, etc.

Relax guys. How do you know that Bazuin is a bust or that as a result of inuries we won't need him. Also for those of you who still insists on slamming Grossman did any of you notice how odinary Tom Brady looked when he was under constant pressure in the Super Bowl. It was only by shear dumb luck that he avoid 2 or 3 INT given some of the passes that he just threw up for grabs. That is the kind of pressure Grossamn has had to deal with most of his career. The Bears most glaring problem is the offensive line. If we improve there and Grossman is given time to throw he will put up good numbers. Have any of you taken the time to compare what Grossman has done to what Eli has done? You will note that the Giants stuck with their QB and Eli has had considerably more starts and considerably less (and better) offensive coordinators than Grossman. Letting Grossman go would be a huge mistake and he will do very well elsewhere. Get him some protection and let him play.

One injury-plagued bad season and the boo-bears are out in full-force! Ditch Rex! (That's what the Falcons did with Favre and the Bucs did with Steve Young) Should've picked Steve Smith! (That's the type of logic used by all those guys who betted the farm and took the Patriots -12) We complain that the Bears have had 12,000 QB's in the last 5 years but want to bench the first one that throws an interception! Let the community run Green Bay let Angelo and Lovie run the Bears! With our support (and a decent running game)we'll see the type of team that went to the SuperBowl a year ago. I choose to believe that it wasn't pure luck that we got there!
Go Bears!

Before we run Philips, Angelo, Smith, Babich, etc out of town, ask yourselves this: Who would spend a high 2nd Round draft choice on a guy who can only run back kicks? Same type of people that would draft a safety in the first to play middle linebacker, probably! Anderson could be the trade bait if Bazuin works out. Benson for Jones is the only major decision I'm worried about. With a healthy Mike Brown, the Defense will be much improved. We need a better O-Line and a better running game. And a more experienced Babich. Period.

This is exactly why I rarely read these blogs. So a year after reaching the SB you think we should just fire everyone? And hire who exactly? Geez. Do you remember all the injuries the defense had last year? It goes to show that we need a depth of talent on defense...especially since defense will always be the most important part of this team. Has Angelo been 100% with his drafts? Clearly not. But who has been? Besides, the guy was a rookie last year and was hurt. We don't know what kind of player he may be.

It's great to have passion for a team. But get a grip already. The idea that if someone makes a mistake or just because we don't make the playoffs one year we should "clean house" is insane. If you were held to the same standard, would you still have a job?

Dan Bazuin is one heck of a football player. In college he was always around the ball. Dont make a decision until you see him play.

Hey,Joe, I think this is at least twice that I've totally agreed with you. That puts you ahead of just about everybody but H. Clinton. I think I've agreed with her four or five times.Offense begins and just about ends with the offensive line. Occasionally a scrambling quarterback can offset the pass protection problem, but only rarely.

It seems to me that given the number of injuries the D line suffered last year and the year before we need all the Ends we can get on the roster. If Bazuin is half as good as many suggest, then he is worth easing into the lineup as a 4th or 5th DE.

Offensively, I agree with the comments that it all starts and stops with the line again. No QB would look any good behind the protection the Bears gave this year. OK Grossman isn't the best ever, but give him a good line and I think he could be OK. But what about Orton, even with the awful line he looked OK - I say get Grossman back as number two and give Orton a run. He's earned it...

To start nit-picking every draft move over the last 3 years is insane! Are we ready to annoint Steve Smith the next Jerry Rice already?? Anyone remember a few pick ups over the last few years Devin Hester, Tommy Harris, Lance Briggs and so on....All we want to do is complain about Angelo but, the draft makes a lot of GM's look silly and we can not really judge a draft in the first 3 years. I think it is a good sign about offering all these guys contracts and who we already parted with. I think Grossman and Orton make up a fine tandem at QB and we can draft someone late. The main goal of this offseason has to be the O-LINE, with time any QB can throw and even Cedric Benson can run....GO BEARS!

We know, we know. It is everyone else's fault but Rex's....blah, blah, blah..

Geez you apologists.

What a surprise to see Wrecks apologists trashing Tom Brady. It's not a surprise though the apologists can't compare their mental midget to Eli Manning anymore.

guy you sound like another anti-rex fan... give the guy some time and i'll bet you change your tune. Rex is a good qb just need to have some talent around him.. call it what you want but you can only do so much.. Rex fumbling snaps was nothing more than him trying to do too much. If you ever played the position you would know if your linemen are not the best blockers you kinda rush a little to get the snap and get back to make your reads... put some talent around rex before you criticize.. just about every qb on a team has some talented wr if not two. who does rex have a berrian we wish could be worth 8 mill and a slow old moose that's now gone. prior to this season we had desmond clark as his TE whoop d doo.. not too mention a aging below average line. JA made a investment in Rex now he needs to treat him like one and get him some playmakers. Name one one Qb in the league that don't have weapons. even tavaris jackson has a great line and rb and decent wrs. please you guys are too judgemental all for the wrong reasons.

Maybe Angelo and Smith did wake up, Alex Brown is a much bettr anwser at the all important RDE job than Mark Anderson at this point in their careers. Look at the large amount of yardage given up on the ground last year as the best example. Anderson is pass rush specialist at best, seeing as we do not know about Dan Bazuin yet he cannot be labled a failed early draft pick or not. I do believe they should have grab an Ot last year and they did draft Gerrit Wolfe to soon, but Wolfe should contribute this year. Right now the best offensive linemen in the draft has not even been metioned by any one, that would be Branden Albert a LG from Virginia who will be avalible whne the Bears pick at 14. He is a 6'7" 315lbs and can play LT in the NFL. Jim finks used to say you build a football team from the trechs out, lets see if JA has figured that out yet. Also keep Grossman and dump Cedric Bensen, he does not hit the hole like an NFL back and will be even slower with a plat in his ankle.

Heres a question i want bears fans to answer and thats how good or bad is the team really?If you watched the bears there offense is so predictiable i cant count how many times we have called out the plays before they even happened i think the offense and defense were out dated and that lead to the other teams knowing what the bears were trying to do until they change the playcalling on both sides of the ball its not going to matter much who in there!

now that Greg Olsen and Hester have had a chance to find ther places somewhat in the offense last year, they along with possibly Mark Bradley will be given more of a chance to shine this upcoming year, which will help Rex out considerably if he does stay....Berrien if he stays showed the ability to improve over his constant drops during the beginning of the season last year, he did make a few tremendous catches toward the end of the season.....the prospect of the combo of Bradley, Berrien, or Heater on the outside will give defenses nightmares next year, and will open up the middle for Olsen and Des Clark more this year, and these constant threats will only help the running/play action game that much more, as long as management does make a committment to inproving the o-line

Dan Bazuin is a helluva player, at least in college, sometimes freak injuries happen and those players affected do need a chance to prove themself...Dvoracek is almost the same case....which is why depth is important in the d-line, the more quality bodies there are, the more chance for success....if Brown, HArris, Dvoracek, Bazuin, Anderson, and Adewale all stay healthy, it will be a nightmare for olines across the league...look how well they played the first couple of games last year until everyone started dropping like flies come game 3 against the Cowboys

yeah lets all blame Rex because Brady would do amazing with our O line no go to reciever ( he wouldn't be able to just throw it randomly to Moss) and dreadful fans who want to run you out of town
i agree with Jerseyboy
most people dont realize that its hard to play QB and when you dont have anything to help you its almost impossiable
and won't you just love to see him suceed somewhere else because thats what it sounds like

In the 80's, Ditka took an end by the name of Dan Hampton, moved him to tackle, and the Bears had the best line in football. The same thing could happen now.

Bears fans who think Grossman is the answer are just plain dillusional. My argument to them is simple. If not by now, when is the light going to go on for this guy? Year 7, year 10? He has had his shot, he failed miserably, and now the bears must move on. The reason Bears fans are tough on QBs is the glaring fact this franchise hasn't had one since luckman in the 50's. Look around the nfl and the succesfull franchises all have one thing in common, QB stability.

This was some good reading today. I agree built from the trenches out. There are some prime large O-Linemen out there: guards; Adams, Georgia 6'4" 335lbs, O'Donnell, Ill. 6'5' 305. Tackles: A. Collins,6'6",310 and Michael Oher of Miss. 6'5" 325lbs so there is a short list of large angry men who are young hungry and looking for post College employment there are more. There are also plenty of good running backs who will be there late 1st day and early second day so hey, I beleive the Qb situation is not as bad as believed but there is a second day Qb there I believe Ainge of Tennessee is a interesting player, so is Henne but he might be gone. Good hunting Jerry, GO BEARS!!!!!

Why not have a ton of defensive ends? Ever heard of Justin Tuck? He helped the Giants this year a little didn't he?
And Fly is dead right. If Angelo can swing Mark Anderson even for a third or fourth round pick, that's improving since Anderson was a fifth-rounder. If that happens, Angelo has shown he clearly knows how to get talent in the middle- to late-rounds of the draft (see: Anderson, Berrian, Briggs), so Chicago could end up improving at several spots on the roster.

Is it just me, but i remeber idonije playing d tackle some and doing a great job at it with the surplus at end. Does any one else think they should move idonije at tackle and leave him there. He is big and very quick off the line

Bazuin looked like a good pick to me. Ogunleye had a great year this last year, but not so great the year before. I think Bazuin was picked to replace Ogunleye whose accomplishments did not match his pay the year before Bazuin was drafted. Bazuin is a little heavier than Urlacher, but not as fast. The Bears have changed positions on guys in the past. I think Bazuin might be the guy to replace Briggs at outside backer, assuming Briggs leaves the Bears. Bazuin is bigger and stronger than Briggs. I seriously doubt that he is slower than Briggs. The guy never gives up like Briggs. He just needs to cut some weight to pick some speed.

Anybody who is critical of the Bears drafting Bazuin HAS to keep in mind that there were very serious talks of either Ogunleye or Brown being dealt before the season began. It made sense at the time, so don't use hindsight to sound smart.

I want to start off by saying i would give the players about 20%of the blame the rest goes to a coaching staff that has repeatedly let the players and fans down we can start with steve smith carolina and the lack adjustments that were made and bears fans when steve smith scored and slid down the pole name the cornerback that was on him he is not on the team anymore(chris thompson)on steve smith in a playoff game! and then we had to sit there and watch seattle play him smart and win easy,the next year we had to watch grossman struggle and lovie to say rex is our guy whos guy? not my guy.So we luckly go to the superbowl..Now is there a bears fan who expected grossman to play good?After we watched him give games away only to see the defense win the game.The bears then trade thomas jones?Now bears fans ask yourself if the bears had any 5 of the nfls top coaches would the bears have another superbowl by now!

Jeff just lose a little weight will not give you speed, you don't get to the Pro Bowl twice by being a quitter and whether you like it or not Briggs is a good player. Bauzuin is a lineman if you want to look at potental look at Anderson as a DE/LB move him around on passing downs he has the speed to be a LB. The coaching staff though are arrogant and resistant to change on the fly or in their gameplanning, they were exposed in the Super Bowl and still haven't changed (i.e.7-9). This staff needs to be held accountable, Lackluster Lovie, Telegraph Turner and Bonehead Babich. Can we package them for a real staff? Until they get the message you have to scheme to what you have or get what you want to scheme for we will see more and more mediocre football. Look at your roster formulate a plan then execute.

Helluva player in college? Where have I heard that phrase? I was down on Bazuin because they said at the time that the move was made because they were going to get rid of Alex. I didn't see how Alex played himself out of a job. Then I wasn't too happy with Wale and felt that between the two that Brown should've stayed. DE wasn't a need and we needed OL help because the age factor was conjured up then. Who was available that they could have drafted and given a year's experience on OL? If we missed on someone good then it was a waste. Letting Ian Scott, Alphonso Boone and Tank go without knowing that Dusty would be OKay and signing Walker at the last minute didn't help Babich to acclimate himself with DT starters. Harris was coming off surgery and who knew if he would be 100%? Someone mentioned Steve Smith(Panthers) as running wild on this D in 2005 but who was the coordinator then and during the Super Bowl? Yeah the guy you guys love to give a pass to. He was the guy just like Turner is the guy now and then stagnant as the offensive coordinator. Fire Turner and who do you replace him with? Pep? Don't hold your breath waiting for management to pay good money for a great coordinator.

College play doesn't always translate into pro play. I am tired of the phrase high motor guy, all motors run high until they hit a brick wall. Turner is not as much at fault as you may think, when you cannot depend on the o-line to do their job the playbook shrinks and that can make you predictable because the defense knows there is little you can do about it. Look at Detroit they had the genius Mike Martz they put up yards but couldn't execute at the right time and poof now he's gone, the great Belichek poof, New England poof. So it's execution that makes the coordinator not just the coordinator.

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