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The show moves to Indianapolis

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Lovie Smith will address the national media at 9 a.m. from the combine in Indianapolis tomorrow.

General manager Jerry Angelo will have an informal visit a few hours later. Plenty of questions will be answered by both men.

Check back for updates through the day Thursday and through the weekend as we dig up all we can find in regards to free agency and the draft.

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Sleepy Smith obviously can't evaluate talent or coaches! Let's hope that the other trainee Angelo doesn't waste anymore 2nd or 3rd draft choices like he did last year! Lets hope that Archuleta joins the other big time FA Walker soon!

We will see after the draft and free agency choices are signed if Sleepy Smith can get to 8 and 8 with all the new players that have to be plugged in!

Sleepy Smith's preseason coaching stinks! Last year with Benson as a new starter, the starting offensive linemen played just over one quarter a game on average! No wonder that Sleepy didn't realise that he didn't have good blocking. He forgot to look!!!!!

Let the fragile, frightened, pocket panicker, better known as the gimp Grossman go to another team! If he gets a good line, he will just trip on a botched snap and get put on the DL again and again! Or he will just have a brain cramp and fall over dead!

I hope he's staying at a Holiday Inn Express.

That was just plain mean Alex with just a little truth. Lackluster Smith and Jerry-rigged Angelo knew the O-line was getting old and tried to preserve them for the season. The problem was they stayed preserved and they did not have a great back to bail them out. This off season let's see if Jerry-rigged and Lackluster put what's left of their collective football geniusness and actually address the O-Line and running back find a safety and get back to respectability.

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