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Taking to the air: Vikings flying Berrian in for visit

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His jet does not get the publicity in NFL circles that Daniel Snyder’s does, but that doesn’t mean Zygi Wilf’s wings will not get it done.

The Minnesota Vikings sent Wilf’s personal aircraft to California Thursday night to pick up free-agent wide receiver Bernard Berrian, prompting one league insider to suggest a contract is already in place.

Berrian will meet with Vikings officials at the club’s Winter Park, Minn., facility Friday and a huge contract could be finalized before he leaves the building.

Losing Berrian would crush the Bears, who badly hope to retain him, and losing him to a division rival in need of a deep threat to open up an offense led by running backs Adrian Peterson and Chester Taylor would be even worse.

There has been some bad blood between the clubs when it comes to player movement in recent years, although the Vikings’ front office has turned over in part since the checked-box incident involving wide receiver D’Wayne Bates and the offer sheet Minnesota signed kicker Paul Edinger to in 2003.

Stay tuned because the action could be fast and furious now that free agency is here. The Bears are believed to be anxious to match a contract offer for Berrian to a certain point.

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I agree that Berrian isn't worth a fortune but that doesn't change the fact that the Bears need a receiver! So Angelo can't fall back on the "selfish player" defense when it is his fault that there is no one in position to compensate. This is Angelo's mess

I have NO confidence in Angelo handling free agency well.

berrian is going to be vikings. if Zygi Wilf is there he got to deep of pockets. to let berrian walk out of winter park with out a deal done. Berrian is worth a fortune he is still young got talent.

berrian is a viking! Zygi Wilf is not let a star like berrian. walkout with out a deal done, Berrian is worth a fortune

We need Berrian!!! We need to stop being cheap and be aggressive!

Let Berrian go, Dime a dozen receiver who takes plays off and doesn't block. No reason to over pay for him. Theres a few decent free agent WRs, and the Bears can draft another speed guy. Take the money that would have been wasted on Berrian and dump it into the Oline instead.

I agree with Wally. There are better WR's out there. That go 100% on every play. Berrian is very overated! If the Vikes want to spend that much more money on a Troy Williamson Clone let them do it! The money can be used on the O-Line. This guy has never had a 1000 yard season! How many drops did he have last year? He never gave the extra effort to go up for the ball! 24.5 million over the first three years HA! Message to Berrian don't slip on the Ice and break a hip when you visit Minnesota!

Berrian is getting lucky if the F/A class of recievers had anything at all he would be as one dimensional as he is and not so expensive give him credit his timing on this one is better than the ones in his routes

Wally's right, no reason to pay Berrian that much money. given the opportunity Mark Bradley make put up better stats next season anyways.

Anybody read the Mariotti column where he thought the Bears should have offered more for than the $25 mill. over 5 years? I mean, does he actually watch these games or understand football? Berrian's ok, he's got speed and all but he doesn't like to block and he usually doesn't fight for the ball although his catch against the redskins was nice. Berrian is just OK. No way should Angleo pay more than what he offered. This was a contract year and Berrian choked. The only consistency in '07 came from Wale, Idonije and Hester.

not one thousand yard season, 4.58 - 40 time, Injury problems in all but the last two seasons. He's not tall (or short) at 6'1, doesnt posess blazing speed or strength. Don't get me wrong, I love the guy. However, the bears offered him a contract that was equall is not better than he is actually worth. He seems more valuable here because our best reciever in the last ten years was marty booker (or marcus robinson). Point is, the bears are being smart this time. If berrian goes to MN maybe he can eat some of that cap room they have every single dang year. We can't afford him here and still address the: 2 key o-line spots (most important), OLB, safety, QB, DT, and future wide recievers. Berrians great but I dont want him to be our best reciever for the next 10 years. There are better out their, maybe not this year but they'll be out their soon.

Good Lord I'm excited about the Cubs winning the World Series this year, but I really wish I could time travel to week 1 of the 2008 football season. I need to get this horrible taste left by our 7-9 season out of my mouth. We are so much better than 7-9 and the Vikings. It makes me sick that they beat us twice this year. I think I hate the vikings more than the Packers, which I can hardly believe myself. I wish we had an established culture of hooliganism in the NFL so I could strike out with my firm twice a year and kick the crap out of a group of Viking fans. If Berrian signs with the Vikings, I'll cross my fingers that he breaks his leg right along with Adrian Peterson. I am not a good sport, I'm a sore loser, and it's not just a game. I wish it was.

Update- Wilford, Porter, Davis, Henderson are all gone on or stayed to other teams. The WR free agent pool is getting smaller by the minute. I hope that Angelo knows what he is doing! Bradley and Hester are our one 1 and 2 bunch right know with the exception if Berrian leaves. I think Hester is amazing, but he really doesn't have the experience to be #1 yet! It just shocks me that we had no other veterans on our radar for Free Agency! Come on Angelo get it together!

I tried to be the Angelo hater I usually am but no matter how I try to slice it, Berrian is a selfish player in the truest form. I'd rather go with slower guys who will actually catch the ball. The first couple years Moose was decent enough (in terms of production and reputation) but when his production was down and several years removed from the big production days of the Panthers, he was no longer a good decoy and when focus was placed on Berrian, he laid a big rotten egg. Let's be honest, he was marginally more successful than Rex in his contract year. INT make highlights, TD make highlights, drops are left only to memory. Good luck Berrian, we'll see you cut in a few years - you will be where Brandon Lloyd is today - Lloyd thought he was too good for the Niners but he proved otherwise

In response to a previous poster's questions about Mariotti (does he watch games? does he understand the game?), I read the sun-times online from the east coast. Mariott's sole purpose seems to be to poke a stick in the eyes of the ownerships, coaches and players of all chicago sports teams. His attempts are sophomoric, at best. Analysis? You can't do something that you are neither qualified to do or are interested in doing.

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