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Sorting through post-combine, pre-free agency mail

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Four days at the combine and a flurry of activity since has left the in box stuffed with some good questions. So we’ll do our best to tie up some loose ends before moving toward free agency, which opens at 11 p.m. Thursday.

The action should be furious from the start. So many teams have an abundance of salary-cap room and the agents are going to prey on this, working one deal against another to score top dollar for their clients in the first two to three days. It will be a whirlwind of activity with the Bears doing their best to monitor linebacker Lance Briggs, wide receiver Bernard Berrian, special teamer Brendon Ayanbadejo and don’t forget about tight end John Gilmore.

Q: It would be nice to have some follow up on how Shane Longest, the local Saint Xavier University kicker performed at the combine. How did he do?

Ron C., Chicago

A: Most workouts, including those for punters and kickers, are closed to the media. So, I tracked down a scout who was in attendance and got his take on Longest’s day last week. He wasn’t overly encouraging.

``He didn’t have a good workout,’’ the scout said. ``He’s a combination guy, he tried to do both, and he’s not a punter. If he makes an NFL team, it will be as a kicker. But he’s got a long way to go. It seemed like he was nervous and it was a bit too big for him. He just looked nervous as hell. He missed two out of three extra points when he first started out. But he settled down, I can say that. At the end, he made all three 50-yard field goals. He’s got a ways to go.’’

Q: Why haven’t the Bears released Brian Griese yet? I’ve read it’s going to happen for weeks now.

Mitchell R., Orland Park

A: There’s no rush in informing the classy veteran Griese that the team seeks to go in a different direction, and it made good business sense to keep him until contract negotiations with Rex Grossman and Kyle Orton had agreed to new deals. Cutting Griese before would have only given Grossman and Orton additional leverage in negotiations. Griese is due a $300,000 roster bonus on March 4. I would expect the Bears allow him to depart before then in order to show respect and allow him to go about the business of finding a new team as soon as possible. One possible destination is Tampa Bay. He played for John Gruden previously and ex-Bears quarterbacks coach Greg Olson is now there. Olson wanted the Bears to wait to sign Griese in 2003 when he was leaving Denver instead of Kordell Stewart.

Q: I’ve seen you write the Bears will not pursue Pittsburgh all world guard Alan Faneca in free agency. Isn’t that being a little presumptuous. He would be a perfect fit for the offense and give the Bears the kind of strength on the left side of their line that the Vikings have with Mount McKinnie and Steve Hutchinson. Why won’t they sign Faneca?

Brent D., New Haven, Conn.

A: Never say never. But the Bears have made it clear they want to invest their available cap space in their own players. That means pursuing Briggs and Berrian on the open market, and that also means carving out a space in the 2008 salary pie for defensive tackle Tommie Harris. Ultimately, it could mean leaving some space for Devin Hester in a contract extension that could take place during the summer. Faneca is a big-ticket item and he could be signed, sealed and delivered elsewhere before the Bears reach a resolution with Briggs and Berrian. Also, the Pittsburgh Steelers do as good of a job as just about any organization in managing talent and knowing when to say when. It’s not often you see a player leave the Steel City and do big things elsewhere. That has to send a signal to potential buyers out there.

Q: What was the biggest surprise at the combine?

Raul H., Champaign, Ill.

A: Well, besides that it’s been nearly 72 hours since the Bears announced a contract agreement with Rex Grossman and the team has yet to produce him for a conference call? It’s hard to believe the enthusiasm the organization claims to have for him when it can’t press a phone to his ear for 10 minutes. In all seriousness, it might have been Darren McFadden’s 4.33-second time in the 40-yard dash. The Arkansas running back, who is represented by Chicago-based agent Ian Greengross, had scouts buzzing with that electric performance. That right there might ensure Illinois’ Rashard Mendenhall does not gain more ground on him. Everyone knew McFadden was fast, but not this fast.

Q: Offense. Offense. Offense. The Bears are built on defense and they need to fix their defense as it is now. Jerry Angelo drafted tackles back to back in 2004 and he needs to go after a tackle again. Is there any chance he drafts one with the first pick?

Thomas F., Iowa

A: I wouldn’t rule that out at this point, but if history serves as a lesson, Angelo has been honest to a fault at this time of the year. And Angelo is saying just that, offense, offense, offense. Certainly there are a couple of attractive tackles near the top of everyone’s lists that would look great paired next to Harris. LSU’s Glenn Dorsey has some medical issues in regards to a leg injury and did not work out at he combine. USC’s Sedrick Ellis is another polished player. While he was solid bench pressing 225 pounds 34 times, Ellis had a slow 40 time at 5.24 seconds, and didn’t test well in the other drills. But to think both will drop to 14, at this point that would be a reach.

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Everyone whines that w/o a good line, good running game, good receivers etc., that no QB would be able to flourish; so at least the Rex supporters are arguing. But tell me this, who did the best under this decrepit offense? Answer: Brian Griese. And yet so many want him gone. It is totally illogical, just like Huckabee supporters. I just...don'!!!!

Griese didn't do that remember the all the picks he threw against Detroit, as well as against other teams.

Grossman is still our best bet, please keep in mind he still has not started a full slate of regular games for two full seasons. With no running game, a poor offensive line, receivers close to leading the league in drops, and poor play on defense, how can anyone truly judge Grossman's performance last season? Give him a full supporting cast and then let's see what he can accomplish.

Are you serious about Griese? Does anyone remember Grossman after the 6 games on the bench? He played great football! I remember another QB getting benched and going on to play pro bowl caliber football for a long time...Matt Hasslebeck ring a bell? To resign a QB for $3 million that took your team to a Super Bowl sounds like great deal to me! I predict Grossman will keep turning the corner and will be a pro bowler for a long time to come...Hopefully with the Bears!

I know a lot of people are hoping the Bears go O line in the draft, but outside of Long and Clady none of them are all that impressive. Instead The Bears should look to upgrade there brutal running game, while O line would help this it wont help the fact that there running backs are bad. At number 14 in the first round I think either Mendenhall or hopefully Jonathan Stewart will still be there. Is there any chance the Bears go running back and grab on of those two, or am I just spinning my wheels?

Arrgh! Good Grief! etc! Art L., I do remember Grossman after being benched. An 80.2 passer rating is nice, but it doesn't take into account his fumbles and all the lost yards from being sacked rather than throwing the ball away or stepping up in the pocket. And he got hurt, again.
And slheis, that's exactly what I alluded to in my first post! It's hard to gauge any QB under the 2007 team, but out of all 3, Griese statistically did the best.

If the Bears gets to draft OT Jeff Otah, would he be a good starting left tackle? what is the buzz about him?

Guys it's called time... give rex some time to get the kink out. many of you don't think he deserves time to develop especially after being injured 2 years in a row.. truth is 4 years really more like 1 and a few games.. to be honest everyone needs hands on experience.. it's not like the bears had a good veteran qb in place to teach rex when they drafted him. you look at the other 31 teams around the league and name me one qb that don't have at least on playmaker on the offense.. blame rex for the sb lost but i'd pull the trigger on turner he was the one that abandoned the run and put it soley on a young inexperienced qb.. look how bad eli played.. it seem he made mistake after mistake but sometimes when you've made enough mistakes you learn from them.. in eli case he had a legit 4 years of mistakes.. has rex had that time no but keep in mind the multi-pro bowlers eli had to take off the pressure..

Mike, you're overlooking one aspect for
Griese, he no longer has any upside. Why should we believe that an over 30 QB who is still interception prone is going to get any better? His numbers in 2007 are not significantly much better than Grossman's last season. Rex still has alot of upside and potential, whereas Griese is not going to get any better. Go with youth and a excellent arm, not age and mediocre arm strength.

Pete, Otah is big and agile and could be a fixture. There were also some impressive guard candidates. I say draft your left side and let them grow up together. Grossman is what he is he has great limitations in size and mobility but it's not his fault. He didn't draft himself now did he?

Why isn't there more buzz concernng the re-signing of Brendan Ayanbadejo? He's easily the most punishing special teams enforcer in the league. Our special teams being ranked #1 in the NFL for the past 2 seasons can be largely attributed to this brawler. The guy is a mushroom cloud in cleats, and there's no reason to not pay him 4 million a year to continue his dominance. I honestly believe he's tone-setter of our team. He brings a ferocious attitude an irreplacable intesity. Why isn't he locked up already? If he hits the open market, he'll sign for moderately big bucks AS A LINEBACKER somewhere else. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT IMMEDIATE ISSUE. Do you think Dangerous Devin would have 15 special team touchdowns (I include the 108-yd missed FG and SuperBowl) without Ayanbadejo? They're a friggin' dynamic duo.

RB in the first round?Thats alot of money wraped up in RBs.Ced is earning 5+ million. A first round pick at 14 will see a 4-5 year deal at 2-3 million in 08 and not to mention a hefty bonus.

Lets take a look at the Bears 1st round draft picks since 1995.

The 21st pick of the 1995 draft is Rashaan Salaam= BUST
The 13th pick of the 1996 draft is Walt Harris=Avg at best
The Bears trade their #6 pick to Seatle for Rick Mier=BUST
The 5th pick of the 1998 draft is Curtis Enis=BUST
The 12th pick of the 1999 draft is Cade McNown=BUST
The 9th pick of the 2000 draft is Brian Urlacher=PRO BOWLER(Bears)
The 8th pick of the 2001 draft is David Terrell=BUST
The 29th pick of the 2002 draft is Marc Colombo=Above AVG(Dallas)
The 14th pick of the 2003 draft is Mike Haynes=BUST
The 22st pick of the 2003 draft is Rex Grossman=AVG at best(Bears)
The 14th pick of the 2004 draft is Tommy Harris=PRO BOWLER(Bears)
The 4th pick of the 2005 draft is Ced Benson=Below AVG(Bears)
The 31st pick of the 2007 draft is Greg Olson=untapped potential(Bears)

The Bears should trade their #14 pick and a 4th round pick for low first round pick and a second and 3 round pick, Heres Why...

Lets take a Look at Jerry A. 2nd and 3rd round draft picks(2001-2007)
2nd round-RB Anthony Thomas/ Rookie of the Year.2-1000 yd seasons
3rd round-G Mike Gandy
2nd round-NO PICK
3rd round-LB Roosevelt Colvin/ Back to back 10+ sack seasons
2nd round-CB Charles Tillman/ 379tak 2sacks 12ff 17int 1TDs
3rd round-LB Lance Briggs /3x Pro Bowler
2nd round-DT Tank Johnson/ arrested and released
3rd round-WR Bernard Berrian/ 150rec 2197yds 14.6 yds/catch 13TDs
2nd round-WR Mark Bradly /38rec 583yds 15.3yds/catch 4TDs
3rd round- Went to Miami in the Trade for Adewale Ogunleye
2nd round-Safty Danieal Manning/ 149tak 0sacks 4int 0tds
2nd round-KR/WR Devin Hester/ 12 KR TDs & 2 recieving TDs
3rd round-Dusty Dvoracek/ I.R. last 2 years
2nd round-Dan Bazuin/ I.R.
3rd round-Garrett Wolf/ 31att 85yds 2.7avg 9rec 117yds 13.0avg 0TDs
3rd round-Mike Okwo I.R.

History shows Jerry A. finds better quality players in the 2nd and 3rd rounds than the 1st round.Remember Urlacher was drafted by Hatly.

Why on earth would anyone compare Rex to Eli? Eli had 4 legit years to learn because he did not get injured and did not get benched. No one on the Giants made Eli better, Eli got better when a certain TE got hurt. As for Physical ability, Eli is big, strong, Athletic, with a cannon arm and great feet. Rex is short, slow, has bad foot work, locks onto his recievers and has accuracy issues, not to mention small hands which is why he fumbles, and health issues, he does have a plus arm though. Also Eli has become clutch, Rex not so much. Rex did improve though once the games meant nothing. I am sure he will improve this year with no Running game and no O line, oh and no recievers. But I don't think will see much of Rex and the offense sense the deffense will be on the field all day. Bend don't break, what a concept.

Brando you are nuts!! They need OL and the quality is in the first 3 rounds if he trades down it means the top 3 came of the board and he is looking for quantity. Creighton that was great but Lackluster Lovie and Jerry(I don't know) Angelo keep on parading him in front of us and refuse to admit they screwed the pooch. Take a look at John Booty and Erik Ainge they are more ready than the top prospects and will be better pro's than the Woodson's and the Brennans of the world who are system QB's. Here's hoping Jerry and Lovie got a grip on reality instead of trying to show their collective football genius and do the right thing.

Also, all the talk about having NO recievers is a little ridiculous. Yeah, Moose is gone, and Berrian may be too. That still leaves us with Hester, Bradley, Olsen, and Clark. Olsen can play split out. He's pretty much a mismatch wherever he lines up. Experience aside, I'd rather roll with Hester and Bradley than Moose and Berrian. Don't get me wrong, I like Moose and Bernard, but I'm not going to cry without them. We really need to use Olsen as an Antonio Gates style TE/WR hybrid. Think he could handle blocking cornerbacks on the outside?

And Berrian is going to play for the Bears, so what's the big deal? We released Moose because we have younger, cheaper, more explosive options with sky-limit upsides.

Relax, we're going to kick the crap out of teams next year.

griese is better than anybody? he is a washed up qb with nothing left to give. and why isn't anyone talking about orton? the kid nearly had the hiesman before he screwed himself in 1 game and got benched. and he doesn't turn the ball over often. remember 1 of his 2 interceptions was a desperation pass against the vikings the other the timing was off against the saints. not to mention he steps up in the pocket unlike rex who somehow manages to race backwards constantly

The Bears have got to bring in a runningback worse than people think. Cedric Benson is coming of an injury to his leg and I've heard from more than one source that he will likely loose a step, not good. Adrian Peterson was serviceable but not the long term answer, and Garrett Wolfe is simply to small to be a every down back. If some other team out bids us for Lance Briggs than the Bears should go for Michael Turner yeah you are taking a chance on Turner but there are no good tackle prospects in free agency now with the Panthers locking up Travelle Wharton and throwing the tag on Jordan Gross. That means the Bears are going to have to use a 1st rd pick on one of the tackle prospects Jeff Otah or Vandys Chris Williams and not a runner in the first rd. But there are some intriguing prospects in the 2nd to 3rd rd like Tulanes Matt Forte or C. Floridas Kevin Smith that the Bears could nab up in the draft, lets just hope Angelo and the crew don't screw this one up GO BEARS!!

Where gonna kick the Crap out of what teams next year? Are we getting a new football team in Chi? While trading Wallace off the Bulls was addition by subtraction, loosing your two starting recievers is not. Now Moose stank, and Berrian is a little better than average, so what does that tell you about there back ups? News flash Berrian is gone, he is probably the second best reciever if Free agency so you know some desperate team will over pay for him. That leaves Bradley and his 70 yards of offense and his gimpy legs oh and Mike Hass, I think explosive is the wrong word maybe volatile. We still have no running game, Wolf is not a bear he is a Cub and should be sent to Wrigley where the little guy wont get hurt. Benson has a metal plate in his leg. This is never a good thing, and Peterson is bad. Are O line is 33 year old Tate and Kruetz going into his 11th season everyone else is bad. We do have two good tight ends and Hester. Are QB situation Rex in his 5 years has managed to stay healthy for 1 whole season has thrown for more interceptions than TD 33 INT TO 31 TD, and a QB rating of 70 but hey maybe the light goes on this year and maybe the Cubs win the series but history is not working for either of them. How about Neck beard Kyle Orton in 18 games he has 2347 yards (not good), a QB rating of 62 (bad), and 12 TD to 15 INT (really bad). As for Defense Lach is coming off his worst season, is no longer in his prime and just had neck surgery, Briggs can't wait to leave and Hunter is not very good. Are Safeties are bad so bad in fact they are brining back Mike Brown, I am sure he will be able to bring someone down by throwing his leg at them after it falls off. We have two solid CB's so thats good, we have Harris at DT but after him we are really thin and he also has a history of being injured. Are DE are good but not great and we have a defensive Philosophy that breaks down older players by leaving them on the field to long, plus are pass rush is not very good. Special teams, probably the best in the NFL but only because we have Hester, he saved this team in at least 4 games last season, if not for him the Bears would have probably won only 4 games or less. Lucky for the Bears it's a good draft for O line, Running Backs and Wide recievers. Corner back is solid too. But without a really great draft, and some strong free agent signings this team is in trouble. Which is not good cause things the Bears have failed to do in the past are sign good free agents, draft a great running back, draft a great reciever, draft a great QB, draft an outstanding left Tackle. But lucky for everyone Lovie is entertaining, oh wait. Gonna be a long season of, "we stand behind are players and have all the confidence in the world in them".Or "Rex is are QB and we have faith in him". This team is past it's prime and peaked last year, it's not getting any younger and they have not been very good at evaluating talent. This is not a team on the way up, it's a team on the way down. Think Chicago Bulls. Or even the Chi Sox.

Will some one please teach Creighton the difference between between "our" and "are"... Uhg that was torture. Not just the writing but the spot on analysis of the Bears. Since they resigned Grossman and will probably let Briggs go I am Changing Sides. Anyone know where to go to get a Packers Jersey? I just can't take it anymore. 20 years of talent-less QB's is far too much for me to handle. Maybe we should bring back Stewart... at least he could run.

History is not on Rex's side, shleis. At least Griese's been to a ProBowl. Furthermore look at Griese's games with the exception of Green Bay maybe and tell me how often Ron "His Emminence" Turner abandoned the run. When a team's not running the ball they must be...oh yeah, passing! In that pathetice one dimensional offense, Griese threw for over 300 yds in some games. He tried to do it all alone. Sometimes he succeeded, sometimes he did not. Keep him Angelo and let him compete.

Creighton, there is at least one similarity between Eli & Rex. Until the end of last season, so-called fans in NY hated Eli as much as so-called fans in Chicago hate Rex! I don't know what you do for a living, but imagine doing it with everyone in your town telling you how horrible you are! I can not remember a time when the not-so-silent majority of Chicago fans teamed up and supported ANY QB for more than a four-game stretch! If Orton wins the QB competition, Chicago will trun against him within three weeks. Why? Because, although he may be more mobile than Rex, his lack of accuracy is extremely evident! 3-4 yard hitches are the best we'll get, and without a ground game, that won't cut it. Rex did improve once the games meant nothing. Because he was no longer trying to win them single-handedly! Orton has never needed to even try to do that! I like Orton as a #2. Rex, with his deep throw capability, should be #1. With Cedric Benson as the starting RB, you'll get your wish and Rex will be gone after next year.

Yeah Jonathon You Go get a Packer shirt,hat,and pants,Because the Bears and the TRUE Bears fans dont need fans like you!Being a dedicated fan of and team and any sport is like being married.For Better Or Worse. "Fans" are so quick to look for another team when thing dont happen the way they want to,But are so quick to be the biggest Bears fan when there winning.Im 28 yrs old,Started watching the Bears in 1983 when I was 4.Not one time in the past 24 years(more bad then good) did I think of saying well Bears stink, its time to be a Colts fan.
And why Packers, why not Giants, or Pats.

The only thing good about jumping on the Wagon is for Marketing.It doesnt do us, TRUE, LOYAL,Dedicated fans any good at all.I would rather be in a room by myself then in a room full of Posers, and Jonathon your a POSER!What a baby.

Jonathan, enjoy the Cheese! BTW, the Packers are the only team our beloved Bears swept last year (which technically made last year a huge success!) Again, it truly amazes me that the Bears can win the NFC Championship, follow it with an unsuccessful injury-plagued season, and then end up getting 40 mpg because 200,000 people just jumped off the bandwagon! I say "SEE YA!" The Bears will bounce back! Especially with better O-Line play and a RB that has some pride! So go out and get your Giants caps, or Packers caps, or Cowboys caps and lie about how you've "always loved this team!" Meanwhile, us CHICAGO BEARS fans will be right here when you get back! GO BEARS!!!

Is there any hope that Chicago will go after a serviceable running back to compete with Ced? I heard Angelo metion a competition at RB in a press conference a while back but haven't heard anything about Chicago pushing to get somebody that's a proven commodity.

Didn't Julius Jones get released by Dallas? He's looked as good as his brother at tims. Couldn't Chicago get him at bottom dollar?

Shouldn't Chicago go after Turner as opposed to keeping Berrian? I don't think Berrian makes that recieving core significantly better.

And what about Freddy Taylor? I know he's injury prone, but, he could easily share carries with Ced, Adrian, or Garret and probably stay healthy.

Any thoughts?



Considering all the recent busts the Bears have had at RB (Benson, Ennis, Salasm) wouldn't it be a better idea to get a

For the people who say Rex needs time. He's been in the league for 5 or 6 years. I can't remember. Also for those who says he lacks playmakers look at Hasselback. He's got a former bears reciever and is still a pro bowl qb. Basically a good qb makes it happen on a consistent basis no matter who he has around him. People love to bring up the superbowl, but rex's performances are some of the most inconsistent i've ever seen. He's basically joey harrington with a better defense. Rex can only throw the deep ball, if teams pull the safeties over the top he can't do anything because he doesn't make consistently good decisions to work the ball down the field. You won't see rex orchestrate a 13 play 80 yard drive very often. Thats why he and berrian are so good together, all berrian can do is catch the deep ball and thats the only thing grossman can throw. If you want to talk about giving a player time lets give the guy who won 10 games as a rookie and 2 out of 3 this past year a chance. Sure he had the support of a good defense but so did grossman on the superbowl run. Recievers are a dime a dozen, you noticed bobby wade led the vikes in catches and justin gage had a solid season. Not to mention bobby engram having 100 receptions. What the bears need to do is get rid of benson, i heard his metal plate is gonna make him even slower. Then with the #14 pick draft mendenhall. He's fast big strong and he can catch. All skills benson is lacking. Defense will turn it around, as we saw with the last few games. Special teams will be dominant again with or without brendan because dave toub is the best ST coach in the league. So fans be patient, watch orton grow, and enjoy a successful 2008-09 bears season.

One more thing. GO BEARS!!!!!

Never said I hated Rex or any of the Bears. I don't really know them so i don't think of OUR Bears that way. It's not personal, it's just buisness. They're just not that good, and the're not getting any better anytime soon. For the record Rex had a lot of fans in Chi his first few seasons but more and more he showed his flaws and people moved away from him, in fact in 06 he was really popular but he got worse and worse as the season went along and he lost the fans. Just because a guy plays for your team that does not mean you support him no matter how bad he gets. If that was the case guys like Enis, would have been all stars. As for Orton he is a decent backup but that is as far as I would go with him. Fans in Chicago do not ruin QB's because we boo them for playing badly or not likeing them because they suck at there given position. They don't suck because of the fans, they suck cause they cannot play in the NFL. Blaming the fans because a player cannot perform at a given level is just denial. Eli was still hated before he started playing well and even after he started performing, it wasn't until he did it consistantly that he won the fans of NY over. The only place MJ never got booed was Chicago, fans in the NBA loved to hate the guy when he was on the road, how much support did he get from the fans? None same goes for every player in pro sports yet they perform on the road while people are booing them. If Rex does not like it here he could have left for free agency, the only reason he didn't was he would not have gotten much money cause he is not that good. Chicago has bad QB's on a regular basis because the team has never valued the position. We draft guys like Cade and Rex or trade for guys like Mier. We have been bad at drafting offensive players for a long time now, we have not even drafted a top running back in a long time all our guys seem to be busts. The fact is the Bears scouting team is bad, managment is bad, and the team is known all over the NFL as being cheap. The Bears do want to win a Super Bowl, they just want to do it as cheap as possible, with as little talent as possible. If they don't take Stewart or Mendenhall with there first pick Bears fans will be kicking themselves for years, after that they need to go WR or O line in the 2nd and go Oline and D line in the Third, in this draft they need to stay away from LB, S, and QB's, there not gonna have a great year so they may as well wait till next year where they will probably draft higher and have a chance at a better QB. If there lucky they will get a good tackle in free agency but I doubt they will pay for someone like Adams.

Well I don't have to say Jonathan is a twerp but I will, that said the Bears had no real options in the QB dept unless you want to resurrect Leftwich and why trade or take on Alex Smith he failed in San Fran. Some genius was talking about Brady Quinn like geography makes him a good selection. It's a shame but we have what was out there a commodity that's known good or bad. This off season makes or breaks this regime of JA and LS if they don't get it right this time it will be until they go and maybe a few years after for it to get better. Lackluster Lovie and Trader Jerry you better get it right REAL Bear fans are watching others are busy eating and crappin cheese, If they do it right they will have a side order of crow and no room on the bandwagon.

Creighton this is a good year for backs you need a line or it won't matter who the RB or QB is. The third round will have some very good runners. The last championship was won front the trenches out, remember Covert was a tackle and a first round choice it was the start, look at Cleveland they got better when Thomas was drafted the majority of the OL in New England was drafted not bought of someone else. Pittsburgh is too smart to let go of a lineman if he is still all of that and the good ones already have planned were they are going and bottomline Bears are not going to spend like you want them to. So get over it hope they really have learned their lesson and fix the area they have overlooked for 4 years.

djssr: You're the twerp.

1. Alex Smith absolutely did not fail in SF. SF failed Alex Smith. Team doctors wanted to give him surgery on his throwing shoulder and his coach tried to stop it! He has never had a consistent O-line (a couple of decent players but never a complete line), WR corp, or a health HB. And he's now on his third offensive coordinator since he got drafted. Pull your head out.

2. According to pretty much EVERY NFL scout, Brady Quinn does have the tools to be a dominant QB in this league. EVERY NFL scout said the same things about Ryan Leaf AND Peyton Manning.


I'm just saying it's worth the risk to explore the option. Particularly since we haven't seen any "greatness" out of Kyle other than a bunch of 100 yard, 1 touchdown, 1 interception games. As a REAL Bear fan, I'd like to see Chicago try to get the next Brett Farve. You can't get that if you don't take some risks. I like Rex and Kyle just fine. I think, with the right circumstance, either one could win a Super Bowl. That said, I think we've all seen enough of them to know they can't carry the team on their backs if they have to.

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