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If you need running back Michael Turner to satisfy your free-agent needs, you’re going to have to wait.

Turner, according to Adam Schefter of the NFL Network, will visit the Atlanta Falcons.

The Bears are focusing on efforts to re-sign their own players and failed with tight end John Gilmore when it was learned this morning he is on his way to Tampa Bay to sign a three-year contract with the Buccaneers.

Wide receiver Bernard Berrian is visiting the Minnesota Vikings. They could put a full-court press on him. It’s tough to get up and walk out of the room if someone is continuing to throw money at you. If the Vikings’ bid for Berrian comes up short—and the Bears are hoping to get back in the action after not receiving a counter-proposal from agent Drew Rosenhaus last week—Minnesota is expected to turn its focus to Donte Stallworth. He is also represented by Rosenhaus.

It’s not certain what kind of market is shaping up for linebacker Lance Briggs. However, it appears that two teams who have long been rumored to be suitors for the three-time Pro Bowler are not going to be in the game. San Francisco and Washington, franchises that both tried to trade for him recently, are not believed to be interested. If the market stays quiet, it’s only going to enhance the Bears’ chances of bringing him back at a number closer to their liking.

Special teams stalwart Brendon Ayanbadejo is headed to Los Angeles for the weekend and will receive an alumni award on Sunday at UCLA. The Green Bay Packers could get involved for him soon.

Stay tuned for more soon.

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Drew Rosenhaus. am i the only one getting tired of hearing his name. he's just not good for the game, he's not the only one but man.

Really, will Ayanbadejo sign with the Packs and woefully watch his numbers sink like a vehicle driven by Ted Kennedy off a bridge? Packs see the Bears twice a season. That's quite a bit too much of Hester for any team. Sir, make your choice.

Drew! I agree with ya Bobby.Drew says, hes looking out for his clients,but I realy think he is looking to fill his BANK.
These money grubbn' agents have spoiled the game.I remember it use to be a fun time when Free Agency came around,but now its not about being loyal, its about being the Highest paid spoiled Brat.
I realy dont know what players want more a Super Bowl ring or the Biggest contract.More and more it seems that its the Money that fuel the players.Over the years we have seen some Talented players on very Talented team go to the worst team in the NFL.Why?Because they got offered 500k more maybe a Million more.

There might be a time where the NFL fan base flops,Happen to both the NBA and MLB.If it does happen to the NFL, It could be credited to the Agents and Spoiled players,Hey a Fan that makes lets say $30,000 a years doesnt want to see a player cry about not making enough millions of dollars.

this is just the beginning. i'm a huge bears fan but angelo and smith made this mess now they have to live with it. we have to put up with rex agian. they wont even admit how bad this team is. rex is horrible, benson is another first round running back bust for us. this team isn't good enough to win and angelo keeps preaching we have to sign our own free agents, why? they are good not great, and want to much money. even if we did keep them, why would next season be any better. fix the O-line, over pay faneca, go after turner, put up with the crap at qb for one more year them dump them all. draft an OT in the first round, then go qb or wr. its time to rebuild and they are too stupid to see that.

Well said Troy

The Bears were in the Superbowl a year ago. You make it seem like the end of the world. We would have a least won 3 to 4 more games if our defense would have stayed intact. WE HAD TO MANY INJURIES!!!! If we straighten out our o-line, the running game will get better,the play action pass will get better, we will score more points. We need to really focus on a left guard,RT,SS, and wr/lb depending on Berrian and Briggs Situation. But to Overpay Berrian, I don't know if that's wise. We need Briggs more, and After the Kelly signing we're going to need a lot of money to resign Tommie Harris. If one of those good Qb prospects fall to us get'em. We are not that far off from being back in the playoffs. Lovie and Jerry have done some good things they had really only one bad season(That historically is always bad after you lose the s.b). 5-11,11-5,13-3,and 7-9 Those aren't bad numbers.

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