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Safety Wilson to hit the open market

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The Boston Globe reports safety Eugene Wilson, and Illinois product, will reach the free-agent market.

The Globe also says ex-Bears linebacker Rosevelt Colvin will hit the market as his salary-cap figure is too high. He is expected to be released. Colvin missed the Super Bowl with a broken bone in his foot.

It remains to be seen what the Bears will do at safety in terms of seeking some help. Kevin Payne figures to get an opportunity, but the Bears may go out and seek help elsewhere.

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I definatly think the bears should look at adding depth at safety.
with Mike Brown having health issues and Adam Archuleta having his best football behind him, in my opinion, this should be 3rd priority behind RB and OL. Also i think that OL should be addressed with free agency and draft (Fenaca,Ugoh or Lilja)and late round draft choice, scince it is projected to be one of the deepest OL drafts in recent history. If we pass on Mendenhall, Angie and Lovie need to have their head examined. He was scouted by Ron Turner which seems like a perfect fit to me. If Briggs wants to go, go Colvin did great along side Urlacher. Berrian is weak as water and dont need his speed anymore, we can use Hester.

Let's put Ayanbadejo at SS. He'd kick the crap out of Eugene Wilson. I'm only half joking. We need to sign Ayanbadejo yesterday, and he needs a scary nickname. We cannot let this badass play for anyone, but the Bears. Safety really isn't as bad a need as it's made out to be. Manning and McGowan were improved at the end (which I see as an indicator of things to come), and we have Mike Brown and Kevin Payne coming back. I remember Payne filling pretty damn hard on the run. Agreed that Archuletta is more than moderately scrubby, but he's on the 53-man. He must be off 'roids I'm guessing. So we have some depth at safety. O-line and tailback are my primary concerns. Ceddy is too nonchalant about sucking to have a bright future, and the O-line issues speak for themselves. Mendenhall looks like a next-generation Thomas Jones. I say we take him, and his guns at 14. If the draft is so deep at tackle, lets wait for our second pick and take one. Then have Kreutz break his jaw, just to toughen him up for the league, and we'll be set.

Does anyone have an educated guess on what the Bears are doing ? I'd love to hear it because I am stumped.
Re- sign the QB's, maybee to save some money. Now they are 30 mil under the cap, have no offense, no running game (O line or feature back ) Dont have an effective passer signed, may lose or have cut the only people to pass to, and dont have enouph picks to come close to replenishing the needs they have. All of this while their defense ages and will most likely lose some players along with a half a step. Again, I am confused and would like to see if anyone out there has any guess as to what is going to happen to fix this mess.

thanks !!!

Big John,
The O-Line, Running Backs, Wideouts Are all a mess,I agree.They do have enough money and draft picks to fill in those needs.As far as the Defence they are relitivly young.Mike Brown Urlacher and Wally are the only starters in the 30s,Mike and Urlacher are just turning 30.
I believe the Bears at this point are doing what they need to do.
Im am waiting to see what happens when Free Agency starts.It would be hard to replace Briggs, but thats what we said about Colvin.

Brando, I don't think I would compare Briggs to Colvin.

And bringing up the fact that Brown and Urlacher are "just turning 30"? One can't stay healthy and the other one has an arthritic back and just had "minor" neck surgery.

This team does not have enough draft picks this year.


I never compared Colvin to Briggs, I just said when the Bears let go of Colvin that the Bears fans thought it was a dumb move, and The Bears fans thought it would be hard to replace him.Is that a comparison?
Please bloggers tell me if Im wrong. did I compare Briggs to Colvin?

What about signing Gibril Wilson for some help at safety?? He has good range, comes up to hit and should come at a reasonable price.

So why is it that everyone thinks the Patriots castoffs are such attractive options in free agency? Colvin was a special player as far as pass rush ability, but hip and foot injuries have slowed him down a lot, and we are pretty well set at DE. Our LB group needs to be better in coverage, not pass rush in this scheme. So no chance on Colvin. He just doesn't fit the scheme any more. Wilson is an average safety who was moved from CB because he didn't cut it as a cover guy. We have plenty of those already. Did anyone else see the Pats get eaten alive in the secondary all year long? So I say no go on Wilson. The Bears need to sign as many OL as they can get (Faneca or Jake Scott at G, and then draft at least 2 OT, including our first pick) and sign a WR or two in Free agency in case Plan B of Bradley/Hester doesn't work out. Fix the OL, and Orton/Grossman looks better. Passing attack will be interesting with Clark and Olson on the field (maybe we can work like Indy does with Dallas Clark and Ben Utecht/Bryan Fletcher/Hartsock), and Hester to stretch the edge a bit. Should take guys out of the box, or allow us to make them pay when they do stack the box. As bad as it seems, it can get a lot better in short order with 4 players and a switch:

1. Alan Faneca or Jake Scott at G
2. 1st Round OT (Clady, Williams, or Otah)
3. running back to complement/replace Benson (Derrick Ward would be my suggestion)
4. move Tait to RT
5. Get a WR that can separate from defenders (draft or FA). prefer it not be Berrian because of his inconsistency.

Do that, and we make Minnesota and Green Bay pretty darn nervous

What the Bears management and coaching staff needs to do is take a first things first approach, and that is to fix the problem with the offensive line. There where too many three and outs whenever the Bears had the ball which made there defense work twice as hard. Just think how many injuries this team would've prevented if the O-Line was solid. Keeping both quarterback on the fold was a smart choice for the problems weren't there in the first place. You can't help running for your life when your line leaves too many holes open, and not providing proper coverage for your quarterback to give him time to throw the ball. Just look at what happened with Eli when the Giants fixed there offensive line, suddenly he can see his wide outs down the field, not to say he was perfect, but his defense made it work for him when it counted the most. So let's not go drafting another quarterback to hold a clipboard for two or three years, let's just build a better defense for the other side of the ball. Oh yes let's do draft another running back now that we found out the hard way, never give away the one that provided this team with good results last season.

Sign Colvin, and Wilson, and do everything possible to get Briggs back. Check out Brandon Lloyd, if healthy see what he wants, lets face it they wanted him before he went to Washington, maybe now he will be reasonable and come home for an incentive ladden contract for production. Do not offer an extension to Urlacher, he is a great player, but think about it, with a bad back or neck just how much can he do. You don't pay now for past performance, or past production. You reward for that and we did with the past contract extension, go with the idea that the person must do just as good or better in the future years if reworking a deal, but not to someone on the downhill slide. That is what the bears did with the OL in the past. Get Tommie Harris extended, draft OL, get Mendenhal if available in round 1, or the best OL, and the best QB available in round 2 which I think might be Henne. Go Bears! Shamy

I think the Bears shoul do the following:

One, sign Michael Turner and start him at RB. He's proven, has excellent size, speed, etc and can run off tackle and between.

Two, draft Jeff otah, Chris Williams, or Ryan Clady at #14.

Three, use the 2nd rd pick on a young QB to groom(Flacco, Henne, Woodson)

Four, sign either of the Wilson's to start at Safety(Eugene or Gibril).

Use our two 3rd rounders on the best player available, one of them being a wideout.

Shamy why a Running Back in the 1st round?
Lunchbox why a QB in the 2nd round?

Im glad those 2 are not in the Bears front office.

But you never know those two might have undefeted seasons in Madden game every year, and thats what they should concentrate on is a GAME.

I know this is a stretch......just hear me out. I cant sleep untill I have a reason to believe something good will come of next season so I am trying to answer my own question on what they can do to fix this team.

Free agency comes before the draft so lets spend. The Chargers RB Michael Turner, OL Faneca from the Stelers and the guard from the Colts Jake Scott/Flozell Adams from the Boys. Make offers to the lineman, catch 2 of 3 and nail down the back.

On the draft, what will it take to move up to #2 through #6. Our first(#14)plus 1 or two of our thirds, maybe a pick next year ? If available, Dorsey can create a unreal triangle with Tommy and Brian. Running inside against that is not an option, off tackle gets chased down. Passing means interior line help inside leaving the tackles against our ends or an athletis outside LB. Boss Bailey can be that help and he should be inexpensive .

Let Briggs go, Berrian go and cut Benson before any more incentives kick in and draft the best back available to compete with Turner with our second round pick. Take a chance on a few WR late in the draft. With who we let go , all of the money should be there.

With Dorsey the D is improved. With this complicated mess I have unraveled the O has blocking, more than one back, TE's to throw to and Bradley / Hester to stretch the field.

Its the best that I can come up with.....Anyone have a different aproach ?????

The Bears should just be Bears. Just form an identity of Monsters of the Midway, and draft to dominate the line of scrimmage. Fill your highest priority "needs" in FA. That would be guard and right tackle.

But put yourself in a position to draft the best player available. Restore the Roar!!!! draft the meanest SOB's you can find both in physical play, and a physical beast. That is what Ditka did. He only won one, but he averaged 10 wins a year in a less watered down NFL. And his teams were ferocious. You knew it was gonna be a physical beating on the other team win or lose.

There are 4 DT, 4 DE (1 is hybrid - Gholston), 1 LB, 1 Guard, and 4 OT first round rated. That is 14 players without WR, QB, RB, TE, and any secondary. There are 31 first round picks. There are probably 40 players given round 1 draft pick status as deemed by the "experts". They are given a high grade mostly based on there "physical beast" potential. Guys that are seen to clearly have an advantage in the game.

The bears can get two beasts with the first two picks b/c no draft ever works out as predicted. Most running backs can be pretty darn good in a good system with a good OL (see Denver, pittsburg). And they can run a lot more if they have a great Defense (see Pitt, and Bears last two years).

So draft the best linemen available with the two picks be it DL or OL. Get the physical play at the LOS back to the Bears. That is what Chicago wants. A blue collar tough in the trenches machine that can impose their will on the opponent physically, and with unrelenting force.


Shany, you took the words right out of my mouth. Best OT in the first and best QB in the second. If everything you say would actually happen, I would be estatic.

Shany, Baldbear, Big John and Lunchbox it seems you have no clue as to how it works Faneca will be 30+, Adams is near retirement, there will be a small bidding war for Turner and that still isn't a guarantee, QB in the second round way too high for this class. Once again for all you armchair GM's you don't build a team with someone elses cap casualties. If Mendenhall is there you draft him he will be special if not the best tackle on the board then the best guard on the board, then you go for a RB, WR and QB will be there at 3 & 3(a) You build a team from the trenches out the Bears have neglected the OL for 4 yrs. no fresh blood means always someone elses retreads. This is the perfect draft to correct that mistake if you don't there is no sense in drafting a RB or QB we will never know how good they can be. Remember the Super Bowl even Tom Brady couldn't pass when he is under pressure.

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