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S McGowan, WR Davis expected to receive RFA tenders

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The deadline for clubs to place the franchise tag on a player is 3 p.m. Thursday, and it could be leverage the Bears have when it comes to negotiating with wide receiver Bernard Berrian after the team offered him an extension. Most players aren’t happy with the tag, and linebacker Lance Briggs sure was not last year. Berrian and Briggs are both represented by agent Drew Rosenhaus, who also works for defensive tackle Tommie Harris and special teamer Brendon Ayanbadejo, the four players the Bears are working to re-sign.

Rosenhaus has had clients in the past who have been tagged and it has not been an issue. It would cost $7.848 million.

Another deadline is looming as well, as Feb. 28 is the deadline for the submission of qualifying offers to restricted free agents such as safety Brandon McGowan and wide receiver Rashied Davis. Chances are the Bears will submit offers to both players. Because neither was drafted by the team—McGowan was an undrafted free agent and Davis was signed away from the Arena League—the Bears cannot receive draft pick compensation for losing them at the low tender level of $927,000.

They would have the right of first refusal however, so they could match any offer sheet the player(s) sign with another club. It’s how the Bears got kicker Paul Edinger and defensive lineman/special teams wiz Israel Idonije locked up in the past. Another team negotiated a deal, the Bears found it to their liking and they matched it.

If the Bears wanted to ensure compensation, in the form of a second-round pick, they could tender one or both players at $1.417 million. That would probably ensure neither was signed to an offer sheet because it’s unlikely a team would be willing to lose a second rounder for McGowan or Davis. Compensation in the form of a first-round pick comes with a tender of $2.017 million and it costs $2.562 million for first- and third-round picks as compensation. Forget about either of those options.

With less than two weeks to play, it figures McGowan and Davis will get low-level tenders at $927,000 and be given the opportunity to shop themselves around for a multi-year contract. McGowan improved his play as the season went on and Davis proved himself valuable, particularly in 2006 when the offense wasn’t in shambles. The Bears need some continuity at receiver with Muhsin Muhammad gone and facing the prospect Berrian will also depart.

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Please do not resign McGowan! I get a Mcstomach ache every time he takes the field. How many big plays did he cost the Bears last year? He is the most bobbling of bobbling Bears. I believe he is the Dez White of this era as I haven’t seen him do anything positive in a game. So he must be doing something positive on the practice field cause. I have an idea put him on the Mcpractice squad where he belongs.

Wow. I haven't seen McGowan do anything negative. He's a big hitter, and covers the run well. I'd rather have him in than Archuleta. Although, he does get injured a lot, and we don't need another safety on the injured list.

Please re-sign McGowan he was inconsistant at times but thats from being young,if anything put him on special teams, cause he will definetly hit you.And Davis is a great find,if we had a QB to throw to him and our other WR's everybody would recognize his talent.

Between Payne, M. Brown, and Manning we are set with veteran Safeties. If McGowan wants to stay on for one more year as a Special Teamer, than that's fine and good. Archuleta should be released immediately, and we can add another safety in the 3-5th round of the draft. I would hate to see the Bears release M.Brown and have him go off on another team, like Chris Harris did.

Mcgowan is still young and does have upside, compared to an aging Archuleta.....Brandon played well in his last couple of starts.......Rashied Davis probably will never be more than a 3rd down receiver, but has proven he can be a beast in special teams coverage, and another viable option in the return game given the fact that Hester is squib kicked away from 60 % of the time, they do need another return man that they are comfortable with on the unit with Hester, and Davis does bring that

Chris, how is Payne a veteran safety?!? he was injured in his rookie year. mike brown is too injury prone. manning is starting to mature, but is still by and large a very young safety. we def. need to keep mcgowan as he's a decent young talent that may turn into a quality safety and is depth at the very least. archuleta is def. dead weight. davis is a quick reliable reciever that is good in the slot and we need him more than ever for depth with the loss of moose and the possible loss of berrian.

McGowan is still learning? what kind of curve are you grading on? he's out of position alot and yeah he's a hitter who knocks himself out. There are some second day safeties out there that will be good competition Zibakowski, Boston College had a good one as did LSU all I hate to say it because they are white will be availible second day and will be good finds. You have young wideouts you don't even know in Brandon Rideau, Mike Haas and Mark Bradley, there will be some cap casualties in the summer.Haas is under-rated and Rideau is a potential big reciever type. None of the others got open on a regular basis last season they deserve a shot, let's see if Bradley can stay healthy. The time is now, repetitively drafting for these a waste see what you got.

So long McGowan. But I'd definitely like to see Rashied Davis back. He's a quick, quick player who really didn't get his chance to do much receiving this year. Give him a chance and he will.

Why do people keep mentioninh Hass? He couldn't even sit these other stiffs down and no one plucked him off the practice squad. Do you honestly think the BEARS could hide a good player in plain sight? Please. He is no diamond in the rough. Below average in everything but catching ability and that only goes so far. What; another great player in college? Yeah I heard he broke Rice's record but that doesn't justify that great in college statement that this team lays it's hats on. They keep proving that it does not matter what you do in college you are liable to be under-ordinary in the pros.

McGowen bobbling on defense? The guy even gets a bad rap for something someone else does on the other side of the ball.

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