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RT Miller will be released

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The offseason purging continues.

The Bears are going to release right tackle Fred Miller. He had two years remaining on his contract and was due a $500,000 roster bonus on March 4 with a base salary of $4 million.

Miller is the second veteran to be released along with wide receiver Muhsin Muhammad.

Milelr had arthroscopic surgery on his right ankle following the season and is close to being back to 100 percent.

More on this development soon.

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Well, cutting Miller saves us $3,404,560 which, added to the $100k we saved by cutting Moose, brings our cap to $25,994,693.

Another longtime coming move. The turnstyle is nothing but taillights on the road out of town.

Yeah, I don't think any tears will be shed over the departure of Fred "The Play-Killer" Miller.

Headlines "The Moose is Let Loose" & " Miller's Snub"

Great moves. Letting the 'Moose' go opens the door for Marty Booker's return and gives Mark Bradley a chance to play more and prove his worth. And, getting rid of Fred 'The Drive Killer' Miller opens the door for John Tait to move to RT and the drafting of USC's Sam Baker or Boise State's Ryan Clady.

I would like to see the Bears draft Baker with their first round pick and take USC teammate OG 6-5, 305 pound OG Ryan Radovich in the 4th-5th round. And, let them play aside of each other for the next 8-10 years.

Next up on the Bears chopping block are:

Adam Archuleta
Ricky Manning Jr.
Ruben Brown
John Gilmore
Terrence Metcalf
Darwin Walker
Brian Griese


PLEASE CUT ARCHULETA... and can we finally bid farewell to good ol' Mike Brown. Let's pony up and keep Lance around, too.

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