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Report: Demorrio Williams to visit

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Adam Caplan of reports that free-agent linebacker Demorrio Williams has lined up a visit with the Bears.

Williams is also reportedly going to visit Kansas City and Tampa Bay.

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Demorrio Williams? Am I missing something? He is a decent player, but any visits not involving Offensive linemen are wasting time. If you are going to bring in a LB, bring in Ayanbadejo and offer him more money. We need Jacob Bell or Jake Scott in for a visit if Faneca is out of the picture. Justin Smiley already signed, and we need offensive linemen badly.

I agree with Joe F. we need expierienced offensive lineman. we should also draft some o. lineman, but can't depend the most important part of the offense to rookies. we're also in dier need of wr's, especially if Berrian leaves.

Desperate is a bad word it means you'll do anything and that's not smart. What's the difference between someones cast off and a rookie, can you say upside? as fans some of you sound crazy everytime a big name signs somewhere else. I would rather have a rookie who has won his job in camp as opposed to one who lost his somewhere else. As a true fan why would you just settle for anything. Williams is a plan B type of thing in the event of losing Briggs. Berrian has priced himself out and let the doornob hit him but he will just probably drop it.

The bears raised the ticket prices this year, for what a 7-9 team that's not going to go out and spend any money. McCaskey is sitting on his throne smiling down at us with all of our hard earned money in his pockets. For what D-Williams are you kidding me! We have Berrian right now eating Walleye in Minnesota, and on the verge of signing to become the richest WR who never had a 1000 yard season! We need to spend some money on O-line. We are on the verge of becoming a 4-12 team if we don't improve our offense immediately!

Demorrio Williams could be a solid addition at a low price. He was a great player at Nebraska, a solid NFL OLB and is very quick to the sidelines. Plus, he'd cost about 1/8 of Briggs and just as effective with a healthy Urlacher and D Line. The Bears would be very lucky to sign him.

Cover skills alone and with the defense we run...gotta look at Boss Bailey....

I like Demorrio as a player, and he has done a good job in Atlanta, but isn't replacing Briggs with a cheaper option what we have already done in drafting Mike Okwo and Jamar Williams? Maybe the coaching staff is not as sold on them as we thought, or they are gauging the market for WLBs who don't generate sacks, but this just seems like they are killing time. Berrian is as good as signed by the Vikes, so take that money and bring in Jake Scott and/or Jacob Bell. When Briggs goes, you take that money and sign Bryant Johnson or DJ Hackett. Then you can sign Tommie and Urlacher to new deals.

Why is no one talking about Marco Wahle??? The former packers guard who got cut by the Panthers??
He's almost as good as Faneca, 2 years younger and will probably come a lot cheaper. PLEASE SIGN HIM!!!!!!!

Im getting the feeling that the Bears just are not interested in Briggs.Its just to bad that Johnathon Villma was traded for a 4th round pick in 2009.I dont know the extent of his injury,I just think he would have been a good fit in a cover 2 gap Defence.

Marco Wahle got sign by Seattle last week

Thankfully Hackett is signed somewhere else he would be a worse waste then signing Berrian to big money. Some of you fans are just ridiculus. These are borderline players that another team cut because of more viable and less expensive alternatives, if they were so good they would not have departed. By the way news flash Vilma is signed.

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