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Pay day for Houston's Davis only supports Berrian's case

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With less than seven hours to go until the opening of free agency Bernard Berrian got a real boost.

Andre Davis’ four-year contract with the Houston Texans can only aid Berrian on the open market. Davis reportedly will be paid $4 million annually with the deal reaching $16 million and containing almost $8 million guaranteed.

If Davis, who made 33 receptions last season for 583 yards and three touchdowns, is worth almost $8 million guaranteed over five years, what is Berrian worth?


Davis is a journeyman who has played for four teams in six seasons in the league and is best known as a kickoff returner.

His contract, if anything, might be a base point for Devin Hester. Not Berrian. And you can take it to the bank right now, Hester will be commanding more than $4 million annually when he gets done wheeling and dealing.

Berrian has rejected the Bears' offer of $25 million over five seasons with $8 million to sign. He is seeking $24.5 million over the first three seasons of a contract.

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The Bears are in a bad situation right now because other than Berrian the Bears do not have a legit receiver on the roster. I myself do not want to see the Bears overpay for Berrians services but the Bears need to make a move on a receiver if they cannot come to an agreement with Berrian. If Berrian gets his big payday with some other team then I would like to see the Bears go after Arizonas Bryant Johnson. Johnson a former 1st rd draft pick from Penn st could be a nice fit on the Bears offense. Johnson has nice size at 6-2 and great speed to with it, also Johnson can get you the tough catches over the middle while still having the ability to stretch the field and will be a lot cheaper so I say nab him up GO BEARS!!

The Bears made a HUGE mistake by not franchising Berrian. They made a commitment to Grossman and Orton then take away their best offensive threat. I understand not resigning Briggs but letting Berrian walk right out the door when Angelo keeps promising to upgrade the offense. So I guess he thinks our offense is better without Berrian. Bradley #1 and Hester #2. 2008 is gonna be another horrible offensive year again for the Bears. One step forward three steps backward.

I love Hester, he's an amazing talent but he is no starting WR in the NFL.

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