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Orton takes to the air(waves)

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Kyle Orton paid a visit with Mike North on WSCR-AM 670 on Wednesday morning.

Here are highlights of the conversation:

On his relationship with Rex Grossman

North: "How about the fact that you said you and Rex
get along, and you've known Rex now for 3 or 4 years
and he seems like a really good guy to me. You said
that you want to compete and that you're sure that Rex
wants to compete too...from one to ten, ten being a
strong relationship, one being no relationship at all.
Where would you put the number?"

Orton: "I don't know about a number. We've never had
an issue at work. We've never had an issue outside of
work. We're certainly not best friends outside of
work, we don't spend a lot of time together outside of
work, but we have a great relationship inside the

North: "So if I had to rank it and I gave it a seven,
would that be fair? Seven being pretty good, you know
good relationship...working relationship. You guys
respect each other."

Orton: "Yeah, question. I think people
hear me talk about my relationship with Brian (Griese)
and what he's done. We've spent more time together,
me and Brian have had the opportunity to spend more
time together and that's just the way it is you know."

On Using The Shotgun Next Season

North: "Would you like to see the shotgun (next
season) if you are the quarterback?"

Orton: "Yeah, it's a little bit different than
college Mike. We are a play-action based offense, so
we have to establish a running game and we have to
work off of that. So it's a little bit different. I
do think that it's a valuable tool in some respects."

North: "Yeah I think so. I think it's done well with
the Manning boys and Tom Brady. I can understand why
the Bears, who are offensively challenged at times,
would never want to use the, I can't
understand that. You see teams doing wonderful things
offensively, and let's face it Kyle. The running game
is up in the air right now. If that doesn't get
straightened out, would you rather see yourself in
certain passing downs atleast have the chance to take
the snap without having to worry about dropping back
especially with the offensive line not as strong as
its been in the past and the running game not as

Orton: " I think we've got a long way to go before
the start of the season, and I think we're making the
right moves to sure some things up. I think we're
going to have a very strong offensive unit and I don't
think we have very far to go. But yeah, if it's an
obvious passing situation it doesn't hurt to be back
in the shotgun."

On His Favorite Pattern

North: "What's your favorite pattern to throw? If
they told you: the next play, no matter what yardage
is involved or whatever, you can throw your favorite
play. You can throw the pass that you feel will be
the most successful. What play would that be?"

Orton: "Just like the highlight you played with Devin
), I like throwing the deep post. Especially
if you have an aggressive secondary, I like throwing
behind them and taking shots down the field."

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Jay, I have to disagree with you. I think Rex is the best tool to motivate Kyle Orton. Brian 'Icalledalltheplays' Griese is gone, or an expensive #3 at best. Kyle will win the starting job, legitimately. Rex will be a good #2, but Kyle will never get hurt...

"I like taking shots down field".... And you have done that when? Orton is not the type of QB that can "win" games, and the defense is no longer the defense it once was. Which leads me to Sexy Rexy. Go Rex!

Any QB who doesn't get starting QB snaps in camp, cannot show his stuff. Dont forget that Orton lost some of his draft status out of Purdue because of an injury. Give him #1 snaps, he may be an OK choice

The deep post IS his best pattern, as it was in college. Conservative play calling in his rookie season prevented him from doing what he does best. Lovie Smith is so worried about losing games that he sometimes doesn't try and win them on offense. Take the shackles off the kid, and let him play the way he can. He will make a few mistakes, but he more than likely won't throw 5 INTs either. And I was at the Bengals game his rookie year. The Bears only ran 3 patterns that day, and all the Bengals DBs had to do was guess right and they were there before the receiver broke on the pattern, and beat our guys to the ball. The only downfield routes they gave him were fades, which is a crappy thing to do to a QB with an arm. Devin Hester is showing them that taking chances can pay off, and I think we will be much more aggressive in the passing game next season, which helps the running game, which helps the defense, which helps us win. It's not brain surgery, but for some reason it has eluded us for several years. We have had some talent at the QB position, but we have prevented them from being professional quarterbacks. They are paid to make plays, just like DEs and LBs and DTs on our team. It's about time we make them earn their money by giving them the plays to do it.

Orton, unlike Grossman, takes coaching. I am a big Rex fan and would like nothing better than to see him succeed and win a big contract. Orton is a winner and he is under control at all times. The Bears, with Bear defense can win with Orton if he is able to pick up where he left off and grow with experience. Orton would have posted much bigger numbers (as well as Grossman) if not for a couple of key drops.

We need to draft a quarterback no doubt. Grossman's time is short but Orton has nothing but upside...real strong arm and he listens to coaching...hopefully the coaching will be good!

In Orton's rookie year, he started out hot and posted good numbers and then hit a brick wall against the Bengals. He never recovered as the play book was reduced and he listened to his coaches and played conservatively. I believe the game overwhelmed him as it does to almost all rookies, and he got worse instead of better as the season wore on. That won't happen this season if he wins the competition.

My God is Braxton a female? How can you say Orton is not the type of QB to win games? for that matter if you get right down to it only Greise won a game on his arm so take that sexy rexy stuff and shove it were it don't fit. Orton won't lose a game Braxton.

I want someone in there that's going to threating the defense keep them on there toes.. check down kyle orton is not a threat i'm sorry.. he has a average mediocre arm that can't seem to throw out and comebacks. how many times are you going to hit a post in a game realistically.. not too many.., orton is hand me down.. say what you want about rex but at least orton had rex to learn from.. rex never had a legit vet in front of him. talk about rex's turnovers who cares that name of the game he's young what do you expect it's going to happen.. rather than get rex some real weapons you stick the guy with slow A** moose and sir dropalot berrian who thinks he's worth 7.8 mill a year.. this is why jerry realized finally realized this team had too many egos and not enough production.. it says alot about rex wanting to come back and prove he can get us to the promise land. notice i didn't say beat out orton. no competition period..

I agree wiith you, Jerseyboy. Mosse runs a 40 in about a week these days. Heck Tommy Waddle ran it faster his last year as a Bear. And Berrian thinks he's worth $7+ Million a year or more? NO ONE IS WORTH THAT MUCH. Idiot. To catch 75 passes a year, that's about $100,000 per catch. Idiots in sports.....

Kyle Orton is clearly the better QB. He shows more maturity and you can tell the team believes in him more than Rex. Defense was looking top notch when Orton was playin at the end of the season. Orton has to be the most promising QB we have had. Angelo will have to decide wether he wants Grossman who has as much upside as kyle Boller, David Carr, and Alex smith and Joey Harrington or go with Orton who has a winners mantality like Peyton , brady , brees, Jay cutler and so on

djssr winnng games and not losing them is two seperate things
Orton will not win games he simply won't loose them
i like exciting football and not boring things like Orton throwing a pass for a 2-10 yrd gain

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