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Orton gets contract extension

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Quarterback Kyle Orton is the next player to cash in on the Bears' plan to re-sign and extend their own players.

He agreed to a one-year extension Monday night that will keep him in place through 2009.

The Sun-Times reported Sunday that a deal was nearly finalized. Orton is the third player in as many days to agree to a deal, following quarterback Rex Grossman and tight end Desmond Clark.

Let the quarterback competition begin.

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Sun Times also reported it was going to be a 2 year extension. Don't pat yourself on the back too quick Biggs.

Competition?...that's funny...Kyle is our QB

1 year ext was smart...and then he can hold out next year until a deal gets done

I like Grossman and Orton and it looks like we are going to see both of them next season. I don't think this is going to be as much of a competition as management is making it out to be but it is all good because either way with an improved o-line and running game one of these guys is going to make it. I think Grossman is going to get the first shot at the job, hopefully he can stay injury free and consistent but if not you can bet Grossman will be on a short leash. If Grossman falters Orton will then get his shot lets just hope for the best oh well GO BEARS!!

Allright somebody has the right way of thinking.Kevin you made some realy good points.I dont care what QB you have if there is no Blocking and running game, no Offence will be at the top of the NFL. Bears won with both QBs (ORTON& GROSSMAN) they both been in the same system for 3 years.Orton is an untapped tallent, The coaches never gave him the full playbook, Last year vs. Minnisota I seen a basic play calling. Greenbay game how could any QB play good in that weather, and the Saints game he was givin 75% of the playbook.The coaches told him NOT to call audibles, and Adrian Petterson just isnt an every down back neither is Ced.

Fans should be happy that Jerry A. signed his own insted of giving big money to a QB that has yet to prove himself, has to learn a new system,& doesnt have a Big leauge Arm (Anderson).They would have to give up to much 1st and 3 round pick sign him to a Big contract.As far as McNabb hes in the same Boat as Rex, injury prone why do you think the Eagles drafted a QB in the second round.McNabb and Anderson will demand big money that would hurt the Bears in the long run.

Since 2000 only one team has won a Supper Bowl that the Defence was ranked outside the top 15, that was the Colts, but the Colts had the best Defence in the playoffs.QBs dont win Supper Bowls a sound Defence and a Above Offence w/ a Toped ranked running game wins Supper Bowls.If it was QB play that won Supper Bowls then we would have seen either Colts or Pats and Greenbay in the Bowl ever year since 2000.

I've said it once and I'll say it again. Kyle Orton couldn't hit water if he fell out of a boat. I like him. I'm glad he's with the Bears. He's a good number 2. He's a poor man's Ben Rothlesberger.

But he's not the answer. Well, maybe not.

Rex has the best chance to succeed with the Bears if he's given the right support. Chicago needs a serviceable running game and a stable offensive line in order for Rex to be successful with those deep hitches, L-routes, and play-action passes.

Kyle really struggles with his accuracy and I don't think he's the guy. Frankly, Rex may not be the guy either.

A first and third rounder is probably too much for McNabb because of age, salary, and injury, but not for Derek Anderson. I would let a first rounder go for Anderson or Quinn. Both have proven, with the right coaching, they have the tools to be very successful.

If the Bears can get a good tackle in the second round, get active in the Michael Turner sweepstakes, and maybe find another serviceable lineman like Faneca. I think a first round trade is worth the risk.

About Anderson getting traded to DaBears

Doesnt Play up to his 2007 season
Demands Big Money
Isnt a Leader
Doesnt want to be in Chicago

If he doesnt play like he played in 07 then we have to give the ball to REX or Orton.

If he demands big money, Tommy Harris doesnt sign this yrs extension, There wont be enough money to sign Tommy Harris,Mark Anderson,Nathen Vasher,& Devin Hester over the next 3 years.
Hester and Harris will demand BIG Money,Anderson will draw attention in Free Agency, and Nathen Vasher will probably sign an exention in 2009.

Okay Brando,

I'll bite.

I think it's fair to say that most QB's don't generally improve significantly in their second season after a breakout first year starter performance. Why? Check the film room. Somebody in the league is going to find a way to "beat" Anderson. Plus, I'd argue that the NFC North defense is better than the competition that Anderson played against, so, I definitely don't think he would be the savior or the answer to all of Chicago's problems.

But, if you look at my previous post, what I'm trying to say is: Kyle's had enough starts...what is it? 20-25? And we really haven't seen any GREAT performances. You know...upside? He's been at his best as a game manager, a dink and dunker, a poor man's Ben Rothlesberger. Orton has a good arm but he hasn't been able to put the ball where it needs to be.

Rex on the other hand has shown he can make the BIG TIME throws. But, he gambles. He makes terrible mistakes. He makes huge throws.

I think the jury is still "out" on Rex and Kyle. Although I feel Rex can be very good with the right support.

I don't think the jury is "out" on Anderson. He's a good consistent baller with a strong, accurate arm.

Check the fact he led an undermanned Browns team to a 10-6 record and added some pretty hefty performances to go along with it, proves, with the right coaching, he can be successful. Check the stats man. They don't lie. He didn't have any major "meltdowns" like we've seen from Rex (sorry, Rex. I am a fan, but, you did meltdown a couple of times). And he didn't just dink and dunk his way to 11-23, 160 yds, 1-1, type stats either.

That said, I realize the Bears are probably not going to make a push via trade or free agency for a QB. But considering the draft class, I think they should explore. What the Bears need at offensive tackle and safety is really a crapshoot between the first and second rounds.

Bernard Berrian? Gimme a break. Change his name to Alligator Arms Mariotti.

I will say EMPHATICALLY the Bears need a very serviceable, proven running back. Michael Turner, Julius Jones, and Fred Taylor could all help the Cedric Benson experiment.

Who knows? I think Angelo has made some mistakes, but, is generally pretty good at evaluating talent. Let's hope for a better season in 2008.

Let's all make a push for Jay Mariotti 24-7 to read Jay Mariotti NEVER.

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