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Moose finds home while Berrian, Briggs wait

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Just as he signed with the Bears on the eve of free agency three years ago, Muhsin Muhammad has returned to the Carolina Panthers with the NFL’s shopping season about to return. Muhammad, who turns 35 in May, will get a two-year contract.

While it was difficult to justify his salary-cap figure of more than $3.3 million with the Bears, the organization is going to have an even harder time justifying the depth chart if general manager Jerry Angelo cannot strike in free agency. Keeping wide receiver Bernard Berrian is a top priority, and it will be interesting to see how the market unfolds for him. Most view Berrian as a very solid No. 2 receiver. But he has contract wishes that are more in line with a No. 1 receiver. also reports that as of now, the San Francisco 49ers are not one of the teams in play for linebacker Lance Briggs. The Bears have pointed a finger at the Niners and accused them of tampering, a charge that goes all the way back to October. It could be they are just waiting for the clock to strike 11:01 p.m. on Thursday to renew their interest in Briggs.

What the market for him is will also be interesting. Top linebackers have gotten major bucks the last few years, but a couple that come to mind in New England’s Adalius Thomas and Seattle’s Julian Peterson do something Briggs does not—they get to the quarterback. There is a premium placed on pass rushers, and that’s something Briggs is not.

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That's cool. Good for Moose. Hope he shows he's still a good receiver.

P.S. - Anyone who criticizes this post is a Packers fan.

I'll root for him as long as he's not playing against us. I still don't understand why so many people act like he was the worst BEARS WR. Dropping passes was a team-wide thing. Why did so many guys hate on him?

It isn't that the mooose guy dropped passes, like the commenter says all the Bears did. He never seemed to put up a fight for a ball either. He didn't look like he wanted or expected the ball on many plays where he was not the primary guy either. That is totally unprofessional.

I did not like the way he threw his QBs under the bus every time there was a change, which sadly, there were many while he was here. When Orton was the QB in 2005, he kept discrediting Orton while waiting for Grossman to come back. When Grossman got benched, he quickly downed him in favor of Griese, and then changed his tune again when Grossman got the job back. Support the guy throwing you the ball, but don't do it at the expense of the guy who just went to the bench. Thought it showed a lack of class...

I think jerry did the rite thing by cuting moose. the team need berrian only if they dont sign randy moss wouldnt that be nice if the organization was really trying to win? stallworth might be out thier the money is thier so by 11:01am thursday well see how serious this team is about winning for im a die hard bears fan.lance briggs is not worth a big time contract not what he thinks hes worth.

Finally!!!! Berrian is with Minnesota, where he will drop passes and gripe to them for a few years!!! Way to go, Jerry! Now, be a good GM for a change, and get rid of 'Ineedmoneytofeedmyfamily' Briggs!!!!!!

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