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Moose dishes on the offense again

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Wide receiver Muhsin Muhammad, who agreed to a contract with he Carolina Panthers on Wednesday, visited with Ray Buchanan on Fox Radio on Thursday.

Again, he said he was not a fit in the offense and pointed out the Bears are still trying to figure out what to do on offense.

RAY BUCHANAN: “Not too really burn a bridge with the Chicago Bears man, but what was it like not really being able to be yourself? I know the Moose that we’ve seen back in Carolina, but tell them what it was like actually being there with Chicago.”

MUHSIN MUHAMMAD: “To answer your question though Ray man, it was tough man and I’m never a guy who’s going to go out and complain, or do anything like that. Because I really believe in being a team player man, but I thought that maybe I could’ve been utilized a little bit better. I really didn’t fit into Ron Turner’s system I don’t think as well as he wanted me to, or as well as I wanted to, and then of course we had problems with getting the ball to the playmakers too, and that was a big problem.

"They’re still trying to figure that out. And Rex [Grossman] is still trying to get on the same page with his players and Kyle Orton too. We went through a quarterback shuffle up there which is also pretty difficult.”

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maybe if he caught the ball...

Just thank Carolina for the contribuions to yor retirement fund and fade away quietly.

"Moose Dishes on Offense Again" - Fair enough Brad Biggs. You journalists love enciting controversey b/c that's what the public buys. Anywho, Moose is just telling it like it is. His numbers from his probowl season were superb before he came to Chi-town where, well, we run the ball first(Or so I hear). Also there wasn't any clear cut starter at QB except for Rex in 2006. And who can argue with his assessment that Turner did not utilize his playmakers? How many friggin' times did he call for a screen pass or WR reverse to Hester? My aunt knew they were coming and she doesn't understand football or English! Where was the Olsen + Clark two tight end formations???? Why wasn't Wolfe used in the slot like Wes Welker??? Moose is just tellin' it like it is.

What Moose failed to admit is that he is old and slow. He was a sad replacement for Marty Booker. Also, it seems to me Moose was quite a complainer the last year or so and had no problem cutting down his old buddy Rex when he had the chance. Good riddance Moose.

screw you moose! go back to Carolina! you leave Carolina abruptly to go to us and are a traitor to them and you go back and act all loyal to them. YOUR OLD AND SLOW! Retire you old hag.

To Chicago from a Carolina fan:

I just don't think Moose was happy up there. Everything outside of football was in NC. It's okay, you guys just need to re-tool a few things. Pick a QB, find some WRs, find a better RB and y'all are back in business. Moose is going to show the type of player he can be when utilized correctly. Anyways, you have to come to our house next season, and we will be waiting!!

You hit the nail Moose. I think Turners offense sucks ,and our QBs do suck also. You are absolutely right!! Lets resign both of them.OOOOps....we already did ....too late........3-13 this year.

On some level, you have to agree with what he is saying. The issue Bear fans should have with Moose was his inability to stretch the field vertically. By the time he arrived in Chicago he was strictly a possesion receiver, way too one dimensional. Go Bears.

Two Words were coined while your sad butt was with Chicago.

Mooooooose Dropppings !!

You were an over paid, over the hill bust.

You dropped way too many balls, dude. Glad to see you go!

You absolutely hung poor Kyle O in his brave rookie emergncy replacement year, and all that bad karma came back to you.

You were never a team player, just another deva want to be receiver, who stole the Bears money. Bye, bye Moose, enjoy the sticks.

Another Angelo blunder....Could've had a younger, faster Plaxico Burress at a much reduced price instead of Moose. Don't get me wrong, I like Moose. He just wasn't the best option when the Bears had their wallet open.

Moose, You were brought in to be a number 1 receiver. You dropped so many passes the last couple of years including touchdown passes. I wish they would have resigned you as a 3rd or 4th receiver. I'm not a huge fan of Ron Turner but you needed to get open and not drop passes. Good luck to a good guy.

Muhammad put himself before the team. That was the main problem. The problem with guys like him "fitting" into a system is that the team looks at a players' abilities to see if they fit the system. Selfish players like Muhammad want the system to showcase the player. Muhammad was supposed to have the ability to do what the Bears wanted him to do. He either couldn't or wouldn't do it.

"Don't get me wrong, I like Moose." ...Tyvin.

You should have left that part out of your post. Now you have no credibility. The only thing to like about him is that he is gone.

I dont feel Sorry for Moose.Chicago gave him the biggest contract offer and he(MOOSE) took it.He complains about is stats and blames the Bears when he should blame himself.He was so worried about getting PAID.He was a Perfect fit in Carolina he should have never left the Panthers.Hey Money will do that!

I bet in 15 years he will blame the Bears about not getting on the Hall of Fame Ballot

How many drop passes should us BEAR fans tolerate? You didn't have the speed u had in your early years. good ridance. HESTER, BRADLEY, OLSEN, CLARK, BALL WILL DO JUST FINE THIS YEAR

Brando, Moose was released from Carolina for salary cap reasons. He didn't leave b/c someone dangled a bigger and tastier carrot in front of him. Your journalistic qualities recall that of one Jay Mariotti.

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