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Marty Booker Q&A

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Marty Booker checked in on Tuesday, a day after the Miami Dolphins let him go. He’s upbeat about being a free agent even though he was due to earn $4.3 million in the final year of the $28 million, seven-year contract he signed with the Bears in June 2002.

``I cleaned it up,’’ he said. ``And that’s hard to do these days, to make it to the back end of your contract. I’m gracious for having done that.’’

Here is what Booker had to say:

Q: You knew you would probably be released, but with the Dolphins making you free now is it actually a good thing that you get to pick your next employer?

Booker: That’s the good part about this and then also, the free-agent market for receivers is not big like it has been the last couple years. That is so big [I’m free to sign now] because I get to sit down, pick and choose, weigh out everything and see which team gives me the best opportunity. I’m not locked into `I have to be with this team.’ I’ve got a jump on the game.

Q: Is part of you bummed about being cut?

Booker: It’s time to move on. I still feel I have a lot of years left in me. It is what it is, you know? I don’t think I got a fair opportunity the whole time I was down here. But that’s what happened.

Q: Lay it out for me, is your preference to return to the Bears?

Booker: You know what, at this point I just want a job. Like I said, whatever opportunity is right for me. If what they’re talking about and what I’m talking about is on the same page, I’m all for it. The thing is I get a chance to sit down and see what other teams are saying too. If the offer presents itself and is right, I’ll be back there.

Q: Who else is in the mix this early in the game?

Booker: I have had QUITE A FEW teams call me already. My agent [Raymond Brothers] has pinpointed a few things for me, but I’m just sitting back and relaxing at this point.

Q: You’ll be 32 in July. How much football do you have left in you?

Booker: I still have plenty of really good years left in me. I’ve been saved down here for four years. I feel great. It wasn’t like I was doing all that stuff I was doing in Chicago. Half the time I was down here sitting back and watching.

Q: At least you didn’t have to adjust to a stable quarterback situation. That wasn’t anything new for you. Was that the most frustrating part of your run with the Dolphins?

Booker: Me and quarterback situations, we go all the way back, man. It’s probably 20*** different starting quarterbacks I’ve played with since I’ve been in the league. It’s crazy. When I was here for the most part we had Chris [Chambers] and he was always the go-to guy. Whatever came down they were going to feed the ball to him. I would get a third down here and there, and then it was ``you’re good.’’ Sometimes I was getting one, maybe two balls a game.

Q: This past season had to be particularly frustrating given the team’s plight. How did you handle the 1-15 season?

Booker: I’ll tell you what, it was hard to crack a smile much. It was very frustrating. I pretty much knew from a personal standpoint I was getting near the end of my contract, the money was what it was, and my time was going to come up. Any time you get a new coaching staff, they’re going to bring back who they want and go with their guys. I knew my days were numbered here and I did the best I could to hang in there.

Q: You were devastated when the Bears traded you for Adewale Ogunleye. If you’re willing to return here, is it fair to say there are no hard feelings?

Booker: I took it hard, real hard, when I got traded. You know, I had just signed that nice contract and I didn’t expect to be out of there like that. I hold no grudges against anybody. You can’t do that in this business ever, you can’t go bite the hand that fed you. Everything comes full circle and I was never going to trash those guys. I need a job. That’s an opportunity there.


The dizzying pace in which the Bears changed quarterbacks when Booker was with them -- the team changed the starting QB 23 times in his five seasons -- only continued when he joined the Dolphins.

Booker's math was just off when he estimated he has played with 20 different starting quarterbacks. The actual figure is 16.

Here's the list:


Cade McNown
Jim Miller
Shane Matthews
Chris Chandler
Henry Burris
Rex Grossman
Kordell Stewart


Trent Green
Cleo Lemon
John Beck
Joey Harrington
Daunte Culpepper
Gus Frerotte
Sage Rosenfels
A.J. Feeley
Jay Fiedler

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Man, I steal feel bad about how his trade was handled. Can't imagine the Bears would be his first choice; how does he know he won't get burned again?

Come on, listen to what he says. He wants the perfect fit for him. He's getting old and probably wants to cruise through and cash in. Bring in someone young and hungry. He was burned by the Bears and probably thinks they owe him something. Players need to give themselves to the team. Guys in this situation usually are a bust. We don't need another over paid, under performing veteran WR. We have Muhammad.

I hear both of you but i'd like to think booker is better than muhammad. booker is a playmaker a bigger wr and i'd also would think faster as well. we definitely need two veterans we can't keep giving rex no wrs to throw to it's not fair. eli is not better than rex and look who this gets to throw to. plaxico and shockey two probowlers. now tell me if rex every had any wr or te of that caliber. we need all the help we can get at wr. i'm sick and tired of berrian this guy sucks and want top notch money. tell him to seek St elsewhere cuz he ain't gettin it here. lol

if we bring marty booker back we will be jumping back to 2000. hey whats jim miller and chris chandler up to? if we make this move we are throwing up the white flag for another season

Booker would be great insurance, But let's not over-pay. He is 31 and looking at his retirement in a year or two. Three at the most.

Didn't the Bears already make this move 3 years ago when they signed Moose? Can you ever re-build a recieving corps for the future when you continue to sign guys over 30? How about we find someone who can actually draft us a couple WRs...or if we are going to make a FA splash, do so with someone under the age of 28.

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