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Any action for Lance?

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Anyone out there for Lance Briggs?

The names keep dropping today, now a little more than 12 hours into free agency, and one we’re not hearing is Lance Briggs. reports that cornerback Asante Samuel has fled New England and will sign a contract with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Yahoo! reports that guard Alan Faneca will pick through offers from the Nw York Jets, San Francisco 49ers and St. Louis Rams and sign his name to one by the end of the weekend. No big surprise there that the Bears were not involved, is there?

Bernard Berrian is in Minnesota. Cincinnati defensive end Justin Smith is headed for a visit to San Francisco.

No news on Briggs. Not yet anyway.

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Berrian might do better in Tennessee or Oakland...better QB's

either way...he is going to get paid...good for him

jerry and the yes men really ought to think about Flozell Adams or Max Strarks

The Cowboys resigned Flozell Adams last night. Cross him off the list too. So it goes...

Frankly, I'm appalled that the Bears didn't even consider offering Alan Faneca. The guy is a potential Hall of Fame guard, and the Bears didn't even think one second about at least going after him. Just make an attempt! How horrible does our offensive line have to get first? Doesn't Angelo like veteran linemen? Don't we have the money under the cap? This is outrageous. Bears fans deserve better than this, and have for a long time now.

If we have any luck, with this situation hitting Briggs maybe the there's light at the end of the tunnel for him to become a Bear for life. I'm simply keeping hope, even though it might not happen in the end.

When the Bears were taking offers on Lance Briggs in 2006 ,there had seemed to be little intress then, and it might be the same this year.Their must be a reason.Lets ask Jerry Angelo:

Brando:Are you surprised that in the first 16 hours of free angency, Lance Briggs phone has yet to ring?

Jerry A:Yes I am surpriced,because Lance in a very fine player,and hes been a Pro Bowler the last 3 years.

Brando:Do you think he is Labeled a "System Player"?

Jerry A:Do I think Lance is a a system player, No I dont think Lance is a system player,But He has played at a very High Level in Lovies Defencesive system.

Brando:Is the offer on the table stand or is it negotiable?

Jerry A:Like I said Lance is a Very fine player.We offered Lance a Fair deal and yes I would like to have Lance return to the Chicago Bears.

Siants are calling Lance.Might want to wait on the call from the Raiders.

All you fans that are clamoring for money to be spent anywhere just spend it are frantic. Once again the need for something just anything to be done. Faneca 7-time pro bowler took two years to get there and at 30+ yrs old what are you people thinking he's getting old and has been fazed out on the Steelers that's why he is out there. Was he a pro-bowler last year? One maybe two years tops and we are at this thing (looking for linemen) again? Hey lets get two over 30 guys to match the two we already have so we can have four to replace in a couple of years. PEOPLE pay attention you have three veterans on the line now plug in two rookie starters and some late round backups or wait until the July cuts and get some with a little experience. They won't admit it but they are rebuilding and they are trying to due it on the fly and under the radar. There are too many holes to fill and they know it so they will not rush to do anything and will be very selective. So quit whining for them to just do anything, if they screw it up it will give you more ammo to run them out of town.

djssr good post i wrote something exactly the same on the chicago website blog.. people are asking for us to sign all this second and third tier guys to big money.. no way.. i rather rebuild with younger guys especially at the offensive line.. linemen that can run and pull around corners, linemen we can actually run a screen pass with.. i really don't think we're in that bad of shape. sounds to me like chicago is going to have there say in the draft.. we should be able to pick up a nice guard in the second rd... if we can i'd trade down early in the 2nd round..

What a joke. For you fools who think we dont have to do anything, your crazy!!! How about at least sign our own players. Now with Berrian gone. We dont have ONE starting reciever! Grossman couldnt get it done with Moose and Berrian and do you think our offense is going to suceed without a reciever? What a joke!!! For the people that think I'm wrong I also bet you were one of those idiots who bought into us not drafting Randy Moss when he came out of the draft.

The bottom line is if the Bears do nothing, they will suck next year. They will field a team that is maybe a maginable team. Can you say 8 and 8? Also if this is how they are going to deal with their own players, I SERIOUSLY doubt they will even sign Tommie Harris next year

Man we are 35 hours fresh into Free Agentcy, and people (Shawn) doesnt have any Faith in Chicago Bears managment.Alot of these top name big money free agents that are getting signed, are signing 6 year deals.The ONLY free agent that I would give a 6 year deal to is Randy Moss.Dont think the Bears will even bring him in.Patients is the key to sucsess.Most Teams that have splurged in the past have not been "contenders", and their are splurging with the hope to be a contender.
You look at the teams that go to the Playoffs, they may sign one or two free agents to plug in.And for all the people that are going to say N.E. Pats did it, they didnt! They traded for Randy Moss and Wes Walker and they did sign Thomas(LB/DE).
Im not worried that the Bears passed up on some of these players,There has to be a reason why they either got cut or didnt resign with their own team, and I sure dont want to find out the reason by watching them play for the Bears.

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