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Happy Gilmore: Tight end signing with Buccaneers

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Veteran tight end John Gilmore worked to negotiate a contract with the Bears this week.

When efforts failed, he turned to free agency and the interest he received bowled him over Thursday night.

Gilmore is en route to Tampa, Fla., where he will sign a three-year contract with the Buccaneers tonight.

You can add a blocking tight end to the Bears' growing list of needs.

``I’m pumped up,’’ Gilmore said. ``Free agency is one of those things where the unknown kills you. You’re waiting around and the fact that it hit when it did, it’s great. The one team I was most interested in stepped up to the plate and this is a no-brainer. I’m not going there to visit. I’m going to sign. I enjoyed my time im Chicago. The city and the fans always embraced me and I wish them well. I’m going to keep doing what I do. I’m just glad I’ve got something done.’’

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Thanks John for all your great blocks and the few times you were thrown the ball for making the catches you did. The Bears need to try and find a blocking TE now. They NY Giants proved that blocking TE's are valuable with the subtraction of Shockey (due to injury) and the addition of Boss, who made some great catches in the BIG GAME.

This one hurts us in several facets of the game. Gilmore was a solid blocker, receiver, and special teamer. There are a few of players like that in the draft, and there may be a couple in FA, but can we afford to spend a pick on a 3rd tight end who will have to learn the system? We are set at 1 and 2 in Clark and Olson, but we need that guy on the goal line and in short yardage, unless we are going to pull a Pats move and put one of our LBs or DL in on the goal line. This makes our offseason a little more interesting, and not necessarily in a good way. I am sad to see him go, but congratulate him for a solid career as a Bear, and on the new contract. Tampa got themselves a solid individual, and a good player.

Yes thank you for that fumble in the SUperBowl.

I happy for Gilly.He was a class act in Chicago.I wish him all the sucsess in Tampa.Cant help but to like a player that just loves to play the game, and doesnt care about money.If he did care about the money more, he would have shoped around.

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