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Grossman agrees to one-year contract

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INDIANAPOLIS—Rex Grossman is coming back to the Bears.

The quarterback agreed to terms on a one-year contract Saturday morning, meaning he and Kyle Orton will battle to be the starting quarterback.

The Sun-Times reported Saturday morning that a deal was imminent. The contract includes incentives based on play time and performance.

Grossman, a first-round draft pick in 2003, helped guide the Bears to Super Bowl XLI in 2006 before struggling at the start of last season. He made seven starts and passed for 1,411 yards and four touchdowns before being lost to a minor knee sprain in December.

More details to come.

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The move makes sense. There doesn't appear to be any QBs in the draft who can make an immediate impact, and there doesn't appear to be any free agents who would offer any marked improvement. Now, if Grossman will only step up in the pocket instead of run backwards, things will be better.

Good. Rex is one of the better options at QB out there. Have him compete with Orton and maybe Griese if he is still around (but we are pretty sure he won't be b/c of his relationship with His Emminence, Lord Turner) and give the job to the best guy. For real, real, and not for play, play. Revamp the line and we should see a much improved offense.

When will Angelo & Lovie wake up?Are they both in a coma?As long as McCaskey has his 2 "YES" men the Bears will never win another Super Bowl.To put it simple,as long as McCaskey "OWNS" the Bears ,they will never ever make it to another Super Bowl.Lovie & Angelo are always covering up for that BOZO.They remind me of the 3 Stooges.What a joke!!I used to be a die hard Bears fan until "Scrooge" McCaskey dissassembled a great team.McCaskey is so tight with a penny that when he squeezes it,you can literally hear Lincoln gasping for air.When McCaskey took charge of the team,the first thing he did was,He sent out all his slacks to a tailor and had the pockets removed & replaced with bigger ones.Mr Tightwad."NUFF SAID".

The Gimp Grossman will probably trip over a botched snap and get put on the DL in the preseason!

The trainees, Sleepy Smith & Angelo are clueless for resigning this fragile, frightened, brain cramped, over rated, pocket panicked QB!! He doesn't have enough presence of mind to step up into the pocket after all his years playing football !!

Go Orton

I think it's great! Rex has shown that he can be a winning QB. Aikman, Favre, even Brady weren't really good their first few years. Give Rex a really good front line and I think he can get us back to the Superbowl.

TOP 10
#10 Bears dont need fans like Jess
#9 I reject Jess's opion and subsitute my own
#8 Fred Miller Moose & Ruben Brown
#7 Bears will spend money just not on any top dollar Free Agents
#6 Grossmans Signed only a 1 year deal
#5 We dont need fans like Jess
#4 The Bears have no choice but to bolster their line
#3 Orton vs. Grossman!What in a Beard growing contest?
#2 Big Ben Wallace was Released by the Cav and signed Moose
#1 Devin Hester

"Used to be a die hard Bears fan?", Jesse? I have a hard time believing you ever were one. First off, I have no idea which "McCaskey" you're referring to. Michael McCaskey hasn't been president since '99 when Virginia fired him; Ted Phillips has been the president of the Bears since then. Secondly, while the Bears could be considered "cheap" in the days of Halas, those days are long gone. If you actually looked at the contracts the Bears have been handing out the past 4-5 years you would have noticed


I have to say I am probably in the silent majority in saying that I am glad that they were able to come to terms with Grossman. It is well documented what his deficiencies are, thus I do not feel we need to elaborate ad nauseum on that aspect of his abilities. I think the key for the bears will be to bring in a couple of stud lineman... (Sign Fanaca, trade up for Jake Long... whatever!!!!) and add an NFL Receiver (T.J Houshmandzadeh) to the mix with a nice complimentary possession's receiver (Stallworth) with Michael Turner and I believe the bears will be well-equipt to have their arse's crowned again!!!!!

Rex signing will prove to be a HUGH KEY to the future sucsess of the Bears for years to come. We don't need to rehash all the stats from 2006 when dispite up and down performances Rex put up fantastic numbers compaired to all time Bears history at that position. If given the weapons and help Rex will prove to us that he is the real deal and Bear fans will be greatful that Jerry did not let him move on.
Go Bears Brian

I'm not a huge Rex Grossman fan but there isn't many other options out there. I don't think anyone can step up and start from this years draft class. Free agent list isn't much better. I would have kicked the tires on Billy Volek. We have more problems then QB. At least with Grossman in place we have a guy that 2 years ago took us to the Super Bowl. A guy who knows the system and is familiar with the receivers (if we have any left). In typical Bears fashion they signed him to a 1 year deal and will probably watch Rex shine this year and then lose him to free agency next year. Should have locked him in to at least a 2 year deal with lots of incentives. With Rex locked up I don't see the Bears taking a QB in the first 2 rounds of the draft. We have major needs on the line and even if they won't admit RB. If we lose Bernard to free agency we have a GAPING hole at WR after losing Moose already. I'm sure the Grossman deal isn't for big money which is good cause we need t spend it in other places to get back to where we were.

somehow Ernie's message got mixed up with mine. My comments are listed under Ernie Taylor... That is a snafu as the thoughts expressed are explicitly those of a Mr Sprocket's Hair Piece and all other views (ernie taylor's) while maybe shared, are not those of Sprocket's Hair Piece!!!

good for the Bears
i've already said sevral times that Rex is our QB and i dont feel the need to explain to the idiots who dont like this move

Thanks Brando, someone is still living in the '90's!

I have been following this franchise for many years and they have always been with a few exceptions of course, fairly inept in the front-office(where the team is built). The critique of the McCaskey family is very valid. Angelo and Phillips work for them,except their expense parameters and believe it or not answer to them as well. If you really believe Mike is just the family gardner; "I have a bridge I would like to sell to you". I heard an interview with Peanut Tillman and he was talking about the front-office hierarchy and he mentioned Mike McCaskey as still running the show. This organization has always been run on the cheap(and still is). The bears are under the cap by over 30 million dollars. Are they going into the season with Mark Bradley and Devin Hester as their ace receivers? They will not sign Berrien,Briggs, or the special teams ace! Angelo made that clear in his own unique way. The Bears are in rebuild mode...Wait a second the Bears are pretty much always in rebild mode except maybe 1 or 2 years a decade.....

I was willing to help the Bears by signing for just $500,000. My body of work: I can fumble the snap, run and fall down, trip and fall, run backwards until tackled for a loss, toss the ball up for grabs in a crowd, I cant see over the line, I can toss the ball strait to the other team at a key moment in the game to kill a drive. That's what I would bring to the table, "and we'll go from there". But until we get a stud O-line, real WR and RB the QB wont matter ENOUGH.

I am shocked by the number of writers saying what a great move resigning Rex Grossman was especially after the overwhelming call for his ouster last season. Nothing would make me happier than Rex playing great football and leading the Bears to a great season. Did anyone see the last year and a half of his play? I sure hope that they have a real live open competition for the quarterback position. Rex has never had to win the job. He took the job from Kyle Orton after a good half in the Atlanta game two years ago, he was clearly the best choice to lead them to the playoffs, but then the team signed Brian Griese and never had any sort of open competition for the position. Grossman has never really had a great camp to put the questions to rest and played erratic in the last year and a half. He makes bad decisions, and fumbles snaps consistently. The best of the three last season was clearly Griese. The games were exciting, but he still threw more interceptions than TD's. I don't think any of the three will win if the line, running game and play calling doesn't improve dramatically. They have to keep together what receivers they have and add to them. If those things don't happen it won't matter who is playing QB. I really hope that Kyle Orton gets a real chance to win the job. He is a bigger (6'4") than Rex and can see over the defense better and had a good arm and doesn't make the dumb mistakes Rex has made in the past. Whomever the QB is without the above improvments none of it will matter.

Grossman will be fine as long as the Bears get a running back who can run and block so defenses will respect the play action pass. Without it any QB is doomed. Notice how Orton performed when Benson was out? No coincidence to me.

What else was to be done? The move makes sense if the Bears obtain an OT, OG, QB, WR and RB via draft/free agency. Give me a Brian Brohm, Joe Flacco or Chad Henne and whoever emerges in 09 as the starting QB will do well. If the line has any semblance of the first half of 07 and if we have a competent running game, whoever stands behind center in 08 will look good.

For Long Suffering Bears Fans, I could only suggest that they become a "Long Suffering Skins Fan!" These people are, no doubt, the same folks that complain that the Bears never have any consistency at the QB position, yet want a new QB as soon as the current one throws an interception. Ridiculous! The Bears have managed to keep Urlacher, Tillman, Vasher, and Kruetz, haven't they? Are these not quality players? You want to cry about the Halas (yes, I said Halas) way of football finances, then please jump on the Redskins bandwagon before it leaves the terminal! Snyder loves to throw away money! This system got the team to the SuperBowl LAST YEAR, and already the Fair Weather Fans are jumping ship. Again, ridiculous!

I can not believe that Angelo and Phillips could not find a warm body to fill in at QB for less than $3 Million. This is totally disgusting. I realize that their laundry list of positions which need to be filled is very long, and they must be so so tired from all of these tough decisions, but why not put more effort into managing your salary budget. What else does Grossman have to do in order for you to realize that he is not an NFL quality QB. I mean, George Halas has got to be rolling over right about now. The main problem is that the Head Coach, GM and Pres. are very lazy. Another huge problem is that there is way too much money being thrown at these teams through the TV contract. The teams do not have the incentive to work any harder because, regardless of the results, they are still going to be paid a lot of money. The solution - Give the Bears Organization and enema. Flush out all of the crap in the front office and on the coaching staff. Start fresh!! But, in order to do that, you need someone with guts and the foresight to design a team which we can wrap our arms around and fall in love with. But I do not believe that it will happen with this bunch of Lazy, milk-toast managers and coaches. But, these guys are not being paid to win games - They are compensated based on the financial performance of the team. So, until that changes (and the only way it will change is if we stop attending the games) the bears will continue to pay these 3rd and 4th string players millions of dollars. Do not expect a Super Bowl contending team until 2011.

What exactly is it with Bears HOMERS that are still in love with Grossman because they didn't learn the first two or three times with him?

Even Bears FANS have seen the truth at this point. Yet the homers still pine for the guy. At least Steeler fans finally ran Kordell Stewart out of Pittsburgh!

"He's one of the best QB options out there", sure .. if you're the Bears who are 1) too CHEAP to PAY for a better QB, and 2) too stubborn to just develop another one on your roster who wont fumble the snap from center - the same center that none of the other QBs on your team seem to have a problem taking snaps from.

"He's put up great numbers", sure he's also put up passer ratings of 10, 1, and ZERO - vs some of the worst pass defenses in the league. In fact, he was last in QB rating and completion percentage this past year behind all the other QBs on his own team. But yep, ignore all the bad numbers, and he had some really good ones LOL.

"Aikman, Favre, even Brady weren't really good their first few years." Did ANY these guys STILL consistently fumble the center snap (from a Pro-Bowl) center well into their 4th year? Don't disrespect what those others have accomplished by comparing them to Grossman. Sticking with a QB who can't handle the snap from center is as bas as sticking with a RB who can't take a hand-off from his quarterback.

"Give him a better O-line. So his lack of any scrambling ability what-so-ever, horrible mechanics, poor decision-making, and his tendency to throw up ducks on passes over 40 yards is the O-line's fault now? You're saying he needs a better O-line so he can re-do all the same things he already did wrong back when the O-line in front of him ... was better? FACT: The problems he's STILL having aren't O-line problems gang ... they're QB PROBLEMS.

Sahrish ... that laughing you're hearing when Rex fumbles the snap, trips and sacks himself, and throws up ducks to the other team during games next year … is ME ... all the way from the SW burbs!

okay im fine with you saying that, but if he does well come back on here and admitt that you were stupid and wrong
you probably won't and will just pretend to have been supporting him all along

As long as the Bears do something positive with the offensive line, Rex and/or Orton should do well. They have proven in the past that as long as that line holds, they can be successful. That, and some smart play calling and clock management. Oh, and one more thing: Defensive pressure. Maybe what is needed is a step back from the Cover 2. I guess we will just all have to wait and see.

Patrick ... Rex didn't throw off his back foot, make poor decisions, float up ducks, trip over HIMSELF, and repeatedly fumble snaps due to a BAD OFFENSIVE LINE.

Please try reading the previous posts before you make statements that have already been countered.

And secondly, any idiot who thinks that the Bears should sign an aging Faneca for what he's asking - when the Bears have so many other holes to fill - is exactly that.

An idiot.

And trust me .... I know Faneca .. I'm a Steelers fan!

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