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Garza to meet another world leader

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The Bears will not be planning a trip to the White House like the Super Bowl XLII champion New York Giants, but that doesn’t mean Roberto Garza will not be rubbing shoulders with world leaders.

Garza will meet Felipe Calderon, the president of Mexico, this afternoon at Lawndale High School. Garza is among a little more than a dozen Mexican-Americans currently active in the NFL, and he grew up in Rio Hondo, Texas, a border town his parents emigrated to from Mexico before he was born. His grandfather still lives in Mexico running a family farm. Garza is expected to be bearing personalized No. 63 Bears jerseys as gifts.

Garza met George W. Bush four years ago in a Cinco de Mayo celebration at the White House.

The starting right guard is active in the community and frequently does work with Hispanic organizations.

While the offensive line is expected to undergo a retooling this offseason, Garza projects to be a fixture moving forward. He's signed through 2011. He and center Olin Kreutz were the only two linemen to start all 16 games last season.

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i'd like to see someone challenge garza and tait for there jobs. let's be real the inability to block was not just one man (fred miller). It was the whole offensive line he couldn't run or pass block...

good for you roberto. represent.

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