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Gage catches windfall in Tennessee

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You can bet the Bears wish they had Justin Gage on the roster right now as they brace themselves for the possibility Bernard Berrian exits via free agency.

Gage, a fifth-round draft pick in 2003, never made it to the open market. He agreed to a four-year contract with the Tennessee Titans on Wednesday worth $14.5 million and including $6.5 million in guaranteed money. It is similar to the package Dallas gave Patrick Crayton earlier this year.

Gage never seemed to be a fit in Ron Turner’s offense, rarely seeing the field. He signed with the Titans last season for $1 million and led them with 750 receiving yards and 55 receptions. Of his 55 catches, 45 went for first downs, the third-highest ratio in the league. Gage’s best year as a Bear was 2005 when he made 31 catches for 346 yards and two touchdowns.

Ironically, another fifth-round pick from that same 2003 draft class also led his new team in receiving. Bobby Wade was tops on the Minnesota Vikings with 54 catches for 647 yards. Maybe that’s why general manager Jerry Angelo is singing he praises of Mark Bradley ... perhaps he knows he can play if the coaches would only give him an opportunity.

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"Jerry Angelo is signing he praises of Mark Bradley ... perhaps he knows he can play if the coaches would only give him an opportunity."

The Bears only have one coach, Toub the rest are football dumb dumbs that are paid like coaches but don't act like them.

People seem to forget that Mark Bradley was Bernard Berrian before he got hurt. Bradley was the fast burner until the knee injury and after that he never quite got a fair shake at receiver. He can be the mam!

Good for Justin Gage. The kid could play, but never received a fair opportunity here in Chicago. That he's found success in the Titans anemic passing game speaks volumes. For the record, just what kind of receiver is a fit in Ron Turner's offense??

True that Mike. Toub is the only football coach on that team.

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