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Faneca headed to Jets as market for guards shrinks

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The market for interior offensive linemen is shrinking and if the Bears are going to pursue one, they will need to act quickly.

Seven-time Pro Bowl guard Alan Faneca did not need the weekend to weigh his offers. He agreed to a $32 million, four-year contract, according to, that includes $23 million guaranteed. The Bears were never involved in discussions with the ex-Steeler.

But the Bears have two holes to fill along their line. They need to replace left guard Ruben Brown and right tackle Fred Miller. The draft promises a handful of talented tackles, and the team interviewed Virginia guard Branden Albert at the combine, another projected first-round pick.

The club might be hesitant to go into training camp without at least trying to upgrade over the combination of veteran Terrence Metcalf and Josh Beekman, last year's fourth-round pick, at guard. Metcalf was benched in the final month of the season and Beekman has no NFL experience.

The agent for guard Jake Scott said he has yet to hear from the Bears. Ken Staninger said his client was weighing a couple possibilities for visits, and nothing was imminent. Based on Justin Smiley's $25 million, five-year contract with Miami, the first deal announced in free agency, that might be a baseline for Scott's salary.

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I believe that they should aggressively go after Jacob Bell or Jake Scott, try their hardest to sign Bryant Johnson when in town and sign Demorrio Williams. All of these upgrade positions that we may be losing players or have lost players at, and shouldn't break the bank. Then we can go to the draft thinking Mendenhall at 14, hope that Albert or Otah slip to the 2nd or try to get Flacco in the 2nd and get an OT in the 3rd.

He didn't sign with the Jets. ESPN was wrong. He's still taking offers.

Were is all the money being spent? Obviosly the studs are not getting it. Urlacher, briggs, berian,Tommie Harris, Hester, The 5 biggest names, and best players the bears have but they dont get paid squat. 11 guys got payed better then urlacher last year. But we sign Kyle orton or Rex Grossman for twice as much as Devon hester gets paid. Urlacher and Hester puts the money in the bears pockets. But the bears waste money on crappy players. Instead of paying them there due, and signing other good players to go with them. Angelo is a idiot.

Brad, Like your thoughts, Mine? We need a servicable veteran FA OT or G and couple that with a prayer that Mendenhall is there @#14. Best available OL in the 2nd and use the thirds on a QB & WR. We should get some Exrta picks on day two. Remember we lost two good prospects in our Secondary to FA and 2 good Defensive Linemen also. All four went on to help their new teams last year. Comp Picks, ...Aaah Yea!


Urlacher is getting paid according to the contract HE signed.

He's also LOTS of money in endorsements too.

An aging, slower, beat-up linebacker, who still cant shed blocks very well, and now has a degenerative back condition that WILL effect the rest of his career, isn't going to get much more then he currently is.

I agree with Eric on signing Jacob Bell, and or Jake Scott, why not sign both, it give the Bears plenty of options at the tackle position. From there it makes selecting a running back with the 14th pick a lot easier. Drafting a hard nosed runner like Mendenhall would truly improve the running back position. Go after Joe Flaco with the second pick, or trade that pick for some later round picks for there should still be plenty of players out that will provide the Bears with what there are looking to fill at the needed positions. After all there have been teams that have picked great players at the 6 and 7th rounds who became pro bowlers. Just to name an couple, Tom Brady and Marcus Colston. Names that where never mentioned in any of the mock drafts.

JD, get off the pipe. Urlacher makes a ton of dough. Big money is a product of timimg, i.e. it was time for Tillman and Vasher and they got theirs, as did Alex Brown. It was Kruetz's time and he got paid. Tait also makes a mint. Harris and Hester will get theirs when it's their time (during next 6-12 months). You don't pay everyone at the same time (can't). Try to pay a little more attention.

i just don't get it. angelo and smith are in denial. we are not close to a superbowl. we got there dispite our offense. i don't blame them for resigning rex, there is nothing better out there but i do blame him for trading down to draft him. how many florida qb's are we going to try out, Wuerffel, Matthews, Leak, i have to stop before i puke. not to mention his mistake with benson, an unproductive version of ricky williams. but angelo drafted him so that means we have at least 3 more years of angelo waiting for him to turn the corner just like rex. He wont cut his loses and move on, he sits on his hands while we have money to spend. Faneca is gone, were not going after Turner, i hope we go Mendenhall in the first but that would be angelo admitting a mistake and he wont do that. he needs to be fired. Flacco could pan out but if we are so close to a superbowl do we have 2 or 3 years to wait for him to learn the NFL game, i know our Defense doesnt. he cant draft offense and makes too many reaches in the top rounds, ( refer to last years draft if you disagree ). FIRE ANGELO, PLEASE

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