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Countdown to free agency: 36 hours

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Phone lines and fax machines will begin lighting up in 36 hours when free agency opens.

The Bears will tender one-year offers to wide receiver Rashied Davis and safety Brandon McGowan before then. Those will likely be made today before Thursday's deadline.

General manager Jerry Angelo is hoping linebacker Lance Briggs, wide receiver Bernard Berrian and special teamer Brendon Ayanbadejo determine that the grass is greener in Lake Forest after they dip their toes into free agency.

No one has said this, but I would imagine keeping Berrian is the top priority for the simple reason the team has no proven talent on the depth chart if he departs.

But if the Bears did not want to overpay for Berrian with the franchise tag -- $7.848 million -- they are going to be less apt to want to overpay in a longterm deal. Berrian is seeking in excess of $20 million over the first three years of a contract. A contract has been on his mind for a long time. Remember, he switched to agent Drew Rosenhaus during the season.

Is it possible Donte Stallworth or Ernest Wilford, more Rosenhaus clients, are on the Bears' radar in the event they miss out on Berrian?

The Bears want to keep Briggs, a Rosenhaus client too, but have been preparing for his potential departure for some time. It's why they drafted Jamar Williams in 2006 and Michael Okwo last April. Don't forget Nick Roach, the outside linebacker they signed off San Diego's practice squad in November. He's got some nice traits.

Check back later on when we explore free agency a little more as we get closer.

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I still think we would be far better served to pursue Alan Faneca or Jake Scott on day 1, and then look at other options for WR than Berrian. DJ Hackett and Bryant Johnson would be better options in my opinion. Bradley and Hester are ok for 2 and 3, but we need the front man. The two TE set should be our staple, but most importantly, we need horses up front to protect the QB and run the ball. I see the following guys as attractive targets at Guard in FA:

Alan Faneca
Jake Scott
Justin Smiley
Jacob Bell
Evan Mathis
You get one or two of these guys, and Kreutz makes them a great inside line group.

We need to look at the draft for tackles, as there is not much out there in FA.


Brando has got to be the biggest Packer fan out there or he's Ced in disguise.

Brando you are a waste of space, you just spout out stuff(do you have terrets?). Joe why do you want all those aging players the idea is to get young and get big all those you mentioned will cost and be only a bandaid. Get them all in the draft have them compete with what you have and go from there. This is the year to build, they(huge offensive linemen) are out there this year let's get it done and it will last longer, let's stop that shortcut crap of getting aging cast-offs. If you want to get off the bus running then you need some road graders to clear the way. D.J. Hackett can't catch the ball either, don't you think if he was any good the Vikings would be trying to keep him. Rideau, Haas and Bradley are a good foundation, but see we don't know because we had OOPPs Moose and Bobbling Berrian dropping and not getting seperation and of course the QB can't be running for his life all these things and all you can come up with is D.J.Hackett and Bryant Johnson. Geez you are a uninformed fan. If you don't have a clue go learn try reading and watching games.

good point joey bagadonughts!!!!! while we are at it let's send in a seal team to kidnap cade mcnown and bring him back!!! after that we can scout every youth league for a quality tackle!.......
oops. 1 too many beers...LOL

OK this is what has to be done....berrian hasnt impressed me but you need to sign him and try and get a stallworth or devery henderson over here....sign a guard like faneca and draft a guard...and try and hold on to Briggs...depending on the money situation...this is grossman and benson's last chance so they have to a have a surrounding cast around them to suceed!!!

Im not a waste of space nor am I a packers fan.I have been reading some senceless Bloggs in the last 5 days so I just thought I would take part in some Bloggs that made no sence.just a Funny Ha Ha Blogg ,dont put anything into it.The players I had mentioned are my favs on the Bears.

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