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Countdown to free agency: 24 hours

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Unless the Bears are pulling a double reverse on us, the focus of the organization entering free agency will be on re-signing players who have already called Halas Hall home.

But if the Bears are going to look elsewhere for help at a position other than wide receiver, it could be safety.

Asked what was a bigger area of concern, general manager Jerry Angelo identified safety over defensive tackle last week.

“Given the fact that we have four pretty good defensive tackles back with Tommie [Harris], Dusty [Dvoracek], we talked about Anthony Adams, we even talked about putting [Israel] Idonije inside as well, I would feel better about that position,’’ Angelo said. ``The safety position, maybe there’s a little bit more concern there comparatively speaking because you have younger players.

"You have [Brandon] McGowan, you have Kevin Payne back there, obviously Mike Brown’s still under contract. We feel good about Danieal Manning, but there’s more concern there because they’re younger players. But we feel good about the players that we have playing there and we feel good that we can win with these players even if we didn’t do anything outside of what we have on the present roster.”

The top safety on the market is probably the New York Giants’ Gibril Wilson. He might be a little too pricey as reports are he is seeking something in the range of $5 million per year. Denver, Jacksonville and Philadelphia are three teams believed to be waiting for a chance to speak with him. After Wilson, other free-agent alternatives could be Cincinnati’s Madieu Williams and the New York Jets’ Erik Coleman. Minnesota may be making a run at Williams, who is a playmaker and could likely help the Bears.

Buckle yourself in. Free agency is 24 hours away and the first 24 hours promise to be furious.

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I can see it coming. The Bears have made cheap attempts to sign their own talent, and are likely to lose it, and won't attempt to sign any additional talent during free agency. This is shaping up to be a total disaster, except for Mike McCaskey. This will be a windfall year in profits for the McCaskeys. Their payroll will be down and their revenue will be up. I think their feeling is that they are paying top dollar for Lovie, he should be able to coach a team even if they don't have much talent.

I have been following this team for decades. The Bears are not going to sign Briggs or Berrien and they will not engage in attempting to sign top-flight free-agents. I guess we can expect one or two good years a decade from this organization. Going into the season with Bradley and Hester as #1 and #2 receivers is idiotic, and translates into 4-7 wins top. Thank you Mike McCaskey great product as always...

expect nothing to be done, and draft of all defense players.

Cheap attempts? $8 million to sign and $25 million over five years for Berrien? I wouldn't call that cheap at all KillerKane. In fact, I'd call that overpaying for a WR who just came off a 71-catch, 950 yard, 5 TD season.

You whiney cry babies you act like the Bears are losing Jerry Rice IT'S BERNARD BERRIAN, oh get a grip he didn't make 1,000 yards he dropped several passes in the clutch he's one dimensional and there are better on the roster who haven't had a chance, yeah you'll say the are unproven, inexperienced but we also know Berrian why pay millions for a one way player we got one that can run a fly pattern that's all I've ever seen. I'm tired of doom and gloom over him remember this team was 7-9 with him RIGHT.

I could care less if Berrian comes back he's a #2 wideout at best and doesn't make catches over the middle. IF he can sign a bigger contract than the one the bears are willing to spend good for him. Having said that the question still remains who are we going to sign... I can only hope that they push towards signing OL. If your the bears and your going to overspend it would make more sense to overspend on the OL or on Defense. Wr's don't win games, they make 7 or 8 plays a game tops.

Outside of Briggs are the Bears going to sign anybody?

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