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Combine: Veteran coach wants to pass on this class of QB's

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INDIANAPOLIS—Gloomy with a chance of there being some coach killers.

That’s how one veteran quarterbacks coach summed up the workouts by the passers Sunday in the RCA Dome. No position draws more scrutiny than the quarterback, and he’s the guy that often times the fate of offensive coordinators, head coaches and general managers are tied to, like it or not.

The coach we talked to after he was done surveying the action sounded like a man who wants no part with any of the Class of 2008. He shared his assessment of the action:

``Awful. This is the worst I have seen. There were a lot of bad football players on that field.

``Matt Ryan didn’t throw today. On film, I like him. I think he’s the best of the bunch. But we haven’t seen him yet. Brian Brohm threw today. I think he was OK. But he didn’t jump out at you like a top-10 pick, or anything close to that. After that, gosh, it was bad.

``Chad Henne is a big, slow release guy. He’s got a big, wide base, kind of a squatter, not fundamentally very strong. There just aren’t many fundamental quarterbacks.

``The kid from Nebraska [Sam Keller] was just awful.

``Joe Flacco, fundamentally he’s pretty good. But I watched him take about a million sacks on tape. He’s a big, tall, long release guy. My whole deal with him is if he took a million sacks in college, what’s going to happen in the NFL? Kind of reminds me of that big kid from Michigan that Arizona had, John Navarre. Same thing. He took too many sacks. He couldn’t move around. Just like that kid from Arizona State that wound up in Oakland, Andrew Walter. He’s going to be out of the league in another year. Do you want him?

``Andre Woodson? He didn’t do anything either. I guess I’ll have to go watch him work out at some point.’’

This coach won’t be holding his breath on the way to that workout either.

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What part of Kevin O'Connell or Bernard Morris didn't you guys get when I said it.....

Draft one late...let Pep push his muscle memory snake oil philosophy on him....and ruin him

Chicago Bears...Ruining QB's since 1951

and you wonder how I grew up here and like DaRaidahs...3 trophies...5-ish Superbowls

The Chicago Bears are the laughing stock of the NFL....(ie..see Rex Grossman signing...)

I am praying that the bears dont draft any QBs this year.There realy is no clear cut QB in this draft.If they do I hope it will be in rounds 5-7 no reason why the Bears should even waist a pick on a QB when there are so many more. Drafting O-lineman, Wide Outs,safty,DT, and a RB would be a smart thing for the Bears.If DaBears let go of Brian Griese I think they should give a look at Free Agency.It would be a disater if Kyle and Rex gets hurt and have to resort to a Rookie QB that would be worse than Ortons first year.Please Bears go with the safe picks and draft lineman wide outs and DT before even thinking about a busted QB that will be out of Chicago before his contract is up.

you chicago fans disgust me.. first all the talk rex suxs and how we need to draft a qb in particular flaco.. now after one article that seems to be the truth you guys are wavering.. how comical.. rex is our qb get over it..

With a 2000yrd rusher and a top 5 D, I dont care if the Bears entice Peter-Tom Willis out of retirement, Chicago will be in the big game again in no time. Chi-town never has been about pretty boy QB's and thank god it never will!

I have thought the same thing as far as no surefire top pick guy, but there is a lot of quality depth at QB in this draft. So many college teams are playing "gimmicky" systems that it makes it very difficult to evaluate their true potential. Chad Henne played in Michigan's plodding offense, Brennan played in the run-and-shoot. Brohm was in a new system, Flacco was playing in a league where the defensive ends tend to dominate because they are way better athletes than the OTs they are facing. To condemn these guys because of the talent around them is pretty irresponsible, not to mention you have to assume that any coach/gm speak this time of year is nothing more than smokescreens and misdirection. I think there are a lot of signal callers who can be good NFL players coming out of this draft. But it is like last year, where I don't believe any of the guys drafted will ever be the Hall Of Fame QB that their franchises hope they will be. Most teams just need a guy who won't kill them when the game is on the line. Eli Manning wasn't that guy until Week 16 this year, and he was a #1 overall pick 4 years ago. Look at the Pro Bowl QBs this year. Tony Romo (undrafted), Tom Brady (6th round) Peyton Manning (#1 overall), Derek Anderson (6th rounder in Baltimore, cut and signed by Cleveland), Matt Hassellbeck (6th round by Green Bay, traded to Seattle), Brett Favre (2nd round by Atlanta, traded to Green Bay), Jeff Garcia (undrafted, Canadian Football League player),Ben Roethlisberger (1st round pick). There is no such thing as a finished product coming out of college. They all have warts, and holes in their games. It is the job of coaches like the one who was complaining about the talent level in the draft to make them better. If his team drafts a QB, you can bet he will be singing a different tune as he works with him. Articles like this one are good fodder for discussion, but should not be taken all that seriously.

Who is this 2000yd rusher you speak of?

I like Rex. Saw replay of Super Bowl XLI on NFL network recently. That was a team loss. If Moose didn't have aligator arms, or at least came back and knocked the ball down, the Rex interception returned for touchdown would never have happened. Give him some wide receivers who try and he won't be that bad. I think Angelo knows this, which is why Moose is gone and Rex has another shot.

Not sure who this QB coach was but........ totally agree with him.
The fundamentals are starting to disappear from college qb's with the all out usage of the shotgun.

What I see are alot of off balanced, sloppy footwork, hitches where there shouldn't be and just all out poor throwing mechanics.

Just look at the faces of the qbs throwing against air. They are not relaxed.

Whatever.......the hype needs to be checked by some in the know. Not these media driven wanta be experts.

The Bears can draft any QB they want but the fact of the matter is this regime does not have time to draft and develope another QB. From what I am hearing and reading it looks like the Bears are going to draft one although. I myself would take Chad Henne I think Henne is the most polished of the QBs the Bears will be looking at when they select one. But the Bears have other pressing needs like the o-line and another runningback. Yeah going with a rookie left tackle is going to be risky but Angelo did this to himself by not addressing the need the last couple drafts. A rookie tackle will be off for the first part of the season there will be a transition period but it will be worth it in the long run because the Bears will have a nice young tackle and the o-line will be better and hopefully the running game will follow. I personally think Kyle Orton is are QB and with improved play from the running game he will develope into a nice QB for us so GO BEARS!!

Listen guys,

I'm not sure if Rex is the solution to Chicago's problems, but, Kyle Orton couldn't hit water if he fell out of a boat. I like the guy. He manages the game. He's a poor man's Ben Rothlesberger.

It would be nice if the Bears addressed their QB situation a little more thoroughly like in making a run at Brady Quinn or even Alex Smith, whom I've heard have both worn out their welcomes.

But I read Jay Marriotti's column on Grossman's resigning with the Bears and man, what a joke! How could this nimrod really be a featured columnist? I honestly don't think Jay actually watches the Bears football games.

The running game collapsed. The defense got injured...again. And all of the Bears WR's dropped passes, gave up on routes, etc. Rex fumbling some exchanges with Kreutz didn't break the season. At least a third of his picks weren't even his fault. I admit he made some bad plays and had some bad games, but, come on, he had less to do with the problems than Jay says.

Rex is one of the best pure play-action passers in the game. What do you need for the play-action to be successful? A running game. Start by improving the line, signing a serviceable RB (or two) and use Rex as the stop-gap until they actually CAN make a move at QB.

This year's draft has got nobody. Maybe Jay could suit up and show us how it's done.

Hey Jay, get over to Indy and run your fat arse around the combine a few times. I'd much rather hear from Brad Biggs.

I agree that mariotti is the whineist columnest i've ever read and thats why i skip his column. but remember, he whined when the bulls won a record 72 games and should be traded back to detroit. I like joe flacco in the second or third round as a 1 year project. maybe henne but flacco had a better senior bowl.I think we all know they will take a left tackle first and i hope clady or baker is there at 14 because we need a first year starter at the hardest spot on o line. Rex, Orton, and Greise all take the blame for a terrible injury plauged line who even when healthy in the super bowl came up short.kreunts is the most overated nfl player ever but we'll have to wait another year to find a center with some size who don't get swallowed up by big tackles. this misdirection or what? Why do I have the feeling that this "coach" actually has his sights set on one of these QBs and just wants appear that there really isn't a good one out there so he can increase the chances of his choice being there?

I have also recently watched the XLI tape...The team collectivly did contrubute to the loss, Gilmore's fumble, ect. But if you have a quarterback that fumbles two snaps, falls down trying to evade people, those are dead plays that are only his fault. That lame duck he threw to Muhammad, and that under thrown deep shot to Berrian, those are all throws you need a starter to make in a super bowl. His offensive line was, indeeed, offensive, which didn't help much, but all the three and outs, under 200 total yards, he was a major contributing factor. He is too small, too squirly, and inconsistant at best.

agree on this scout's take, which is why the Bears should not even consider a QB until round 4 or later, if they want to take a chance on someone this year.

The best points made on this board though are definitely about Marriotti. How this guy still has a job is beyond me. Whines when Bulls win 72 games, jumps on any and every negative bandwagon that comes up, and blames Grossman for everything. Not to mention, he writes the same negative articles over and over, just with different headlines. Also, his bloated chubby head picture with that greasy mane in the paper makes me ill whenever I see it.

After reading through all of these blogs I have come across a few sensible statements, the rest are jibberish. One good statement I heard was "GO AFTER BRADY QUINN"! If Quinn is indeed available, the Bears should do whatever it takes to get him. He is a true leader, a film study prodigy, and is as strong as an ox! The Bears have nothing like Quinn on the roster. I would even go as far as to trade the first draft pick if Cleveland would accept it! Draft OT in second round. DT in 3rd. Even though I really like Mendenhall with that 14 pick, a stud QB like Quinn would be way more valuable! That being said, I dont know where the notion that Cleveland would part with Quinn came from, and may just be some crazy ND fan wanting to see him on another team. The QBs in this draft are not worth wasting no more than a 4th round pick on anyhow.
NO MO THAN FOE (4) FA FLACCO, is my campaign slogan.

To follow up with the Quinn thing (and I'm paraphrasing here): Undisclosed sources from the Browns have said on several blogs and reports to ESPN "insiders" they need two quarterbacks and would like to keep Anderson AND Quinn. They also said it would be difficult to keep both players happy over an extended period and knew there would come a time they would have to let one of them go. Also, while they're not actively "shopping" Quinn, they are open to offers.


Alex Smith has fallen out of favor with his coach in SF. If he loses the camp competition with Martz...expect him to look for, and get a trade.

Mariotti is an idiot ever seen him on ESPN he looks like a jag and makes a real fool of himself, that said there are no QB's out there F/A. Quinn is not a option, you need to fix the OL get a real RB then a QB. Ainge and Booty ran pro style offenses and are closer to ready then all the others after Ryan. Woodson is a true project he was strctly a college system QB way over-rated and Brennan is a Arena League QB all system no real talent. But if Mendenhall falls to 14 (I doubt it) you gotta go if not OL(tackle) and more OL(guard) then RB followed by WR then look at Qb in 4th once again Booty or Ainge could be there.

I CANNOT BELIEVE ANY ONE HAD THE BALLS TO SAY GROSSMAN, BEST, PURE ANYTHING ALL IN THE SAME SENTENCE OR PARAGRAPH. Emoney ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR FREAKIN MIND??? I hope your family doesn't read this blog and find out you are betting your salary on Brady Quinn or better yet on the Bears. Boy are you and Mariotti related? Alex Smith? Alex Smith? why have you got your eye on someone elses lost cause if he can't play for San Fran why would we want him (dedede)You sound like a typical desperate fan see how much would stick if you threw it on the wall.

I agree that there are not too many good QB's coming out of college this year, but the veteran QB's coach (name omitted for some reason) is wrong about a couple of these guys. I'm not totally sold on Ryan, but he did play a difficult college schedule and faired really well. Brohm could be a steal of a pick. It's hard to tell since the head coach left before his senior season. I think they only lost 1 game the year before as a junior. New coaches, new plays, etc. could have been a downfall for this guy. I think he will do well.

Now for the straight up scoop on Joe Flacco. This unnamed QB coach needs a adjust his TV, because he must be talking about Henne or something (they do have similar helmets...). Anyway, I watched a number of Delaware games this year and the truth is Flacco has all of the skills to be a good NFL player. I have never been high on the U of D QB in the past and I actually hated the guy that played before Flacco. You could just tell that this guy was in a different league than many of the previous U of D QB's. Delaware was not a really good team this year, but somehow made it to the Championship Game in their Division and played Appalachin State (the team that beat Michigan). The reason they made it so far was the play of Flacco. Game after game he would dismantle each opponent. His O-line was average at best and his WR's were worse. In fact there were a number of games where his WR's dropped a half dozen on target passes. He never had a deep threat at the U of D either or his college numbers may have been even better. He has a laser arm, is extremely accurate, and recently threw a ball 74 yards in the air at one of the recent QB skills challenges. I have never seen a problem with his release being too slow as mentioned above. As for the level of competition, I think that is over blown. The league that Delaware plays in has some pretty good teams and a number of them could, and have, beaten Div I opponents. Here ar a couple names of players that have played in the U of D division. Brian Westbrook (Villanova) and Marques Colston (Hofstra). I'm sure people said the same thing about these players when they were about to be drafted and now both of them are in the top 10 in the NFL at their respective positions.

Flacco is not an instant starter, nor is any QB in his first year out of college. With the right coaching and time to polish his skills, Joe Flacco may turn out to be a pretty good NFL QB.

Andy did Flacco hire you as his agent or what? Yes he's got potential, no he won't be there in the 4th round which is where if the Bears do it right they should be looking for a QB. See Andy in the pro's if you don't have a running game or offensive line why get a QB and ruin him. QB's are not the answer to everything McMahon was not a great QB but with three all-pros Hilgenberg, Covert and Bortz add Payton and he looked great. His WR's were mediocre at best. He didn't look so good in Greenbay before Farve or in SanDiego remember it's the all-pro's that made him go. So every QB doesn't have to be all world if the cast around them is solid. Class dismissed. Emoney and Andy stay after class.

School is back in session. Looks like djssr needs another lesson. I have no idea how a report about Joe Flacco turned into a rant about Jim McMahon, Walter Payton, and 3 all pro O-Lineman. I was trying to give you the scoop on a really good college QB. I didn't say the Bears should draft Flacco at #14 in Round 1. The player drafted at this position better be able to step on the field and play at NFL speed right out of college. So, if you take someone like Mendenhall with that pick, now you potentially have a good starting RB. Then look for Flacco at #46 in round 2, now you are starting to build for the future. Unless you think Grossman or Orton are the future??...Pick up your lineman through the rest of this draft and into the next year or two and someone like Flacco, or any other good college QB, should be ready to roll.

BTW, were Hilgenberg, Covert, and Bortz all 1st or 2nd round picks?

And then we have Walter Payton, arguably the best RB in NFL history. He was drafted out of Jackson State. That's not a division IA school. Picked in the first round, #4 overall in 1975.

Jim McMahon was a first round pick, #5 overall in 1982 from BYU. That was a fairly small school back then too for a Division IA program.

Still think QB's and RB's aren't as important as O-lineman??...

I could go on, but we'll save that for the next lecture.

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