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Combine: NFL investigating Bears' charge 49ers tampered with Briggs

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INDIANAPOLIS—The NFL is looking into whether or not the San Francisco 49ers engaged in tampering by discussing a contract with the agent of Bears linebacker Lance Briggs during the past season.

Yahoo Sports reports that the league is investigating the circumstances surrounding the Niners’ alleged negotiations with Drew Rosenhaus on a contract for Briggs during the 2007 season. If San Francisco is found guilty of such a charge, the organization could be fined or stripped of a draft pick.

What is surprising is that the Niners could think that they could sign Briggs to a new deal if they traded for him in October, as the story suggests. The deadline for players designated with the franchise tag to sign multi-year contracts passed in mid-July, before Briggs reported to training camp and signed the $7.206 million, one-year contract he played under. When that date passed, no one could ink Briggs to a longterm deal until after the completion of the season. The Bears have exclusive negotiations rights with him until free agency opens at 11 p.m. Feb. 28.

Rosenhaus met with the Bears at length Thursday to discuss contracts for Briggs, wide receiver Bernard Berrian, defensive tackle Tommie Harris and special teamer Brendon Ayanbadejo. They could have asked Rosenhaus about the circumstances of the Niners' involvement at the time. Who knows?

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All I want to know is, can we get anything out of this if it is proven the 49ers tampered with Briggs?

What I want to know is what was SF going to offer last season? They gave up their first round pick to the Pats. The SF brain trust must loony to think the Bears wouldn't accept anything less than a 2008 first rounder for Briggs.

It seems like the Niners were up to no good trying to get a jump on the market four months early. I hope the NFL comes down hard on them.

yea we do get something out of it,cause if it is true now the 49ers cant try to get him again this year with out looking suspect

Who really cares. If money is the ONLY reason he plays the game and not for LOVE of the sport or his current team mates the I say GOOD RIDENS!


I don't understand your comment. I don't know what you do for a living but if all the people that do what you do think that you are one of the best in the country at it, would you stay at your present company because you liked the work and the people no matter what they offered you.Keep in mind that the next game these players play could be thier last. He would be stupid not to let the market set his value. Believe me every man on that team as wll as the Bears understand that these things are part of the business side of Pro Football

Sorry my last post was meant for Tim not Dice

YES I would Dice. I could do my job for more money in many other cities, but I Choose to stay. I realize that by choosing to move, I am transplanting my children and wife from schools, work, friends,etc. My own routine of the same, just as anyone would suffer. Is all that drama worth money, I think not. 8 MILLION dollars for last year should last Lance a LIFETIME not to mention the ENORMOUS contract he just turned down. RIDICULOUS! This guy was GIVEN the proving ground he is operating this premise on and to be ANYTHNG but GREATFUL to such an organization and a city as the BEARS is REPULSIVE. Your thinking is EXACTLY what is wrong with this sport and I for One grow tired of the GREED! Lance should sign, play, and be Thankful! By the way....I've probably got Bear gear older than most of you.


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