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Combine: Lovie meets the press

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INDIANAPOLIS—Brief highlights from the remarks made by Lovie Smith:

1. He reiterated the club's desire to re-sign Rex Grossman.

2. He had optimism about the club's attempts to re-sign other impending free agents, including WR Bernard Berrian and LB Lance Briggs.

3. He said he wants S Mike Brown back for 2008.

4. He said S Adam Archuleta is expected to return this coming season.

5. He is comfortable with a rookie starting on the offensive line, and likes the depth at tackle for the draft.

6. He is not concerned about allegations the New England Patriots taped the walk-through of the St. Louis Rams the day before Super Bowl XXXVI.

Check back for extensive details later on, including comments from GM Jerry Angelo.

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Hmmm...Smith is always optimistic. The problem is things don't always turn out the way you hope they do. He was right however about Briggs coming back to 2007. Anyway, if Archuleta is staying (He did get the bulk of his pay already), at least he can help on special teams.

Good to hear about Mike Brown coming back, though I'm sure the only way that will happen is if he agrees to restructure is contract.

Sometimes it looks like both Lovie and Angelo are living in fantasy land or they just cannot admit when they are wrong. The fact they are using the word "desire" to bring back Rex is ridiculous. Face it, he is best at a #2 QB role. Do they really think this guy would be a starter anywhere else? Thats great that Mike Brown will come back, but lets be honest, how many years in a row have we gone through this? They still should address that position in the draft. And as for Archuletta, the guy needs to take some tackling practice or sit the bench. Waste of money. If we lose Briggs, we are screwed. They really need to start realizing that its not just about filling in the seats and they need to start listening more to the fans. Can we at least have the opportunity to see some offensive points this year? Well, we wont if we lose Berrian and soley rely on Benson to run the ball. Unless we just punt the ball ourselves down field to Hester, we wont be doing much on offense as is.

Archuleta coming back? Are you serious Angelo/Smith? This is a disgrace to the Bears if it's true. You're going to pay him starter money to play special teams? Why exactly did Angelo trade Harris? It makes no sense what so ever. What a figgin' mes!

Yikes, Sleepy Smith is gets dumber as he travels south! Archuleta, M. Brown and the gimp Grossman are undependable at best! Over paying for Briggs and Berrian just doesn't make any sense!

The Patriots and Colts lose players and just plug in new ones while maintaining their winning ways!

The Bears problems revolve around the poor coaching and the inability to evalute talent! Sleepy Smith and Angelo can't see the forest because of the trees!

the bears arent paying archuleta starter money, theyre paying him the league minimum. Thats why bringing him back has no affect on the team at all.

4. He said S Adam Archuleta is expected to return this coming season

You have to be kidding me? You mean we can't find a slow safety who can't tackle anywhere in the draft of in free agency? And can we please pull the plug on Mike Brown? A very good player when healthy, which is 2 percent of the time. Sometimes it's just better to move on.

Archuleta sticking around would be the worst possible thing that could happen to this team. He passed his prime about 4 years ago and isn't going to miraculously get any better.

I read on the other paper's website that the Bears are going to cut Reuben Brown. Does this mean a huge run at Faneca or lots of draft picks spent on OL?

The team definitely has money under the salary cap to make improvements but they better hit the OL and WR hard in free agency so they aren't relying on solely rookies to fill the gaps left from the cut players.

Archuleta coming back has no affect on the team, money wise, Alex. But his terrible play week-in and week-out sure does.

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