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Combine: Drew holds a pow-wow

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INDIANAPOLIS—Nothing has generated more excitement this morning than an impromtu hallway press conference held by none other than Drew Rosenhaus. Primarily, he discussed the signing of his client Zach Thomas with the Dallas Cowboys, but the Bears came up as well.

Rosenhaus reiterated what he told the Sun-Times Friday, that he is engaged in ongoing discussions with the Bears in regards to impending free agents Bernard Berrian, Lance Briggs and Brendon Ayanbadejo.

`Ongoing discussions is the best way to describe it,’’ Rosenhaus said. ``We’re working on all those details. I would say at this time I would project those guys would at least get to free agency, or at least the beginning of it. The Bears are going to be in the mix as we continue to talk with other teams. We’re going to have a good healthy dialogue with them.’’

Rosenhaus said he expects there to be great interest in Berrian.

A league source said Carolina, the New York Jets, San Francisco, Oakland and Minnesota are expected to be in play for Berrian.

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we CAN NOT lose Berrian to Minnesota...that would be the worst sting! seeing him on another team twice a year.

We really need all of those guys back. dont be stingy Angelo -make it happen!!

Berrian is solid, but not worthy of the type of #1 WR money he's looking for. I like him, but I'm not going let my personal feelings get in the way of a bad business decision for the team. It would be nicer to keep Briggs. But again, is the money that he will demand in free agency smart for the Bears? No. Besides, he publicy through the team under the bus last offseason. I'm not buying his jersey.

We don't want to handcuff the team to a big investment player that is NOT our biggest need, or to one that will never be a pro-bowler, but who's getting paid like one. Can anyone say, Cedric Benson!? Hopefully, the team is close to finishing riding that financial committment out. In the meantime, Thomas Jones is gone, and the RB posiiton is thin.

Here's what the team does with it's cap room and draft: First priorities are to enhance some positions that have a broader effect on the team. O-line. Defensive tackle(s) to help Tommie Harris, and make the secondary (and ENTIRE defense) better. The game starts in the trenches, and last year the Bears couldn't stop the run and they were hard-pressed to block anybody! Pick up a QB, RB and WR in middle rounds of the draft where there's still some good talent. Try to develop more LB's and Safeties from the later rounds.

Perfect world....Alan Faneca and Derek Anderson in free agency, and take if from there! Hey, It's always nice to hope!

Maybe we have a better shot at getting Berrian back now that Grossman is signed. Grossman pretty much made berrian by throwing deep to him 5 times a game. I cant imagine any receiver wanting to come to Chicago with 100 yards a game Kyle Orton throwing the ball.

Would be nice to get berrian back, but hes not worth top 10 receiver money

I don't understand the big love-affair with Berrian. He IS NOT a #1 wide receiver. Period! I'd love to see the Bears pick up a cheap veteran as insurance and work on turning Hester into a #1. I also think Briggs will tank with a different team. He, too, is no featured linebacker! Should he depart, everyone will see just how much he benefits from having a legendary MLB playing with him! Remember, had the Redskins been willing to give up Rocky McIntosh, Briggs would have been gone last year. He's a system guy! The concern should be that Archuletta will be expected to replace Brendon on special team! Yikes!

Berrian lost me in that game last season when he pretended he is trying to block the guy and we missed the touchdown and lost the game because f it. I think it was monday night game and even Madden brought this up on the replay of the game. He does not have a grit to play in this town. I would not pay him the money he is asking. Let him go somewhere else and embarass them a little.

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