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Combine: Bears visiting with offensive linemen

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INDIANAPOLIS—Teams are allotted 60 interviews at the combine, a 15-minute opportunity to probe the mind of potential draft picks.

The Bears kicked off theirs on Thursday by meeting with two offensive linemen—Boise State tackle Ryan Clady and Virginia guard Branden Albert. Both are juniors who came out early and thus were unavailable at the Senior Bowl.

The Bears are expected to meet with Southern Cal offensive tackle Sam Baker tonight.

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Good! Let's kidnap everyone who is an Offensive linemen because we need it big time. Hopefully kidnap a Running Back to boot.

Saw sam Baker play could be more suited for guard as he is kinda short.Albert you will like he's a beast when I saw him.

It's about time. We're two seasons behind the curve for focusing on the o-line. Being so late though will probably result in the new players coming up to speed just as current talent expires. That will leave us half-way where we need to be just like we have been lately.

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