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Combine: Bears turn focus to signing ... Orton

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INDIANAPOLIS—The Bears’ offseason plan to spend money on their own extends beyond Bernard Berrian, Lance Briggs and Brendon Ayanbadejo.

In fact, it goes well beyond efforts to re-sign the three players who will be free agents when the clock strikes 11 p.m. on Thursday.

Quarterback Rex Grossman agreed to the terms of a one-year extension which could be worth nearly $5 million on Saturday.

Next up?

Looks like quarterback Kyle Orton will be paid. He is believed to be on the verge of receiving a two-year extension, and an announcement could come in the next few days for the former fourth-round draft pick.

Orton, who has a 12-6 career record as a starter, built mostly during 2005 when he was 10-5, is entering the final year of his rookie contract and the Bears could be motivated to lock him up because they do not want Grossman and Orton both coming out of contract following this coming season.

Orton started the final three games of the 2007 season, winning two, and was impressive in victories over Green Bay and New Orleans, two opponents who came to Soldier Field with playoff implications riding in their performances.

The Bears have stated Grossman and Orton will wage a competition to determine the starter for the 2008 season.

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About time we signed a QB with upside to an extension. I do not see Grossman as ever developing the consistency we need to keep this team at an elite level. He makes too many decisions without seeing what he is doing. His height is only part of the problem, with his lack of field vision being obscured by his "confidence" in his throwing arm. Orton will make mistakes no doubt, but at the same time, he is the best QB we have as far as passing pedigree, and has the size and arm strength to do what we need as a QB. I just hope the Bears see this as a true competition, and not the lip service it has been the last 2 years. If they make it legit, Orton will rise to the top and take the job.

My Opion On Kyle Orton
In 18 games that Kyle Orton has played the coaches were calling dink and dunk plays for him.If he is giving the full play book I do believe He can be a Pro Bowl Level QB.In 08 i would be stunded if he made it there.He has had time to play, sit back and watch and learn from all the mistakes from Grossman and Greise.Hes not pollished yet but I think he is a smarter QB then REX, Has a better arm then Rex, Taller, Better pocket pressents & he knows he doesnt have to chuck the ball down field every 5 plays.
On the other hand Orton needs to get better on Fades, sidelind passes, and leadership.I believe given the chance in 08 Orton will make his splash in the NFL as the next up and comming QB (for the Bears).

Ortons play reminds me of Eric Kramer and thats what kind of QB Chicago needs.

passing pedigree? lol! lest you forget that kyle orton threw 5 or 6 picks in the 1/st half of a game. how quickly people forget how sorry our offense looked under kyle when he started for us the first time. i bet you were one of the fans clammoring for rex to come in and when he did he immediately made our offense look pro from pass one.

nothing against orton. he is a good qb who is still young and i'm thrilled we're extending his contract. but it kills me how quickly you forget how bad we looked with kyle. what kyle did his 1st year as a starter vs what rex did his 1st year as a starter aren't even close!

and for the record grossman has a way better arm than kyle orton. and height schmieght. grossman is as tall as steve young and how did he do? exactly.

if according to lovie, grossman hasn't peaked yet, then we still have yet to see the best of rex grossman. we've already seen the worst.

you need to realise how hard the qb position is in the NFL. it takes at least 5 years as a starter to get good. even peyton manning threw 6 picks this year so quit trying to color the past to make your point. it took favre years to get good and he still makes mistakes. QB is the hardest position in all of sports so save your quick judgements for another position bud.

Orton would be stupid to sign an extension...It will take him no effort to beat out the chick...then make Angelo pay out the wazzoo for being such a dumbass for the last 5 years

it's called smart business.. if they really wanted orton they would have offered him more than two years. orton will not get a lot of money because he is not a starter number one and there is no market for him.. back up money it was he will get and promisese is what he'll get... however sounds like if rex does do well he will get a new contract before the end of the season if the bears make the playoffs. to avoid rex becoming a free agent other teams will make a push for him if he turns it around.. don't read into them signing orton... the only reason rex signed a 1 year deal is to be safe.. if they had given rex a two year deal they would have to pay him the bulk of the money now. but with the need to sign other free agents that would not make sense..

Wow Joe. I realize that Orton is a winner but there is now way he is the best quarterback on the Bears. There were some throws that he was 6 feet off in the few games he started at the end of the season that high school quarterbacks make on an everday basis. One of which was just the FB coming out of the backfield. All Orton does is not turn the ball over. Berrian is no longer a weapon with Orton's arm. Grossman does not make much sense but Orton is barely pro level at best.

Go Orton, calm and cool! Orton had the same OL as the gimp Grossman and he beat two playoff teams! Favre lays down for one one, unlike Sleepy Smith and the Gimp Grossman in the 2006 GB game on new years!

The fragile, frightened, over rated Gimp Grossman will trip over a botched snap in the preseason and go on the DL!The Gimp will not step up in the pocket because he panics, afraid of getting hurt again!

If the Bears do extend Kyle Orton I think it will be a step in the right direction. It also shows that the Bears are committed to Kyle Orton. I think Jerry Angelo is big on Kyle Orton any ways, I read that Back during the 2005 draft Angelo said the bears were targeting an offensive lineman in the 4th rd and instead the bears took Kyle Orton because they couldn't believe Kyle Orton was on the board at the #106 pick, so the Bears took Orton. I think the player Angelo was referring to was Wisconsins Dan Buenning who the Bucs took at #107 Buenning did go on to start his rookie season but so did Kyle Orton and Buenning has been kind of injury prone since. Some people have said Orton did well at the end of the season because tho opposeing teams did not have tape on Orton well they are right for the Vikings game but after that I think the Packers and Saints who were both playing for playoff position should have had enough tape on Orton. When people say that they don't realize they are also making up excuses for the Packers and Saints. So please stop defending the Bears opponents especially the Packers. The fact of the matter is Kyle Orton led the Bears on there only 2 game winning streak and almost 3 game this season. Also during that 3 game stint for Orton he seemed very safe with the ball. And as far as people saying the Packers and Saints did not have tape on Orton remember Orton was at a disadvantage also because he has not been on the field in over a year nor has Orton had time to get in rhythm with the starting receivers during them games. Hopefully the Bears can get a running game and get that o-line squared away and Orton will be a good QB for the Bears, so GO BEARS!!!!

I think about chicago sports and all i can say is what a mess!!

The person who compared Rex's first year starting and Orton's makes no sense. Kyle Orton started as a rookie, his first year in the NFL. Rex Grossman was in the league 4 years before he started an entire season. I think signing Orton is a good move for a number of reasons. One he doesn't get injured every time somebody touches him. He has poise in the pocket and doesn't panic. And contrary to what some may say he does have a strong arm. But unlike Grossman he can throw passes besides the deep ball. For Grossman if he can't go deep the offense doesn't move. Orton is the best qb on the bears because he can throw the deep ball (Hesters 55yrd TD against the saints) and also make the short throws that sustains drives.

Our offense has no potential with Kyle Orton. It was somewhat sensible to believe that Kyle Orton would be a better QB in '07 than he was as a rookie in '05, but he wasn't. I was looking for Orton to get a shot this year, but after his first possession as a starter, I could only think, 'give Rex his job back, already'.

Rex is good for at least three more wins than Orton in a 16 game season.

rex is not the answer, orton is not the answer. they are both and should be career back up qbs in the nfl. if you watched the games orton played you can see he is not the qb of the future. the vikings game with berrian open in the endzone at the end was terrible. there is high school qb that could have made that throw. but thats just one example. rex is rex just terrible angelo needs to address this issue NOW before its 20 more years till we get to a superbowl

Can we just scrap the entire heap of sorry QBs we've had, and work a deal to get someone better before camp begins? I swear, Bears management seems to think anyone can lead a team. The defense wont do it alone. Get a real QB in camp!!

Rex Grossman, Brian Griese, and Kyle Orton ( Moe,Larry and Currly)
will never help the bears franchise and sorry to say but wasted draft pics. Only reason we landed Rex is b/c all the good QB's were gone (Palmer/Leftwich) and after Rex we had Chris Simms to choose from so we were esentually stuck with Rex. Now let me pick on Orton for a Little. We could had drafted Derek Anderson who wasent selected till the 6th round in 2005. Griese was just a patch cuz there wasent any good QB's available for free agency at the time we needed a back up. As long as we keep drafting bad talent and not waning to spent the $$ to attract marquee talent then we will always struggle at the QB position. Jim McMahon is the best we've had since Sid Luckman, sad isint it? lol

Orton against the Vikings made me wretch. Although his passing was terrible in that game, I did find his pocket moblility to be very, very good. However, against Green Bay and New Orleans he looked much better passing-wise. Orton's got the taller, younger, stronger body out of the three QBS in Chi-town and he's tough. He's also a good vocal leader. I really do believe Orton will be a very decent QB. This extension was a no-brainer.

I like this move. Sort out the Oline in the draft; bring in a competitor for the RB slot and I think Orton could do a good job.

As someone mentioned above, Orton had the same terrible Oline at Grossman, but did much better. Let's see what he can do with the good line.

OK Orton will never be a Manning or one of the greats, but the point is he doesn't need to in the Bears offence. He just has to be consistent and show good leadership, and be able to stretch the defence with the occasional deep ball. Above all he needs to be calm and not take too many risks.

Seems to me, that is the sort of temprement he's shown when he has gone in.


Don't you remember how bad our offense was before Rex?????

The only way Orton will be better is to let him sit back in the shotgun every game. We just don't have the offensive structure for that right now.
I can't believe that Jay Marriotti actually agreed with Woody on signing Billy Volek. WTF??? He is worse than either Rex or Kyle.

I hear what you are saying, but let's be honest: Grossman came from Spurrier's offense, which means he can't read the field, or the blitz, or check down until it is too late. Griese went to Michigan, which means they ran a pedestrian, simplified passing offense, like they have for the last 25 years. Orton came from Joe Tiller's offense, which meant shotgun, reading the field, throwing deep square-ins, deep outs, deep posts, and crossing patterns. It requires reading the defense and going through progressions. None of the other QBs on our roster have done that, and it is obvious when you see how many times both of them threw into double, triple, or worse coverage. Has Orton shown that yet? No. In his rookie year, was he ready to be a professional QB? No. But when we need to improve a passing game, we need a passing QB. Not a throwing QB, which we have in Grossman, or a thinking QB, which we have in Griese. We need a guy who understands what he needs to do when he drops back, and while Orton may not be the savior, he is a far better option than Griese and Grossman in my opinion.

Black Charisma ARE YOU NUTS? What games were you watching? Play Station doesn't count. Grossman should have had to compete his entire career here but Lackluster Lovie and Jerry(I don't know) Angelo kept the team away from getting a real QB when they declared they only needed back-ups no one would get a shot at starting because GROSSman was the anointed one. Now they have a chance to fix the mistake and take a close look at Byron Leftwich if healthy better than anything on this roster. Signing GROSSman says I still ain't wrong from the two goofs Lackluster and "I don't Know!!

Whoever says that Kyle Orton does not have an arm has no idea what they are talking about. K.O. threw back to back 70 yd passes while scrambling right and never setting his highschool! The kid has a cannon. He has only gotten stronger since then. As for comparing him to Grossman, it's a tough comparison. Do you want the guy (Grossman) who takes chances and is willing to take chances, has a low passer rating, but gambles at the wrong time and blows the game? Or, do you want a guy (Orton) who will take care of the ball, control the offense, step up in the pocket, and win the game with his low passer rating? They both have their ups and downs. The Bears offense might have a chance to be a bit more explosive with Grossman right now, but if Orton is given the same playbook and opportunities he will a good QB. They have both shown that they can suck in a game and get carried by the D, but in my opinion Orton gives them the best chance to win night in and night out. Of course neither of these guys are the answer for long-term, but there is nobody out there now that will be that guy so they gotta deal with what they have. Orton will win the job if it is an actual battle and not yet determined. Go Bears!

Dude Kyle Orton put a whoopin on our to biggest rivals too date! new orleans and Green Bay...that was the most excitement watching orton work the offense. He did a great job he played the least out of the 3 qb's and was the only one to get us to win back to back games. When he is in the game all phases just seem to click..with a good o-line and a complimentary running back with benson we will be solid. When Orton is playing you feel like we have a shot when grossman plays it's like how long until we turn the ball over.. I know we need off tackle but we need to snatch a 1st round wr and scout some good offensive tackles ..

Orton does not give the Bears a shot. Grossman does not give the Bears a shot. Any QB that isn't mobile will not give the Bears a shot. The Bears Offensive Line does not give the Bears a shot. If the Bears don't get a line then it doesn't matter who they have at the helm.

The Bears cannot win more than 6 or 7 games with the quarterbacks that are currently on their roster. It's as simple as that.

It's simple, folks. The Bears are afraid to spend the money on obtaining a franchise-caliber quarterback. How many QB's have they had in the past 10 seasons? Nobody lasts with Bears, because each and every one of them are patchwork pieces at best. I had high hopes for Grossman two years ago, but he hasn't panned out; too inconsistent and injury-prone. Orton? A second-stringer at best. The Bears' organization needs to sign a free agent or trade for a QB that has proven himself already in this league. Why not seek a trade for Donovan McNabb or Derek Anderson, or even free agent Trent Green? It's not like the team can get any worse with who they have QB'ing right now, right? We need wins today, not 5 years from now!

Is Jay Mariotti doing Blogs on here? Why the Negitivity?Will only win 6-7 games,Will take another 5 years,I could see if it was 1995 and we had Dave Wannstat.McNabb and Anderson 1 McNabb isnt going anywhere, 2 Anderson had one good year.Anderson comes in has to learn a new system, With Avg WRs and RBs.Bears would have to give up to much for what he is.I would rather see the Bears spend picks and money on the O-Line.It always starts up front,so Bears fans lets be realistic, There is very few Free Agents that can come in here and make a impact right away.I will say it Again this is not a Madden game this is the real deal.

yo keith c ur absolutly right if the bears spend money and drafts all on the o-linewith a few freeagents to fill in other spots needed instantly it will make a mediocre bears offense look
like world champs qix

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