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Combine: Bears expected to meet with Grossman's agent this morning

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INDIANAPOLIS—It was during the late dinner hour at the combine in 2002 that the Bears put the finishing touches on a contract for a quarterback, agreeing to a pact with Jim Miller.

The team is seeking to get a deal in place for Rex Grossman here, and will meet with his agent Eugene Parker starting this morning. General manager Jerry Angelo revealed Thursday that the team has presented the player with a contract offer already, but would not say whether it was a one- or multi-year contract.

``I think this is best situation [for him],’’ Angelo said when asked if he was confident the team would re-sign the first-round pick from 2003. ``That’s my opinion. I’ve shared that with his agent. I don’t see any reason why he wouldn’t come back given the scenario. The grass always looks greener, but it’s got to be mowed too. So I feel he’ll make a good decision.”

If the Bears are successful in their bid to land Grossman, it’s expected the organization will cut ties with Brian Griese, who is due a $300,000 roster bonus early next month.

Another telling thing Angelo said: ``We have to get that position right.’’

We’ve been hearing that for about ever, at least since Miller was signed here.

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Signing any quarterback without upgrading the O-Line, and reciever position will just be a waster of time.

Either way, Griese will no longer be a Bear. He made the fatal mistake of criticizing his emminence, Lord Ron Turner whom we all know is infallible. It was evident from His Majesty's words after the Eagles game: "Minions (i.e. Lovie, Angelo, Babich), force that fool to apologize. Just who does this fellow think he is, exposing me for the fraud I am? My screen passes to Hester over and over again are absolute brilliance. As for the rest of the dissenters, (chuckles to himself) let them have cake."

Mike, I think Griese's fatal mistake was just being bad.

I welcome any QB competition involving Grossman. Still believe he has the most upside of any Bear QB. We saw how he can play in the middle of 07 when the pressure was lifted off him and he didn't have to worry about the fan base pelting him with stones with each little mistake...Grossman can still be a very productive QB for this team, and I think he will.

Yeah!! Storm the Bastille, that's what I always say.

I have to agree that a significant upgrade for the o-line is needed. And I would even include center. I know I'll take a lot of heat for that, but look at his number of false starts (and I will admit he was not as bad in 2007), his consistently bad snapping (always at the QB's ankles or top of his helmet), the bad under center fumbled snaps (come on, it can't all be Grossman's, Griese's and Orton's fault; there is only one common denominator). I will give Olin heart and meanness, though, and he had a few decent years, but he was never as good as guys in Saturday's class and was probably about equal to Birk in Minnesota talentwise.
That being said, I would be disappointed if the Beloved used the #14 pick on a QB. It will be the same old story. After all, look at Tom Brady when his line decides not to block anybody. He was on his back so many times in the SB, I thought I WAS watching Rex.

the masses have spoken......bring Rexy back

Doug L is right no Qb will be any good if he can't stay upright and no offensive coordinator will be any good if he can't get a play blocked and executed. Ron (telegraph-it) Turner can be re-evaluated with a OL and a running game. Greise was not the answer, Orton never got a fair shot after going 10-5 that was just plain wrong. (Lackluster) Lovie should have seen the OL getting old that's why he didn't play them much in pre-season but was soon it was exposed and did nothing. What was that failed tackle (St.Clair) doing at guard replacing a failed guard Metcalf what was wrong with Beekman or Andrews? once again how do we know what we have with (Lackluster) Lovie playing CYA late in the season, or was that a audition to see if St.Clair could do it. Either way it was not right, he knew they were out of the playoffs it was chicken-bleep. Anderson in front of Brown more chicken-bleep, stubbornly sticking with the cover-2 instead of improvising once your personnel began to change. This team as a whole failed last season and this off-season is make or break for this regime. Lackluster Lovie, Ron(turn it over) Turner, Bonehead Babich and finally Jerry(can I trade down)Angelo, if you can't get it right get lost.

Am I the only one who remembers that GOOD Rex mostly shows up against POOR teams. Look at the super bowl run (oh so long ago) he only beat 1 team THATS ONE TEAM during the season with a record better than 500 SEA. 9 -7. They kept saying " we got this far with Rex as our QB ". Did everyone forget Orton did the same thing the year before until Rex came back, and what happened.The D won those games and we all know it, well at least those of us who live in reality do. Time to move on.

The only thing I want is a screen play that works like the one Steve Smith uses with Carolina. How hard can that be.


What about the saints in the playoffs and really do you want to compare Orton of 2005 to Grossman of 2006. Come on 7 games of 100 rating or better to 0 for Orton in 05. Trust me in those 7 games the defense didn't even have to show up. I will say that Orton of 07 looks alot better, but 05 come on someone smack him!!!

Grossman was destined, from the moment the Bears benched him, to be a back up on some team, whether it's this team or another.
If they sign him for cheap, fine, but they MUST draft a QB with their first or second pick.
They seem to like Flacco, and I'd think he'd do well here with a little work and some better play calling (you know what I mean).
Of course, the O-line needs draft picks but if they don't have a
quality QB to protect, then what's the point?
I just hope they stay away from old free agents like Alan Faneca.

The signing of Rex allows me 2 keep my money in my pocket. I won't be spending any of my hard earned money watching these clowns. Lovie, Turner, Babich and Grossman have no busniess being employed in the NFL.

By the way, those who criticize Orton's rookie year seem to forget that he was thrown into the fire like 2 weeks before the season started. He was also asked to operate out of a very limited playbook, hand the ball off, and not make errors. I'm also convinced that the offensive coaching/gameplanning he received was not that great and contributed to crushing his confidence, as can be seen by how he regressed as the year went on. All that said, he helped the team get wins, his play at the end of halves was among the best in the NFL. His TD-INT stats are skewed by that one horrible Cincy game where he threw 5 INTs.
He didn't do great, but no one - not Peyton, not Eli, not Rivers, not Carson Palmer, would've done much more under similar circumstances their rookie year.

It's ridiculous to not name Orton the starter. The guy is a good quarterback, he does things to help the team win, I don't care what the stats say. He has a cannon arm, he's tall, smart, he's got guts, fearless in the pocket, and unlike Rex he's a leader of men. Orton is kinda like Jim Miller, except he's durable and has a lot more talent than Miller ever did. Look at those two passes he threw against the Saints - the TDs to Bradley and Hester. They were two of the top plays of the entire Bears season. Against Green Bay, his passes were cutting through a wind that even Brett Favre had trouble with.
I don't understand what the hell Orton has to do to be named the starter, and by the same token, I don't understand how many times Rex has to get injured or turn the ball over before he gets benched.

Before you put Orton on this pedestal, remember it was the same one you put Griese on before he failed. I remember Chicago fans, and teammates going crazy when Rex replaced Orton at halftime of the Falcons game. Also Teams didn't prepare for Orton, So until then we don't know what type of Qb he is. What I take from 07 seasons is nothing, everything went wrong, with injuries to the secondary playing the biggest part, if you had vasher, and brown the hole season the bears make the playoffs. The only mistake Angelo made was trading thomas jones. Give Rex an o-line, decent running game, and berrian, bradley, and a improved hester, olsen and clark and the bears will be ok. But to me is will the defense be the same, can j.williams replace briggs, can devorak, bazuin, and m.brown stay healthy. No matter what we do on offense we need defense. and LEAVE REX ALONE HE WILL BE YOUR QB.

It must be KILLING Angelo and Lovie to admit that they have "hitched" their wagon to this Loser Grossman... What does Rex have to do? "HIT" on Lovie or Angelo' wife before they get rid of him.
If Rex is back next year Lovie and Angelo HAVE FAILED US AS BEAR FANS MISERIBLY!!!

Lovie and Angelo appear incapable of using logic when it comes to Rex(at some point you gotta cut your losses). It's hard to believe we are only 1- season removed from The Superbowl, and this team is in total disarray( I hope you all remember who looked like a Deer in the Headlights in the most important game for the Bears in the last 25 years, who stunk-up the field the first 3- games last season, and set this team in a tail-spin,. Yet, the Bears want this clown back?


I have supported Rex Grossman from the get go, through all the injurys early in his career to the 06 super bowl run of 100 ratings to sub not worth mentioning ratings. I figured the erratic play was because it was Grossman first season as a full time starter, but then came this season and again erratic play only this time it came in spurts, when the Bears benched Grossman and he came back I noticed his play was better but then BOOM the Redskins game here was the injury bug back to bite Rex and the sad fact of the matter is Rex Grossman is injury prone and very erratic not the formula for a great QB not even an average one. I will support Rex if he gets the first shot at the job which I think he will, and I hope him the best. Kyle Orton is the player I think the Bears should go with now, unlike Grossman Orton is durable and seems to play with more consistency if you noticed this season when Orton was in he seemed to improve when he got his first stint at starting. And with the same team that Grossman had who was horrible in his first stint. Orton went 3tds to 2ints but one of them ints was a hail mary in his first start, also Orton had a few drops from wideouts and tds called back Ortons numbers could have easily been better. I think if the Bears improve the running game shore up that o-line and give Orton a chance he will be a good QB but the Bears have to give him a chance. With Ortons arm, his durability, and an improved running game I think Orton can be special GO BEARS!!!!

do you people not watch the game??? most of the mistakes you guys put on grossman isnt even his fault!!! the o-line sux, except for the center. when rex gets the extra second he needs that man can rifle that ball anywhere on the field!!! for all you people that think orton is our man,hahahaha, what a joke!!! i like orton too, but as a good backup QB. ron turner needs the boot, he sucked the first time he was with the bears and he sucks now!!! lovie needs to be more vocal with his players, try scaring them into playing better, do something, cause your style isnt working, lovie. quit calling that same ol crap play to hester, EVERYONE KNOWS ITS COMING!!! i almost forgot, remember when RT said were gonna put rex in the shotgun formation alot this season, what the hell happen with that? now the defense, lovie wanted to go in a different direction and not keep rivera...WHY? if it isnt broke dont fix it!!! i bet theyre kicking themselves for getting rid of thomas jones, nice move bears. i also think that about chris harris, big mistake again bears. i do think once we get dusty d, mike brown, vasher back we'll be a much better D. now im a die hard bears fan, and its frustrating when i know the bears have an awesome team and alls they have to do is tweak it just a little to make it a great team. so what do they do, they mess it all up by not replacing most of the O-line!!!

Joe, What are you talking about? Without either a good o or d line then you can not win football games! Football games are won in the trenches and honestly the Bears need help.

It is meatball fans like you who give Chicago fans the label of being just plain village idiots.

If it were up to you then the Bears should play 1 against 11 with your wasted 1 rd draft choice quarterback.

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