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Combine: Bears close to signing Grossman

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INDIANAPOLIS—The Sun-Times reports that the Bears will reach an agreement on a one- or two-year contract with quarterback Rex Grossman soon, perhaps as early as today.

General manager Jerry Angelo met with agent Eugene Parker multiple times on Friday at the NFL scouting combine, and a deal is expected soon.

Check here for details.

We'll see what breaks down Saturday as the combine continues.

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People who know anything about football know that if we hadn't benched Rex, we could have done the exact same thing as the giants did. They kept their young future pro bowl quarterback in the lineup instead of handing the reins to an alcoholic wuss (greise) and some bearded freak who can ONLY throw a quick slant (orton). Rex is a top five quarterback in this league. People who don't know that don't know much about the sport at all.

Why? Why do you keep bringing him back Jerry? It wouuld be better for everyone just to let him go. We all know there isn't gonna be a QB competition. You're just gonna hand him the job like every year, he's gonna suck, Lovie will profess his love for him and then we'll be in the top half of the draft next year. GO KYLE ORTON!!!!

Wow.............a top 5 qb with td's in an entire season. it's either love him or hate him. I say he is still the best option for the upcoming season. He has the most big play ability of their 3 current QB's by far. Other than possibly his size, the only thing stopping Rex from being a great player is his lack of instincts in the pocket. If he could only learn to feel pressure and either run or throw the ball out of bounds, problem is I don't think that can be taught....but he is a winner with a big time arm and I say forget the manage the game crap with a mediocre but "smart" QB assuming the Bears will have a top defense and running game...let's put the best players on the field and that means the players with the most talent. I'd rather take my chances with a gunslinger who makes big plays but also makes mistakes than a middle of the pack kinda guy who never "wows" you but never angers you either. Although the jury is still out on how good Eli Manning will be...let's not forget that Superbowls are RARELY won by so-so QB' need a top notch big play guy with guts under center to win it all!!


Yeah, "driz13", YOU'RE the ONLY one who knows anything about football !!

How old are you???


Let's be fair here. Hopefully the contract is two years, incentive laden, and dont forget that this guy gets hurt every year, including last year, all except the Super Bowl year. He did show better after his benching, but a QB Manning he will never be. The game hasn't slowed down for him yet. We'll know if this is a true QB competition wihin the first two weeks of camp. Personally, Orton is better suited for the way the Bears play football. And he's durable. If the competition is fair, Orton wins. If the Bears draft a QB in Round 5 let's say, Grossman is trade bait.

If the Bears' receivers caught half of the balls that they dropped, there would be no quarterback controversy in Chicago. Grossman's not great, but bringing him back is the right move. Otherwise it means gambling on a broken-down veteran somehow refinding his magic (Byron Leftwich), trading all your draft picks for a a broken-down proven veteran (Donovan McNabb), or using your top pick on a rookie who won't be ready for a few years at best. Grossman's a gamble too, but he's less of one than those other options. Give him a running game, a line that can protect, and a receiver who can catch and he'll do right by the Bears.

From the comments, I see that the dual view of Rex continues to run amok. The E. Manning comparison makes sense, but putting Rex in the top five is a clear stretch.I do wonder what last year would have been like if pass protection and opening holes for running backs had been more prevalent. Then maybe the porous defense would not have had so much trouble keeping games within reach and could have preserved leads.

Please just let Rex go. This experiment is not going to go anywhere useful to the team now or in the future. I would like to see Kyle Orton start, Griese back up and a draft pick learning the offense. I would also love to see a new coaching staff, we can start by replacing Lovie and work our way down.

same ole same ole,hes too short not consistant panics with pressure.i think the real qb is orton he just wins games,stays cool in the pocket he can see down feild.maybe not the flashiest qb.but in a pressuer game ill take orton.if i was him id asked to be traded,then he would go to a team that would use him.well next season rex will do his f ups.then ko will be back anyway.angelo u need some glasses.and maybe draft another qb as well.after this season it will be bye bye rex.....

grossman is garbage

I couldn't agree more with "Illini Alum," and "driz13" is the one who doesn't know much about the sport at all!

I am sick and tired of waiting for Grossman to mature into a an elite quarterback. As a first round pick, you better not make the same mistakes years later, that you did in your rookie season.

Terrible Rex has had more than his chance - Where is Kyle Orton's chance! If Terrible Rex wasn't Angelo's first round pick, he would be gone already. Kyle Orton showed more skill and maturity in this rookie year than the pathetic Grossman.

Defense and a Running Game got us to the Super Bowl, *not* Terrible Rex.

This is a great call!!
Can you imagine this kid if he gets time to look down field?!
Get somebody in the backfield that can read a blitz and block, a line that can block and an end that who looks inside and knows he's the hot receiver. Hell, Montana would have been in a wheelchair with some of the hits this kid took in just the San Diego game!

Enough, enough with the "Rex is Eli because they both throw interceptions, fumble a lot, and had some really miserable games and therefore the Bears could have won the SB," Driz13. In 2006 Rex had an elite defense, an elite special teams, and a strong running game. In 2007, Eli was also accompanied by a strong defense and a strong running game. However, the Bears did not have that in 2007. Our running game was almost dead last and our defense was a hollow shell of what it had been. And like Rex threw those two picks in SB41 and the defense underperformed, sealing our fate, Eli got lucky when Asante Samuel missed an interception, their defense got pressure, Tom Brady looked like he was poisoned, and the Giants won. If YOU knew anything about football, you'll know that it's a team effort and the Bears did not have a whole team in 2007.

Just hearing the Bears signed Grossman to a 1 year deal, I think it was the best situation for the Bears.My opion no other QB from Free Agency will come in and do any better or worse then what he will do for 08.Anderson had a good season because of good line play and a strong running game,He would be the best QB on the open market.What I see positive about Rex is when givin time he can make most all passes, good with timing routs, and hes a leader.Ortons Positives good pocket awareness,Strong Arm,Tall, pocket mobile, smart doesnt make stupid mistakes.Grossman negitives.Stupid mistakes, NOT MOBILE, stands 5ft 11in,very little pocket awareness i.e. generates lots of sacks.Ortons negitives.Doesnt have a good sideline or fade rout pass, tends to check down alot,NOT MOBILE,Trust in recievers. Both have a tendecy to not look off defenders, but Orton did do a good job this yr at times looking off a Safty.So my evaluation is start Grossman, he has a year to prove himself.He doesnt get it done, they have Orton.My opion on the 2 is that Orton will end up being the Bears starter in 09.

I agree with MG, Rex has a GREAT arm. He can make some amazing throws. But, he has no head for the game. He can't read a blitz or zone coverage. So with Rex as your QB you have two options. Build an old-fashioned static line long ball offense around Rex or find a QB that matches your offensive system. Of course Rex threw a lot of INT last year, look at the number of pass plays. Without a star RB this offense is in troulbe no matter who the QB is.

I believe that was the stupidest move the bears have made yet, by bringing rex grossman back. I would've never brung him back. I would give the reigns to kyle Orton and let him try. The only way I would have brung grossman back is in sign and trade deal. The let muhammad go and not offering berriman and long contract but quick to bring grossman back. That tells me the bears aren't committed to winning.

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