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Combine: Angelo wants Mike Brown back

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INDIANAPOLIS—Coach Lovie Smith said earlier in the day that he hoped veteran Mike Brown would have a role this coming season, and general manager Jerry Angelo backed that up.

Brown, who turned 30 earlier this month, has missed 43 of the last 64 regular-season games with injuries. He tore the ACL in his left knee in the season opener at San Diego, and is entering the final year of his contract.

"We hope so,'' Angelo said when asked if he envisions a role for Brown this year. "Right now all I can say is he is under contract, he’s rehabbing, everything is going real well. Hopefully, by another month Mike will be given a clean bill of health and we’ll go from there."

Brown is rehabbing in San Diego, where he resides in the offseason now.

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This guy has had the worst injury luck I have ever seen. If by a miracle he can stay on the field he automatically makes the defense better. He only has one year left on his contract so to me it's a no brainer he should be given one last shot.

I don't know how Angelo can sacrifice a roster spot with this guy's injury history. Every year, this is the year to be healthy and every year it ends the same way....a devastating injury.

The reason you have to "sacrifice" a roster spot is because the position is so weak. An injury-prone Mike Brown is still better than every other safety they have on the roster. On the flip side, if they actually had some good depth at safety and some good players waiting in the wings, then you can afford to cut Brown. But because there is such a weakness at the position, you have no choice but to keep him on the roster and hope that these "freak" injuries come to an end.

Get rid of him and take the risk on one more chance for Mike Brown.

mike brown needs to say at least for the remainder of his contract....his presence on the field makes everyone else bettr, enough said......

Glad to hear Mike Brown is coming back to the Bears defense. His presence on the defensive unit adds much needed leadership (to the whole team) which takes much of that "pressure" off Urlacher. Brown's skills are far ahead of any safety on the Bear's roster. If he does stay healthy for the full upcoming season, Mike Brown IS the difference maker on this team which was sorely lacking last season!

I think Mike Brown has received the "injury prone" label unfairly. If you look some of his recent injuries and the manner in which they happened (torn foot ligament while trapped in a pileup, torn ACL being bent over backwards by Lorenzo Neal) I believe that most players in the same situations could easily suffer the same types of injuries. "Injury prone" seems more applicable for players who repeatedly suffer muscle strains and pulls. Moving forward I think Mike Brown has the same chance of being injured as any other safety. I hope he's able to rehab and avoid any future injuries. Go Bears!

I think Mike Brown is one of the BEST safeties in football WHEN HEALTHY. The bears need to find his understudy in this years draft, if he can give us one more solid injury free year and maybe sign him to a 1 yr after that he's only 30 people. Mike Brown is such a quality person that he would train his understudy. our middle is so much better with a healthy Mike Brown, Brian Urlacher and Tommie Harris this would put us back in the hunt for a division title. So lets get the Bears healthy and ready for next year

I don't care if Mike Brown is ready for training camp or even the first part of the season. He IS a playmaker...I want him playing thru the play off run and the playoffs.

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