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Combine: Angelo confirms Berrian will not be tagged

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The biggest news out of a 45-minute sitdown with GM Jerry Angelo is that WR Bernard Berrian will not have the franchise or transition tag placed on him. The deadline for tagging players is 3 p.m. today.

Angelo described the contract offers the Bears have made to Berrian and other free agents from the team as "aggressive," and now they must hope they can re-sign him that way.

Angelo expects Berrian and others like Lance Briggs to test the open market. Free agency opens at 11 p.m. Feb. 28.

More details soon.

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Well then you better lock him up Jerry. If he walks it is going to be another blemish (Thomas Jones, Marc Colombo, soon to be Lance Briggs)on your record as a G.M. Why not just franchise and then work out a deal? At least you'd be protecting an asset. Come on Jerry use your head!

Marc Columbo was a bust and they gave him over 2 years of chances to come back from that knee injury and while he is ok, he's nothing special as was for the 'Boys this year. Briggs and Berrian are both over rated and asking too much jack.

Not sure I like this at all. We have no starting QB, no starting HB, a line that needs an overhauling and now he's basically letting our only starting WR on the roster walk. I hate to say it but Minnesota needs a WR, so this could definately come back to hurt us next year! I also hear their in the running for Booker too, when he wants to play for us! What is going on in Chicago!!!

Let Berrian go...sign Stallworth.

I agree let Berrian walk. . . Find WRs in the draft that will go after the ball, fight DBs for passes and actually hold on to the ball. Berrian rarely did any of this last year. Better of blowing-up the entire WR corps and starting from scratch. It's cheaper, too.

Stallworth is worth a look, as is Bryant Johnson. Pick them up, if the price is reasonable.

In the draft you have lots of options available in the first three rounds The Bear's have four picks, I believe:

Malcolm Kelly - Oklahoma A "big" receiver with hands of glue may fall to you at 14 in the first round. I think a left tackle is more of a priority, but if Kelly is their, I'd snatch him up.

Limas Sweed - Texas Another "big" receiver, who may be avaiable in the second because of injury concerns. If he's available, take him. The wrist will heal.

Devin Thomas Mich. State and Donnie Avery of Houston are also possibilities in the second.

Cal's LaVelle Hawkins worth a look with one of the Bear's third round picks. He reminds me a lot of the Giants' Steve Smith.

Food for Thought

He should have tagged Berrian. As the year progressed he got much better, making cluth catches when he needed too and learned how to hold on to the ball. That Dever catch at the end of the game was incredible. He's got flat out speed that couldn't be used when Greise was in there. As soon as Grossman came back, they started to conect again.

So now we're going to see Bradley (Mr Injury) shoved in there with Hester on the other side. Who's going to play slot...could be Booker? I suppose the biggest recipient of this move is Greg Olsen. He better be ready to shoulder the load!

I'd like to see Berrian sign but I dont think the Bears should over pay for him either. Berrian did put up good numbers considering the lack of a run game for most of the season and no consistent QB to get in rhythm with. One more factor to Berrian not putting up monster numbers is he had no other threat lined up on the other side of the field at wideout next to him, so most teams knew to double Berrian, thus making it difficult for Berrian most of the time. I think if Greg Olsen can come on and the Bears can get some sort of a running game and consistent play at QB Berrian will be all right. But the running game is key because last season in 06 when the Bears could run the ball Berrian led the league in least dropped balls and this year he was dropping at least 1-2 a game. But the fact is Berrian is probably going where the money is which won't be Chicago. If Berrians go else where I say sign Bryant Johnson and hopefully Mark Bradley can stay healthy. Bradley had me pretty excited before that knee injury his rookie season, with Bradley all you can do is hope for the best injury wise oh well GO BEARS!!

Stallworth, Javon Walker and probably some salary cap casualties will be out there, right now go with the youth movement Mike Haas, Brandon Rideau, Mark Bradley, Devin Hester. Mike Haas is a Welker type you need to keep the chains moving and make defenses play honest but all of this is irrelevant if the passer who ever it is does't have protection and a running game[see the last Super Bowl]In my opinion Hester is more dangerous as a slot reciever more options. Here's hoping GO BEARS

Come on...decent start to FA, but this is a bad move. There aren't any reliable WRs available in FA & its a very weak WR draft class. Next years WR class should be great!

They Should have tagged Berrian for a yr:

1. He's not good enough or consistent enough to give him a long term contract, this would be a mistake that could haunt us for years. By signing him for a yr, we aren't tied to him if he doesn't perform up to expectations & chances are his price would come down.

2. Even if you find a FA, which won't happen with this yrs group, it'll take some time for a new WR to pick up the offense & click with Rex...most likely another one yr wonder who's favorite target is Berrian.

3. It's a lot of money to throw at a WR that's not even a top ten WR....but, we are probably losing Briggs & Ayanbadejo. FA are on the market because they are not worth the money 9 times out of 10. Great players don't hit the market, why not spend the money 1 yr on Berrian to keep some consistency & production which is badly needed while not hurting our future cap to resign the players we want to keep long term.

I could go on...I got to think this is a painful mistake.

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