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Combine: Angelo addresses character issues and Briggs

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The Bears have made the decision they want to re-sign three-time Pro Bowl linebacker Lance Briggs to a longterm contract.

If their price matches what he is seeking remains to be seen.

The club is comfortable with writing a big check, though.

“We do [take character issues into consideration],'' general manager Jerry Angelo said. ``We have. Are those issues that we’ve talked about internally? We have. But we’re OK with Lance. We’ve had Lance for a long time and we know him. In terms of what he does at Halas Hall has been exemplary.

``His durability, his practice habits. Everything that we do or ask him to do, he’s been great for business. Certainly we’re always concerned about the citizenship, but a lot of that ties into his own personal life. Again, we’re comfortable with him and hopefully we’ll be able to get a good resolution. That’s the plan, but we’ll just have to wait and see.”

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Sure...we all want Briggs. But this is a scam. They have no intention of actually signing him. They make a fair offer that is insulting to him and then when he turns it down, they spin it as him being greedy and them as doing all they could. Please...the franchise is and always has been cheap.

Don't overestimate his value. He's good in this system, but one more year of failure and Lovie is going to be watching his back. Urlacher needs to move to the weak side and a new MLB found (maybe J. Smith?). With Urlacher in that position you will forget all about Briggs and maybe even D. Brooks. You make a fair offer and let Briggs decide. If somebody wants to pay him huge dollars, let them. He'll be back in 2 years when they find out he is a system guy.

I like Berrian too, but he's not a quality #1 WR so don't pay him like one just because somebody else might want to. If he was Rod Smith that would be one thing. But he's not. Bradley could fill his shoes. With either guy you still need that #1 guy so that's where you focus your efforts.

anyone who plays next to #54 will be good. let him leave

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