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Clark nets $5 million in new money

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The details of Desmond Clark’s two-year contract extension are in.

Clark, who was entering the final year of his contract, is signed through 2010 now as he receives $5 million in new money.

The veteran tight end will be paid $2 million in advance on the contract that was brokered Sunday afternoon by agent Brian Mackler.

It is similar in structure to what the Bears did with defensive end Alex Brown last week in a two-year extension for him. Clark, who turns 31 in April, has been a model of consistency since signing a six-year contract in 2003. He has missed only two games in those five seasons.

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A no brainer.

I think that it is time for Chicago fans to quit being patient.
Desmond has been a reliable player ,but we need impact players
under contract. This is clerly an attempt to passify us fans and to keep from having to spend any major money. Does anybody believe
that they will sign any big time players or resign the three players they say they have offered contracts to . I do not expect to see any big waves from the team. I LOVE Chicago sports but I am growing tierd of watching the owners try to sell us on second best. They clearly are charging us for a championship team!!
Chicago fans please start demanding more of our team.

Shane & All the other nonbelievers

What the heck people big waves, second best what do you want the team to do trade all their draft picks away& spend all their money.Clark is not a second best! lets see some numbersfrom Clark

2007 44,REC 545,YRD 12.4,AVG 4,TD 1,FUM
2006 45,REC 626,YRD 13.9,AVG 6,TD 0,FUM
2005 24,REC 229,YDS 09.5,AVG 2,TD 0,FUM
2004 24,REC 282,YDS 11.8,AVG 1,TD 1,FUM
2003 44,REC 433,YDS 09.8,AVG 2,TD 2,FUM

When was the last time the Bears had a TE that not only can catch the ball but also AVG 10 or more yards a catch,Imstill thinking none in the 90s none in the 80s. One TE in Bears history had put up numbers like Clark is Ditka.
Very few TE in the NFL has posted numbers like Clark in the last 5 years. What coaches like to see in a Good TE is AVG per Catch, and Clark has been at the top of the NFL in that stat.

As far as big Waves hmmmm lets think Ruben Brown,John Tait,Moose,Fred Miller,Des Clark,Traded for Wally,& That awefull QB from the Stealers Kordel?

I can see why Jerry A. has a hard time making big waves because all up their that I had mentioned were all Big Waves moves, the all were at the top names of Free Agency when the Bears had signed them.

Only Tait, Clark, and Wally are on the team now.That will tell you its probably better to spend mony inside insted of signing big money free agents. Washington has made Huge waves never been to a Super Bowl,Theres been Big draft trades N.O. Saints(Ricky Williams) No Super Bowl not even on the team anymore.

Making Big Waves is a very thin line cause you have to have that big wave learn a whole new system. I think the Bears are doing Better at this point Feb 25th than any other team in the NFL.They are making big waves.Just with their own players.Its makes perfect sence to me, hopefully it will make sence to you.

P.S. This is not a XBOX game, Teams dont get to be a Supper Bowl by buying all the top money free agents they get their by Building a Team i.e. New Engalnd, Indy are 2 good examples of building through the team and adding 1 or 2 people a year.

Hey Brando I guess we should just adopt the same attitude as most Cub fans do wait till next year. The reason I made the statement that I did is that most teams have a three to five year window to cash in on thier core group of talent ie the Eagles. Lets not forget that the Colts and Pat's have hall of fame quarterbacks.I don't want them to spend foolishly but lets face it with the cap going up it will be hard for any team to be to far over the cap.
Can you honestly say you wouldn't like to see Derrick Andrsen in a Bear uniform. As for Jerry A lets not forget about Thomas Jones he gained over 1000 yards with the Jets all because your pal Jerry was to stubborn to admit he screwed up drafting Cedric B.It'sno secret that the team knew it was the wrong move. I do have one stat for you 1 championship in 42 years, but hey wait till next year.

Shane you made 2 good points and one BAD point.

Payton Manning and Tom Brady will go to the Hall of Fame
Trading Thomas Jones was a mistake

But Anderson? No I would NOT like to Anderson in a Bears Uniform.
He would take away a 1st & 3rd round picks and demand big money.
He has had one good season.
Andersons Big Money contract could take away the Chance to sing Hester and Mark Anderson for their future and not to mention another 2 players from the draft.Its not worth it.

Hey, It looks like Rosey Colvin is available, how about a reunion with Mr. Urlacher and friends? If the money could be worked out, I`d try it, Rosey may have lost a step in pass coverage, but he can still rush the passer with the best of them.

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