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Brown, Urlacher hardly neck and neck

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Ruben Brown has not talked to Brian Urlacher about the neck surgery the middle linebacker recently underwent.

He has heard it wasn’t as serious as the surgery Brown had on his neck midway through the 2004 season. That’s a good thing.

``Mine wasn’t a big deal, either,’’ Brown said Thursday. ``Mike Alstott had it done, a lot of guys had it done. I don’t know what Urlacher had, but it isn’t even similar to mine. Mine was a pretty serious fusion. His is way less, way less.’’

Brown saw Dr. Joe Maroon, the neurosurgeon for the Pittsburgh Steelers, who also performed neck surgery on former Bears cornerback Jerry Azumah in 2004. Urlacher’s surgery was handled by the Bears’ doctors, a team source said.

Brown had the C4 and C5 vertebrae fused together and a plate put in. He was back for training camp in the summer of 2005 and didn’t miss a beat. But before returning he paused to consider the possibilities, messing with his neck and the idea of being able to play with his kids, ride the motorcycles that crowd his garage and simply maintain a normal life.

``Hmmmmmmm,’’ he said when asked how his wife Kenia reacted at first. ``Everybody was a little worried, like how was I going to handle it. It is your neck. But honest, I was able to forget about it. I was nervous the first week of camp. By the time I got through that, my [butt] was more sore than my neck was. I was ready to go. I only play football because I like it. I don’t need the money. I’ve got plenty of that.

``It wasn’t a difficult decision for me.’’

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Exactly. No big deal. Leave it to Chicago sportwriters to panic and react like little old ladies..."oh my gosh, his career is over." Only a sportwriter in Chicago is sooo negative and pessimistic. Real men don't think twice about this. Get over it guys.

Real men like you? So exactly how many neck surgeries have you had? Right, I thought so. Now you can just shut up.

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