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Bears working on visit with WR Johnson

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Mike Mulligan checked in this afternoon with some info for us.

The Bears are working to line up a visit with free-agent wide receiver Bryant Johnson. He could be at Halas Hall by early next week.

In other news, wide receiver Bernard Berrian is expected to go to the Oakland Raiders next. They made defensive tackle Tommy Kelly the highest-paid player at his position Thursday despite the fact that he is coming off a torn ACL.

NFL insiders speculate the reason Oakland has been throwing around such big money—the Raiders also re-signed running back Justin Fargas and are in the mix for right tackle Kwame Harris—is because players are so reluctant to visit, let alone sign with Al Davis' team.

Agent Drew Rosenhaus could be hoping to use the Raiders' situation to up the ante in Minnesota or here with Berrian. One veteran agent—not Rosenhaus—suggested the premium the Raiders have to pay is at least $1 million per year for middle of the road free agents.

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I guess I`ll know by the results of the Bears spending or the lack of it if my team will want to win . Wise spending of 32 million should garner some pretty good football players .

This is a start in the right direction! Berrian left the Vikes without signing anything. He is on his way to Oakland who just made a guy with 11 career sacks and coming off ACL surgery the highest paid DT in the league and just lost Porter to the Jags. Berrian is gone people. Drop all hope now! Bryant in my opinion will be a upgrade he is taller and is just as fast! Hope Angelo does the right thing.

Bernard is still in Minneapolis. He is taking a physical and is meeting with the coaching staff this weekend. He is not en route to oakland.

Raiders sounds like a good team for Berrian.They have a young QB with a cannon of a arm.After he rejected a 5 yr 25 million (over paid)I realy dont care to see him back in Chicago.My opion.

Does anyone have a update on Randy Moss?
I think he took some big steps in maturity.Theres still a few players Tillman, Urlacher,& Mike Brown that had some great game against him when he was with the Vikings.Also it would give Moss a chance to play the team that traded him for next to nothing when you look at what they did with that #7th draft pick in 2005.

Now look at Vikings.They Trade Moss and draft Williamson in the first round at that use a higher pick on Williamson then what they did on Moss.Viking then traded Williamson to the Jags for a 6th round pick.

According to Judd Zulgad of the Minneapolis Star Tribune, Berrian and new Vikings safety Madieu Williams are still in the Twin Cities and are undergoing physicals. Williams has just signed a six-year deal and negotiations with Berrian are likely taking place.

Plus, he was flown out to Minnesota from the Bay area, so don't you think he would've started with the Raiders first?

RJ, I thought I read that Bryant was more of a taller Moose, not so much of a speedster.....

David Givens anyone?

David Givens? Right. For that, we should have kept Moose, and please don't get me started on the Marty Booker talk. Is NOBODY in Chicago tired of all of our sport teams signing has-been althetes? Shouldn't the point to be to sign players while they're IN their prime, not as they pass it? C'mon.

Bernard Berrian can go, but let's understand WHY he's leaving. Until we make an effort to be an offensive unit, we're never going to attract top WRs and QBs. Chicago is known for defense, running backs and, well, that's pretty much it. Until we open up the playbook, and start letting these WRs fly, why SHOULD they want to stay here? That said, Bryant Johnson is our best replacement option. We already missed out on the Faneca sweepstakes, which will come back to haunt us, and now it appears we're making little effort to grab a good RB to compete with Benson. If Michael Turner signs with the Falcons, it won't just be because of the money, because we're STILL the Chicago Bears, and players want to play in a big market city. It'll be for lack of effort on our part. Julius Jones is also available.

I have to watch the news and read articles about all of these stud FA not only visiting other teams early, but signing on day one. Is Halas Hall closed for the winter?

On a positive note, it's looking like Lance Briggs and Drew Rosenhaus may just have to come crawling back to our beloveds. The market for LBs is more suited for 3-4 defenses, which do NOT suit Briggs very well. Since we're not going to get anyone that matters in free agency, having Briggs back will at least ease some of the pain of this off season.

One more thing, and this is for Jerry Angelo, please, I beg of you, do NOT draft a QB or a RB in the first round. It's the kiss of death for this franchise, city, and it's fans. Please upgrade our offensive line. Please. With all the big, fat linemen available, do NOT gamble on one of them being available after the first. Try this: first round, Chris Williams, second round, Chad Henne, third round, Ray Rice/Mike Hart.

I'll be waiting by the phone when you're ready to hire me, Mr. Angelo, to run your draft board.

Just read that Berrian singed with the vikings, once again the management of this team finds a way to screw everything up. I've been a Bears fan for more than twenty five years and it just seems to be a pattern here. I remember after the super bowl in '85 thinking that team would have a long run of winning, only to watch it implode in just a few years. Now we have had another bears team with pretty decent talent, that managed to win a few games and get to a super bowl, and instead of trying to maintain that success, management just seeems to be trying to blow this team up. I bet Grossman's glad he singed, who the hell is he gonna throw to, you can only hit Hester on so many fly patterns. Oh well, it is what it is. Go Bears.

if the bears need help in the war room call me.. trade down in the first if you can get more picks.. or take a linemen or kenny phillips... 2nd take flacco the kid can throw the ball.. then we need chris johnson how bout an explosive running back.. and if manningham falls out of the first round pick him up.. but if he doesnt take the wr opposite of him in the 3rd or 4th round adrian arrington.. thats my input

Trade down? you gotta be joking, I've been a bear fan for 27 yaers and trading down isn't the answer at this time. ou trade down when all the specialty pos. are plentiful, they aren't even close to that. They need to go after Illinois RB he is fast big and explosive, (yea I know they said that about Benson) but I saw Rashard Mendenhall run he is the real deal! he has the ability, the vision, and the speed!

First, people we don't need to waste a first round pick on a rb wr or qb. Rb 'cause after Mcfad they are all the same type of back that you can get anywhere from second to fourth rounds. What we need is to get a wlb. Please dont say we have one. Trade first rounder for one for next year and a third and fourth. Tebow people Tebow. All will be forgivin if we end up with Tebow. Get Hardy at wr Chris Johnson at rb Abdubu at lb and trade Mark Anderson sacks yay stop the run nay. Overrated rookie wonder. Alex Brown is ten times better. First round pick best available ala Urlacher. Get the best player if you do that you never go wrong. Harris, Urlacher. When you go for needs you pick David Terrells and Michael Haynes. Even Grossman. When we couldve had Polamua and Larry Johnson. How can you pass on Larry Johnson one year then draft Benson the next??? Mind bogling.

I like some of the comments I am reading. I could see them drafting Mendenhall in the first round but no other rb, qb, or wr that has been projected as being available at pick number 14 is worth the gamble for the bears. If Mendenhall is not available then the offensive line is where they should pick. Or trade down, and get even more O-line. Pick up one of the decent rb's left in the later rounds. Bears should be focusing on Bryant Johnson in the FA market. He's got wr1-wr2 speed and size, is in his prime, and has been playing third fiddle to bolden and fitz in arizona, and doing it well, for so long that if the Bears show him he's the man, I think he'll produce at least as well as berrian did last year. That should be good enough for this year but what the Bears really should be focusing on *right now* is trying to pick up Tebow *next* year by picking up Miami's first round pick in '09. I think most Bears fan's know that the SB is not a realistic goal anymore, at least for the next three seasons, minimum.

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