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Bears working to trade Griese

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Being a good soldier and keeping his mouth shut during two years was not enough for Brian Griese to earn his release from the Bears.

The team is going to try to trade him before his $300,000 roster bonus is due Tuesday. If they can’t find any takers by then, he will be released.

``Brian is extremely disappointed that he will not have the opportunity to be free to talk with whomever he wants at [111 p.m.],’’ said his agent Ralph Cindrich. ``There’s not any question whatsoever that would be his preference. But that’s what they’re doing.’’

Check back for more details soon.

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Does Brian Griese need a ride to the airport?

Next up to go are:
Manning, Jr.

Sorry to see you go... Maybe the Bears should just hire you as a QB's coach since that is what you were basically doing the last two years anyway. I could really go for a good QB. Here's to hoping Rex or Kyle get lucky next year and win us about 11 games.

1.) Give the job to Rex regardless of the fact that he fared better in the '06 and '07 preseason.
2.) Make him apologize to Ron Turner so that Turner still appeared an adequate O.C. post-Eagles game. (Hear laughter?)
3.) Give the job back to Rex after Griese hurt his NON-THROWING arm. It was so bad, Griese said he "felt fine."
4.)The trade rather than the release, making sure there are absolutely NO positive feelings between him and the Bears.


Great move! Let's resign our crappy players and release our best players at thier position.

Next to be cut:
Olin Kruetz
Charles Tillman
Robbie Gould

After we free up all that money, lets give an extension to Cedric Benson! And give 5-million-a-year to drop-every-other-ball-Berrian.

Have they lost all sense?

Who is making the player assessments? The Bears resign Rex Grossman after a year and a half of bad decisions and fumbled snaps and are getting rid of Brian Griese. I admit he didn't light things up last year, but he did play better than Grossman and had the same bad offensive line and running game that Grossman had. The games sure were more exciting anyway. The team is giving Grossman yet another chance to throw interceptions returned for TD's and fumble over snaps and leaving the same question marks at QB before Griese was signed. I am rooting for Kyle Orton to win the job. I have always thought he could develop into a decent QB. At least he can take a snap from center and throw the ball away. Anyone they would draft is going to be three years away from helping so it's Orton and Grossman for the next two years unless they make a big trade for a QB.

Great idea....they should get a lot of takers for a player that's going to get cut eventually.

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