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Bears offered Berrian $25 million for five years

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We know what the ground floor is for Bernard Berrian.

We also know he’s looking for something located closer to the penthouse.

The contract offer the Bears made to the wide receiver that he turned down included $8 million to sign and totaled $25 million over five years.

General manager Jerry Angelo said last week that the team’s offers were not take-it or leave-it final proposals, but he also characterized them as ``aggressive.’’ So how much room the Bears have to come off that figure is a question that will begin to be answered tonight when free agency opens at 11.

The Minnesota Vikings are believed to be the team most interested in Berrian’s services. Cleveland, the New York Jets, Oakland, San Francisco and potentially Dallas could be involved. Berrian is seeking $24.5 million over the first three years of a contract, so you can see the distance between him and the Bears as the shopping season is about to open.

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I think alot of these players forget where they came from if it wasn't for the bears (B twice) wouldn't even be in the league. That's why you need to stay loyal to the team that gave you a shot and stop listening to all this hype that your the best receiver out there. No your NOT Benard just take a reality check and see the BEARS are your best option your going to go somewhere for more money like Minnesota who have bad QB play as well. Your going to mess up your career like Marcus Robinson!!!!!!!!!!!

$25 million of 5 years is much to much. Hope he leaves and I look forward to his many drops and excuses playing against the Bears.

brad biggs is the man! Always coming through with insider info. And who does Bernard think he is? Jerry Rice! Bears should blow their wad on Faneca, Flozell Adams, and Tommy Harris and then draft Mendenhall. Berrisn and Briggs are not necessary

Let Berrian go! He is not even worth the offer JA made. That is a great offer for someone who will not block, fight for the ball, go over the middle, or even pursue on an interception. The guy is only a fly pattern reciever. Not worth it! Use the monies on Briggs. Bradley and Hester will out perform Berian.

who does berrian think he is seriously?
the fact that he even came out early in the season saying that he's worth top 10 money tells you what he's all about.
maybe that's the reason he never outfought anyone for a ball and is only willing to catch the ball when he's in the clear and has a step on someone.
let him go. let some other team overpay for him and see what he does with whomever he signs with.
such a typical modern day athlete.
he put up some big numbers one year and all of a sudden they're the best wideout since Jerry Rice.
leave us now berrian.
please and thank you.

You can't blame ANY player in the NFL for trying to get as much as they can as soon as they can. On any play, preseason or regular season, a career ending injury could occur. That being said, I think Bernard has way overvalued what he is worth and the Bears offer is more than fair. If some of these teams look at all the tape on Berrian, just from last year, they will see him giving up on routes, not fighting for passes, basically not giving his full effort on many occasions. We'll see what happens, but if he goes, the Bears have receivers that can step up, especially Hester, and maybe Bradley, and there are quite a few good receivers in the draft. I'm thinking Dallas will throw money at Berrian and he will be gone...

Does he need to feed his family too? Maybe Lance and he can pool their money together and maybe buy milk, bread, and cheese for their families. Go Bigsy Go!!

Doug, couldn't tell if you were describing Berrian or Benson. Either way, I agree! Every player has the right to get as much as possible. Having said that, I think the Bears' offer is far more than he's worth. I'm extremely exciting at the prospect of Hester and some of the younguns maturing into quality WR's! I also believe that, because of so-called "Super Agent" Drew Rosenhaus, the Bears will be lucky just to keep Tommie Harris when this is all said and done. Berrian and Briggs will get their big payday and, in my opinion, Berrian will slowly fade into obscurity over the course of the contract. I say out with the old and in with the new! Go Bears!!!!

5 years 25 million dollars for a player that never had 10 TDs, never had a 1000 yard season, and has yet to be a Pro Bowler.He a heck of a deep threat but the Bears can sign 2 quality players for that kind of money.

I say take that 5 year 25 million dollars and offer and extend Devin Hester!

"the Bears' success will be judged on their ability to keep Berrian and Briggs." Did you read this after you wrote it, Brad? Not wins and losses, right?
Success depends on not overpaying mediocre guys. Briggs is worth maybe a little more; Berrian is not.

The guy hasn't even had a 1000 yard recieving season. And he believes he is worth top ten reciever money. There were 26 players with more rec yards. I love wathing some of is catches and some have been in really big moments such as the tremendous catch in the Denver comeback but GOOD RIDDENS!!!!!!!! The Bears can spend that money in much better places like suring up there o-line, and finding a running back to replace the heartless runnning of Benson.

RICKY, get real. you're faulting a guy for wanting to get the highest value possible in his profession and playing the "loyalty" card? put yourself in his shoes for a moment and re-consider your sentiment.

it's no surprise berrian is asking for the moon, he did switch to rosenhaus last year, so anyone surprised by this cash grab attempt haven't paid much attention to the nfl.

berrian will most likely be overpaid on the free agent market as realistically he is a fringe #2 WR on most teams, but teams with no talent at WR like the bears, niners and vikings, he's viewed as a #1. but again marginal talent has been overpaid on the FA market for a while now. ozzie newsome described the current state of FA best when he said "a lot of B players get paid A player money" that's a CBA issue, not a bernard berrian loyalty issue.

I agree with Mike about dumping Berrian. Give Devin H. and Bradley the ball,and maybe draft someone really fast. At least a newcomer might be teachable about how to hang on to balls thrown perfectly into your arms, something Berrian never seemed able to grasp. I said in a blog last year that Berrian's drops were the real reason for Rex getting benched, along with Moose's inability to get any space between himself and the defenders.The offensive line also contributed greatly, but quick releses are tough when receivers are not open.

Guys relax it's the name of the game... the job a salesman is to inflate the price.. Doesn't mean what your buying is worth it.. but he has to make potential buyers feel like whatever he's selling is #1 worth it #2 in high demand #3 great warranty/injury free. Any team will pay a wr top dollar if they believe it can revitalize there team or be a threat to another team already loaded with talent. Remember we saw Berrian play not saying he's a great wr but the guy can run. it forces safetys to stay deep.. how many teams just missed the playoffs last yr that could have used berrian to get over the hump.. what rosenhaus is doing is nothing different from a retail store or car dealer.. inflating the price is what you want because someone will eventually take a bite and even if they don't they you can always settle for a little less.. e.g asking price 25 mill over 3 yrs. 20 mill over three yrs. you always start your negotiations high because rosenhaus knows berrian ain't worth that kind of money. but they may get lucky or come close to what they really projected.

Let Briggs and Berrian go play for someone else! Sign Colvin and Faneca. Extend Tommie Harris and extend Devin Hester before he becomes a Drew Rosenhaus client!

Mike, I could'nt agree more with you Faneca, Flozell Adams, and Tommy Harris are the future to a Super Bowl win! Berrian has been given a valued offer for his numbers — if he does'nt want to stay in Chicago show him the door!

Knowing Angelo's history with free agents, this is probably the best that Berrian is going to get. Why sign Rex and Orton for one year to see what he can do if you are going to give him a relatively inexperienced receiving corp to work with? I don't think Berrian is worth more then what has been offered, and I am equally frustrated with regards to his incosistent focus during games. I just don't think there are any other viable options out there if we using next year to evaluate the fate of our lowly QB situation. Just presenting an alternate point.....With all that said, I wouldn't mind seeing him go, but we still need another WR via trade/free agency.

Let's all look at the writing on the wall...

Berrian is exactly what everyone in this thread said he is, a fast receiver with no hands who picks and chooses when he gives effort...let him go. And enough with all the "the Bears made him" talk. With a good QB/ O line (2 things that won't happen in Chi town), he could be good at at least keeping the defense honest. He would have better career #'s almost anywhere else.
If the Bears don't sign Faneca or Flozelle Adams it won't matter anyway because no QB (especially Rex or Kyle) will have enough time to hit him. And the running game will once again be pitiful with Benson and the skeleton crew on the line.

Briggs is overrated as well. Don't get me wrong, he's done an excellent job in Chicago, but he is also not worth the $$$! He's a product of the system. We all know it begins and ends on the D line...use the money to lock up Harris for a long time.

On the same note, Ayanbadejo is replacable as well. Toub is indeed the only good coach we have, so we should not worry that he can find someone to take Brandon's place.

What is going to be the hardest part of this off season is watching every other team with massive cap space upgrade their teams while we go out and sign some crappy receiver and don't address the O line.

Until the McCaskeys relinquish control of our beloved Bears, nothing is going to change. And I, for one, honestly believe the Bears are lowballing Berrian, Briggs and Ayanbadejo because they don't really want to spend any of the $$$ they have available. Raising ticket prices and then not using any of the money on the team is the McCaskey way!!!

They will pretend once these players sign elsewhere that they really wanted them back (trying to force Bear's fans to believe these players are greedy and the enemy when all true Bear's fans know how flawed ownership is), but by that time, Faneca, Adams and every other big name will already be gone and we'll be left to watch Ron Turner run 3 times and punt!

Why can't Mark Cuban or any good owner buy the Bears!!!!!!

And the saddest thing is no matter how much I complain about the lack of direction with Da Bears, I'll still be watching every game...

WRs like berrian are a dime a dozen. The only reason he ever had big games is because Grossman throws the ball 50 yards down the field 5 times a game. Hester or Bradley could be just as good and both already work harder on blocking. Theres some other Free agent WRs out there then draft another speed guy. Berrian is greedy and overvalued. hes nothing more than an average receiver.





Does anyone play for the love of the sport anymore? Personally do not see the name "Moss" nor "Rice" nor "Welker" of the back of Berrians Jersey nor their stats on his sheet. If we should fight to keep any of those players Briggs is it. Then again that is my opinion I could be wrong. Go Bears!!!

He wants 24.5 million over the first 3 years!!! If anyone one is dumb enough to pay him what the bears offered I am going to laugh my ass off cause this guy is a BUSTER! Contract year and he can't run routes, Can't catch a cold and is afraid of contact... No Guts PLEASE LEAVE BERNARD you are no Chicago Bear. He is the next Brandon Lloyd right there.

Briggs is a system player and is only a "star" cause of Brian Urlacher. Just ask Clevland and New England how much the former Bear "Star" LB's worked out for them. You remember Warrick Holdman and Rossy Colvin. Both cut and called busts well Briggs is no impact player and he is the next Bust.

Man Briggs and Berrien should be snapping up those Bear contracts so fast... Instead they will be hated in the cities they go to. Enjoy!

As with many other people, Berrian has let his agent convince him he is better than he is. Harris is a bona fide superstar, and Briggs is a great tackling linebacker. Problem with Briggs is that the big money only goes to the guys who register double digit sacks. he doesn't do that. Berrian is a good receiver, but he is not a #1 by any stretch. He should be thrilled to get $25 million after all the balls he dropped, and how few and far between his big plays were. The Raiders or Vikings will pay too much for him, and someone else will overpay for Briggs. We need to lock up Tommie and Hester, and if it means we lose these two guys to do it, I am ok with that. The offers they are getting from the Bears are solid, but they aren't breaking the bank for interchangeable parts in the team. Berrian can be replaced, and Briggs' production can be replaced by Williams and better health by the DL, which will lead to more plays blown up in the backfield.

Have to give credit to Rosenhaus for making a marketplace for his clients, but as is the case with most of the free agent signings out there, buyer rarely get what you pay for.

If I were JA, I would pull the offers off the table, and let them know they might still be there if they want to talk again, but we are moving forward as if you are not going to be a part of this team, and start signing other players to fill needs: Jake Scott or Justin Smiley at G, Bryant Johnson or DJ Hackett at WR, and Derrick Ward at RB. That would be a good start for us, and would put us in a much better situation than if Berrian and Briggs come back

I want to be hard on Bernard and wonder why he wants BIG checks,
I want to ask myself why he doesn't wanna play with Kyle and Rex......EXACTLY! The Bears have two starting QBs, making the same amount of money, with no clear cut starter. I dont fault Bernard one bit for trying to get a better deal and get out of Chicago. Whoever is scouting QBs for the Bears need to find a new career.....applaud the Bears for giving Berrien a sobering offer. Why should the Bears spend more money on a deep threat with Hester waiting in the wings? The BEARS NEED TO SIGN FANECA and DRAFT MENDENHALL! Playoff time in Chicago has never been about a deep threat. We need a motivated RB and a mean O-line...couple that with a strong D and we will be CHAMPS! We should thank Bernard for his services and understand that any of us would take another job in the same field for a considerable amount of money. B is a person like you and me............

Sign Brant Johnson, you already have speed receivers in Bradley and Hester. You need the possession receiver/good route runner that Johnson can be. especially if you can get him with the same offer that you made to Berrian.

Buh Bye Alligator Arms Berrian. Top ten money?!?!?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

I know Berrian is not a top receiver in the NFL, and he did in fact struggle with dropping the ball on some BIG plays last season, but we got to think of it the other way. The Bears do not have that good of receivers to begin with and Berrian is the best we got right now. We released vet MOOSE and looks like we might lose Davis too. Who does that leave us with Bradley, Hester, and a pair of pretty good receiving TEs in Olsen and Clark. And with the running game in question, we need a possible big play receiver in our line up for some explosiveness to go along with Hester. I know that Berrian is not worth the $25 mill., but I think he knows the Bears are gonna be hurtin for WRs next season, and he thinks he can quite a bit of money out of them if he plays it right.

Berrian will get better, but so will alot of other players I think he should take the $ I believe in Hester but I wouldnt want to see him out there on every offensive down he is way to valuable in the return game,If we dont sign Berrian well thats to bad but there are plenty other options,free agency,the Draft If I was him Id think long and hard about biting the hand.

I haven't really read too many of the messages besides the first couple at the top and I agree with most of them. Berrian is a good wide receiver, but not worth what he's going to be asking for. With salary cap cuts happening his value will fall a bit, but I don't think the Bears will retain him.

This leaves room for Hester and Bradley to step up. I am a huge fan of Bradley and hope he has some halos over his shoulder's this year to keep him off of the injury report. Last resort is to sign a veteran free agent for a decent value, not making the same mistake they did with Moose 3 or 4 years ago.

the bears need to lock up tommie harris and make sure they get a desent reciever. if you look at the stats for berrian all of his catches for TD were long hail mary type passes. keep the defense together and find an alright receiver it's not like they are going to get the ball anyway with the QB situation

Bernard Berian is stupid. He's an inconsistent player, and he wants 24.5 in three years, what an idiot. I hope he goes to Dallas so he never gets to play, warm the bench, because their receivers are so talented, he's not gonna even get looked at.

Ok 25 mill for 5 seasons that he is worth anymore just let him go keep the money go for Briggs hes a better player there is still players we can bring here (some former names we as bear fans mis)
Marty Booker for instance we have the draft there are so many possibilties. So Berrian if you don't except the offer have fun in Minnesota with a team that is garbage on Offence except for Peterson. Enjoy the weather and we'll see you next year

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