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Angelo: [Urlacher] is going to be 100 percent

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He did not say if the surgery Brian Urlacher had on his neck last month was a contributing factor in the Bears’ decision to make a final contract push for the services of three-time Pro Bowl linebacker Lance Briggs, but Jerry Angelo became the first member of the organization to speak on the medical issue publicly through the team’s PR machine on

``We feel good about the prognosis and what the doctors have told us about Brian’s surgery and that he’s going to be 100 percent healthy,’’ Angelo said. ``He continues to go through the rehab process, which is going well. It’s a concern anytime a player has surgery. But we feel good that he’s going to be back and going. Nobody’s said anything to the contrary, and we’ll just go from there.’’

It’s a concern anytime a player has surgery.

It’s a serious concern anytime the face of the franchise has surgery. No word, either, on whether or not any other Pro Bowl players have had surgery other than defensive tackle Tommie Harris, who underwent arthroscopic surgery on his left knee. It’s the second bit of interesting news to come from Angelo on the team’s Web site. He reiterated earlier in the week his longstanding desire for quarterback Rex Grossman, also a free-agent-to-be, to return.

Urlacher is expected to be 100 percent well in advance of training camp, and he might just have his running mate of the last five seasons—Briggs—alongside him if the club can be successful in last-minute negotiations with free agency set to open at 11 p.m. Feb. 28.

Stay tuned.

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Conspiracy theory - Urlacher didn't have surgery but the info was leaked just to give Briggs the impression that he has a chance of becoming "the man" soon, and thus give him a reason to stay.

Ok, stupid I know, but it's easier to believe that than that Urlacher needed surgery. A freight train must have mistakingly thought it had the right-of-way at a railroad crossing. That's the only way I can see him getting hurt.

It's nice to hear that the Bears best player Brian Urlacher is going to be OK, I still think Urlacher is hands down the best linebacker in the game period. Watch next season Urlacher will be on fire so be ware NFC and AFC opponents cuz this guy will knock the taste out of your mouth next season. I remember a couple of seasons back when the Sporting News called Urlacher over rated he came back and won D player of the year the next season. Then this season Urlacher got shunned for the pro bowl he came back on fire the rest of the season. My prediction this time next season old # 54 will be in the pro bowl GO BEARS!!

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